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Whiskey's here

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by karen_80, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. karen_80

    karen_80 New Member



    His felv/fiv test was negative. Yay! Poor thing cried all the way into the vet but was good as gold. She said he's in great shape for his age. He's got a nasty old abscess on his ear but she also said that he's tough, and his body is walling off the abcess to make sure it won't spread. They had to lance it so it'll drain, and of course he had to have a good head shake while I was holding him so I ended up with a face full of..gross stuff. lol.
    He's taken over Simon's bed and is napping already, so hopefully we'll have a quiet night! :)
  2. vene

    vene New Member

    Great news! :eek: Is Whiskey part Main Coon? He looks happy at your home! :m10:
  3. nern

    nern New Member

    He is gorgeous! He looks pretty comfortable too. :D
  4. Ashimmerystar

    Ashimmerystar New Member


    I want to give him a big hug because he looks so cuddley :love_y_t_much:
  5. karen_80

    karen_80 New Member

    He's my 'coone' kittycat, yep. I actually got him in '92 from a girl at work whose boyfriend was...'less than nice' to him. He's been with dad for years but he's selling the house so Whiskey came with us, also my stepthing won't normally let him in the house so he's been outside alot and it's starting to get chilly. Last night went okay, a few hisses but no fights. Poor thing is so exhausted he slept the entire night away.

    It's funny how quickly you can re-bond with a cat - he slept on the bed with me, right up by my face, and kneaded and drooled all over me just like when he was a baby. I had forgotten those aspects of his personality. He's going to be the alpha, no doubt about it!

    He's just gotten up to explore so if there are fights coming, they'll be now. I'd better go get my water bottle ready!! :0009:
  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member


    your kitty is beautiful. animals never forget in my opinion. :wink:
  7. kathy5

    kathy5 New Member

    what a cutie
  8. karen_80

    karen_80 New Member

    I mentioned before that he had an abcess on his ear. I read a few articles about it but had a question - are these infected inside or outside? The vet said if it didn't 'appear to be healing' in a reasonable time (all the articles said a week) she would write him a script for antibiotics without another exam, which is good. It's a small hole on top of his ear that she lanced and drained and I've been dabbing at it to reopen and trying to express the gunk out, but I'm wondering if I use peroxide like she said to do, (or betadine paint which seems to be a cure all) does it need to get inside the wound or is on the outside going to help? Also, it kind of scabs over and I rub it with a cloth to open it again so it'll continue to drain - when should I stop doing this because it's healing as opposed to the pus closing it over? I've never dealt with an abscess as mine are usually lovers, not fighters. :) It doesn't appear to be too sore and he's not worrying it so I'm sure it's getting better, just not positive how to deal with it (or when to stop dealing with it). Tks!!
  9. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    Very cute kitty. Sorry, I can't give advice on abcesses. I hope your kitty will be okay.
  10. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Whiskey is gorgeous. Sorry about his abcess. Moe had one earlier this year. It didn't need to be drained, but she did have to go on Clavamox for 10 days. My vet said to try the antibiotics first, then, if it didn't heal, to bring her back in and get it drained. Some abcesses clear up on their own, but most will recur in a slightly different place each time as the bacteria tracks along under the skin. It is best to have the abcess treated with antibiotics. (More info here.)
  11. fridaylove

    fridaylove New Member

    Whiskey is a cute kitty!!! I love fuzzy kitties!!

    Hope he is well after the lancing of the abscess
  12. EternalFlame

    EternalFlame New Member

    at the vets we usually told ppl to wash the absess out with diluted peroxide for awhile.

    he's a very handsome kitty thats for sure! *loves big cats*

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