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who was your first cat?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Mary_NH, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    Mine was Puff - a black/white cat that was born 2 weeks before me in my baby carriage.
    I loved that cat. She was mean (my sisters hated her). My lap was the only one she'd sit on and yes she bit me a few times but I wasn't a bright child :roll: so I'd take her abuse just so she'd sit with me.
    She also slept with me when I got older.
    Puff had to be PTS shortly after our 16th birthday as she got feline leuk (this was mid-70s before the vaccine was available).
  2. eman

    eman New Member

    my first cat was Candy. she was 2 years old. i got her from the spca. unfortunatly..she didnt get along with my kids..and she would attack them and bite. and she didnt like being touched or even picked up at all..so my husbend returned her to the spca because it would be better if she lived in a home with no kids..we had her for 10 days. dispite of what she did, i really liked her. she was my first cat...and i missed her.
    here is her pic
  3. nern

    nern New Member

    Cute picture. :D

    My first cat was Bambi. I got her from Santa as a Christmas gift. She was a dilute tortie and she died at a very young age....I was only 5yrs old or so at the time and I was devestated.
  4. faeriedust1127

    faeriedust1127 New Member

    Vianne is my first cat and I hope i have her for a very long time.
  5. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    My first cat was a little black feral kitten that had fallen out of a burning wood pile on the docks, I named him Pheonix, he ran away though when he was about 8 months old :( Ive never let a cat outside since then (although sometimes they have managed to sneak out). That was in UK years and years ago.
  6. vene

    vene New Member

    My first kitty was a very handsome grey tiger tabby named Pooky. We purchased him from a pet store in a mall in Syracuse, NY on July 4th, 1994 without knowing anything about pet care. We saw a mom and her small son sell the kittens for $7 each to the pet owner and they said they barn cats. He looked just like all his siblings and was born with a broken tail and huge, scary looking teeth. A year and a half later he was put to sleep due to end stage renal failure due to too much inbreeding. All our other kitties have been adopted from shelters since. Pooky gave me unconditional love and I'll never forget him. :m10:
  7. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Mine was Winnie. We adopted her from the humane society while my dad was out of town (heehee). I was 12 years old. She died at the age of 16, just last November.
  8. I_Miss_Baz

    I_Miss_Baz New Member

    Baz and Lita were the very first kitties that ever owned me. My husband had had kitties before.

    When we got our first apartment right after we were married, we stopped at a farm where they had a sign for free kittens. (We were on our way back to my parents house from picking out the apartments...we weren't even moved in yet!) We immediately knew which two we wanted and the lady held them for us until we moved into the apartment. We brought them home the very first night we were there.

    Baz was my kitty from the start and Lita was my husbands.

    Baz knew all of my moods and when something was bothering me, or just when I needed comforting. He was ALWAYS there for me no matter what. When I had our first child, he was Joshua's guard. When he cried, Baz came running and if I wasn't fast enough, he's come running for me.

    That's just one of the many things I coulkd tell you about my baby. Lita, on the other hand, my husband pretty much summed her up in the tribute he wrote to her when she passed away last Monday at the age of 16.

    They are now both back together at the Bridge waiting to join us again. And they are very deeply missed.
  9. Cassie

    Cassie New Member

    My first cat was named Poopsie and she was my first ever best friend :)
  10. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    Copper was my first cat. I never really wanted to be bothered with a cat and it's litter box. But shortly after I moved in here, I heard a kitten crying and of course went to investigate. I found him in a bush. I kept an eye on the bush for a while and never saw any mother cat come over. So I went and got him. He was tiny--about 2 weeks old. It was a Sunday and nothing was open, so I took him to a pet store and tried to give him to them (I know :roll: ) they wouldn't take him but sold me some KMR and a syringe. I thought I would just raise him and then find him a home. But after the dogs and I worked so hard to raise him, I couldn't bear to get rid of him. Now he's my big orange boy. :D
  11. andygrey

    andygrey New Member

    My first cat I still have - her name's Misty, and we got her on Christmas Eve 2002! (Best Christmas present ive ever had to this date!). We actually got her as a 6-week old kitten and had to rescue her because there was a very jealous cat in the house she was in who was trying to attack her (poor kitty!)
  12. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

    My first cat wasn't really my actual cat. She belonged to my Aunt but she picked me, I practically lived with my aunt from the time I was little until about 2 years ago. Anyway, her name was Ollie and she was a fluffy beautiful Maine Coon.
  13. bellack1

    bellack1 New Member

    I got to at the same time - a black cat named blacky and a white one named sarge. The were pretty old when we got them- a family friend couldn't keep them anymore, and blacky was very overweight and sarge was skittish becuase she fell after climbing curtains as a kitten. Later blacky has to be pts because he jumped off a counter and his spine broke in half due to weight. So Sad. Sarge died of old age.
  14. lucidity03

    lucidity03 New Member

    We had a cat named Pepper, but he died when I was too young to even really remember him.

    Then there was Smokey and Patches. They grew up with me. Smokey was all black and Patches was a calico (which would be expected given her name!)

    I loved them to death and they were there for me through so many years.

    Patches passed on from cancer when I was in high school
    Smokey passed on (I guess from age? There were complications) when I was in college.

    They were wonderful and put up with me and my sisters.
  15. TabbyLover

    TabbyLover New Member

    My beautiful Tobey is my first kitty ever. My folks aren't animal people, and then I thought it wasn't right to get a pet during that young-adult-moving-every-10 to 12 months stage. When I got married in 2002 I got him a few days after I came home from the honeymoon - I couldn't wait a second longer!!!!! :eek: :lol: :D

    (Ninja came along a few months later and took over the house about 6 hours later)
  16. Petz8888

    Petz8888 New Member

    My first cat was a beautiful tortilshell named kelly. ! had her ever sinc I was born and she died when I was 5. More sacificly Sp My parents put her down because she peed every where and tried to kill my baby brother!

    poor Kelly!
  17. darkrabbit213

    darkrabbit213 New Member

    How strange! My 2nd cat's name was Patches and she was a calico also! And to boot, she also died of cancer. But she died when she was 23 so... that's a good long life for a kitty!
  18. OnixRevolution

    OnixRevolution New Member

    The first kitty that was claimed as mine was a Siamese kitten that I found roaming the streets. He was so tiny and so hungry, I couldn't let him go any further(I was only about 6 at the time). Even though my dad was upset that I brought a cat in the house, he still came up with his name, JD(Short for Jack Daniels...He's not an alcoholic, just collected everything JD). He lived to be about 12 and died peacefully of natural causes.

    Thr first kitty that I took care of completely on my own was Sonoma, my little black kitty that I found in the wheel well of a truck. She's now about a year and a few months old and still part feral, but such a lover!
  19. lunaguy

    lunaguy New Member

    Luna is my first cat, and she's been in my life for almost 2.5 years so far. I hope that we still have a couple of decades ahead of us to enjoy together, but as life usually doesn't work out the way I want it to, I enjoy each day with her as if it were here last (well, sort of).

    It seems that people develop a really special bond with their first cats, I know I have. She is one of my 4 favorite people in this world, the fact that she's a cat is beside the point.

    Keep your stories coming!
  20. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    these are fun to read

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