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Why do some kids like to abuse animals!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by KittyTales, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    A couple of days ago on the news it said that a couple of boys in australia found a little kitten and started throwing it around on the ground,poking it hard with sticks,throwing rocks at it and worst of all trying to ride it over with a bike! :shock: Luckily the cops came and took em to jail for about 2 months.The punishment I say should have been the same as what they did to the little poor kitten!The good thing was the kitten was tooken to a vet inmediatly before they had a chance to torcher the poor little guy to death!This makes me soo angry to just think about it!What awful parents they must have!
  2. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    its been all over the news here.

    it happened just a few days ago. they first kicked and threw rocks at the kitten [only 8 weeks old] then they left it. but oh no that wasnt 'good enough' so they came back and rode their bmx bikes over it. they then left it again, but STILL that didnt satisfy them. a kid walked back and kicked the kitten onto the train tracks. the cops didnt catch them, they handed themselves in because their faces were caught on security camera and was shown right around the nation, so people would know who they were. 2 of the boys are underage, so they probably will get a warning and sent home. as for the 18 yr old im not sure whats happening to him but he will probably only get a fine [which mummy and daddy will pay] and a 'suspended' sentence. they havent gone to court yet so i dont know where your news got the 2 month thing from. i am not too hopeful that he will get what he deserves. australias justice system is VERY mixed up, you can do anything [seriously, anything!] here and get away with it.
  3. Ashimmerystar

    Ashimmerystar New Member

    Its a known fact that serial killers also abused and tortured animals as children. It's a sign of a disturbed mind if a child abuses animals and should be something that a parent sees and gets them in therapy for...otherwise we can have another Jeffery Damer or Charles Manson on our hands...and this world we live in is already distured enough.


    Heres hoping Karma will get back at those kids.


  4. luna

    luna New Member

    right on KittyTales! they whould be treated the same way. if they had been torchering a human like that the punishment would have been worse and just cuz its a helpless kitten they torchered they get off just about scot free. the punishment should be the same because other people who torcher or think about torchering helpless animals will hear about it and think " oh, well they got off easy so if i do it i'll get off easy." if they would have harsher punishments for these disgusting people less of them would do it.
  5. Ginger

    Ginger New Member

    :( Thats so sad, it makes me sick what people are capable of!

    I ended up rescuing 2 kittens from some little girls (twins aged no older than 6), these kittens were about 6 weeks old, the girls were playing with them roughly, then one of the girls picked up one of the kittens by the head and was smashing his head onto a concreate path!!!!!! :shock:

    These kittens were too small to be away from there mum and they were being fed adult cat food (which was all being eaten by some other cat) and shut in a tiny cupboard outside when the children weren't playing with them! I asked the owner (the girls dad) if I could have them, he said yes he didn't want them anyway, he only had them because they were gonna be drowned if he hadn't have taken them!

    What is wrong with these people!!!!!!
  6. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is so sad and disgusting. I don't know what would possess anyone to do something like that. Kids can be so cruel sometimes and especially boys. I don't know what could be going on in their minds. :cry:
  7. luna

    luna New Member

    it is disgusting and i don't think it will ever stop because too many people don't care engouh to help the people whou do care stop it.

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