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Yay anouther Break through!!!!!

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    I know I post on here alot about this whole training thing but I think its interesting. So heres what went on today.

    James was here at 5 today and we went up to the barn and for the first time in a week neither Aragorn or Venus or ancy they just stood there like all the others with their heads popping out of their stalls like so you gonna feed us or what? So I did the morning feeding and for those two James said to lay off the Maze and Oats and just give them some hay and some horse and pony cubes and so i did. James also soaked a hand full of sugar beet and mixed it in with the cubes.

    Neither horse tried to bite at anytime which was a big plus lol. We worked with Venus first today after turning everyone out we took Venus in the front Pasture with out Abby. He had me lead her around a bit and jog a bit so she would trot with me she did nicely. Then James asked me to remove her halter and lead and he came out with a bridle, and lunge line. I was pretty surprised we were doing this already. He asked me to put the bridle on and the bit in her mouth. She being the biter she is I was a bit scared but i trusted him. I brought the bridle up to her face and let her sniff it real good she twitched her ear back but remained curiouse I held the bit up to her teeth touched the corners of her mouth like I usually do for the other horses to take their bit and she opened her mouth and I slid the strap over her ears :D . All of a sudden she was chomping away ears back looking like she would like to pound me into the ground. So i just let go of the bridle and backed off to the center. James just watched from the fence and told me to do like yesterday. She started flipping out a bit tossing her head and trotting around. I was out there for about an hour before she came to me and gave in. James then ame in with the lunge he side reined her and slowly but sure was sending her out farther and farther in a walking circle. He then tap her with a end and said simply trot not because she would respond to the command but so she would get used to it he trotted her in the circle about 6 times and then flicked her again asked for a canter with words cantered her about three times and then slowed her down to a trot and walk again. We gave her 15 min and then it was my turn! It was amazing that I was lunging this horse!. I then mentioned how we blanket our horses and since it's so cold all but Venus and Aragorn have been wearing their pasture and over night blankets but sicne their so afraid of things on their back we could'nt blanket them so James said we would fix that before he left. After I was done lunging Venus We Put her halter back on and let Abby in with her.

    I mentioned Aragorn is getting Gelded tuesday so he we need a break and be alittle behind Venus in the training but James said Just to keep on joining up with him and spending time with him everyday and he should catch up with Venus just fine.Aragorns work was a bit tougher he fought the bit a bit more then Venus and there were alot more breaks to join up with him. Finally after three hours of this on again off again trust we finally got to lunge him. He did pretty good actually other then he wanted to take off into the next pace sooner then James and I wanted him to and he hated being repremanded for that but soon learned when we said it was ok then he could change pace. Normal stubborn Stallion. But by the end I felt prety confident about it.

    After we were down with him we went to Venus who was cooled off by now brought her out of the pasture and put her day rug on actually it was on off on off on off on off on off on off on off ( these were James commands to me) until finally James said leave it onand so I laid it on her and she did'nt even bat an eye big step from the bucking fun we had before with the rug. I attached it on lead her around and she was fine! Turned her out and she was still fine! Did the Same with Aragorn and got the sam results! James said I would'nt have to do that with the Night rugs they should be used to them now. Ha and they both were!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this guy is amazing!. I am so happy this is going so well with these horses.

    Sorry so long and sorry if im boring you with my training "journal" but I just think its amazing because every other horse that has come to us was either already trained or tame enough for us to train just fine it just took a long time. I can just see me using these techniques for the rest of my life because this stuff is wonderful :D
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Ya gotta love natural horsemanship!!! It works wonders especially with the mustangs who have wildness ingraned like they do!! VERY good work!!! I'd definately still read up on as many natural horsmen as you can ALWAYS in case you get other problems cropping up with other horses etc... ALSO it can help with the trained ones as well.. My Arab gelding had huge issues with trust while I was on the ground so we did some join up sessions and it was like I had a different horse!! So this stuff is valuable for EVERY aspect of keeping and training and working with horses... VERY valueable and great stuff... I'm enjoying the reading so keep it coming...!!!

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