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"worst dog" funny story

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by lil96, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    Ok first I have to say my husband knows nothing about dogs, my dog is the first dog he has ever really associated with. Today hubby and I were at the mall when a standard poodle walked by ad hubby said what the §ßck is that? That is the ugliest dog I have ever seen, what is wrong with it? I said oh that is a standard poodle, it is just like other podles, but big. And he was like, ugh that is just disgusting and went on about it how could someone want their dog to lok like that, why are they torturing the dog like that. so few hours pass and we are riding in the car and I remember about the labradoodles, so I tell him yea, there are people who are mixing bella's breed with dogs like that and call them labradoodles,... talk about that for a few minutes, then he is like I have never seen one of those dogs like today before and I was like, yea but they are the exact same as a normal poodle, but big, and he is like why do you talking about poodles, I don't know what that is??
    I thought everyone knew what a poodle was. But before he had always said "the wrinkly" dogs are the worst, he thinks why would anyone want that much skin on a dog. He is so funny, there is alot he needs to learn about dogs!
  2. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Did the poodle have a silly haircut or something?
  3. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    No, just a normal medium haired poodle. But hubby is also the one who "knows" that Luther is prancing around with his tail curled up on his back, bc Luther is too vain and has to show off his tail to everyone. He is too weird about dogs.
  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

  5. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    so we are at the park the other day with some dogs when another puppy maybe 4-5 months old, brown, weighing 30lbs or so comes along. Hubby says now I know what type dog that is that is easy, that is a dackel (which is what the people from munich call dacshund) and I was like no that is a chocolate lab puppy! He never cease to amaze me.
  6. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    This is sort of unrelated, but my husband used to think that a pony is a baby horse.

    At the agility trial this weekend, one person was running this tiny Italian Greyhound. I could just see the look my husband would give such a dog and ask, "What is it? A rat? What are they good for?"

    This is an Italian Greyhound (they are tiny - around 10 pounds or less):

  7. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    yea those italian greyhounds are so skinny, what do they eat to stay so skinny? I mean their frame is so tiny, it isn'T like other dogs (I guess that is why they are their own breed!) I think to watch one of them eat you would be able to see each morsel pass through their little bodies. Are they good at agility? I mean they can run, but are they agile?
    When I was a kid I always thought ponies were baby horses! I think that is a common misconception among children, I don'T know about adults though! hehe
  8. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    This little dog did well. Her name is Caprice and she is so fun to watch! ZOOOOOOOOOM!! Fast as lightning and springy as Tigger.
  9. faeriedust1127

    faeriedust1127 New Member

    lol, when i was little, i can remember thinking that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. I've also heard people say that they thought mice were baby rats. :mrgreen:
  10. Trixiepoo

    Trixiepoo New Member

    lol I used to think ponies were baby horses too :oops:

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