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16 week old puppy question

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by grlsroc, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Spencerpits: You are so right. When someone has a question or concern, we need to go back and read what was initially posted. For example: when someone has a potty problem, the next thing you know we're discussing which dogs have the strongest muscles on page 3!!! We should become the best board on P.B.T. on the net, because there are some really crappy ones out there. When someone has a legit problem, let's check our emotions before we reply. I've been on the receiving end of the mud slinging. I learned from it, but it still made me feel bad. I feel really bad for my remarks on ADHD. It had nothing to do with what grlsrok even was asking about. I hope you accept my apology!!
  2. grlsroc

    grlsroc New Member

    Thank you everyone this is the way i was hoping the board would be thats why i joined to try and learn what i can ,This puppy is so diffrent then my other pit. I didnt mind all the bashing , it was that no one really tryed to help my problem instead it ended up all about what i wrote about the ADHD thing and boy did I learn a lession about how to post on forums , and she weigh`s 15 lbs Dad was 40 Mom was 32. Her DOB was 1-4-2004 so what ever that equals up to in weeks (dont have a calendar handy) what do you guys think she should weigh ? She eats really good and has been wormed 2 times once from the breeder and again at the vets and i havent seen any worms in her poop.
  3. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Those are pretty decent lines. It takes me a long time to decide on reg name, sometimes call names. She doesn't look tiny at all!! she is over 3 months I dont have a calender either...lol. Almost 18 weeks? At 15lbs thats probably about what she should weight, in the pics she looked like the proper weight for a pup, not skinny not bloated, ect. She is just beautiful, well put together pup. You got yourself a fine pup!
  4. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Your pup is around 3 1/2 months. My Reese was 18 lbs and Grace was over 20 lbs. Reese is full grown, now, and very lean and lanky and weighs in at around 50 lbs and Grace is 8 months and very stocky and weighs in around 60+lbs. Your pup seems to be right on considering the parents genetics.
  5. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    I'm very glad you have decided to stay this forum it is very helpful and the people are all generally good people willing to help maybe a little to passionate at times but good, caring people.
    I did not mean to be rude to anyone or tell anyone that their opinions are wrong. I just love my children very much and strive everyday to keep them healthy, happy and well rounded. I think anyone with children understands that RULE#1 is never tell some else how to raise/discipline their children. I know that this all got a little out of hand with the whole ADHD thing and I know I was way to defensive but for me even though it was not even directed at me I still took it personal.
    I Love this forum and have found it very helpful. I have owned and fostered dogs of various breeds through out my life but of all of them the APBT are the absolute best I have found them to be great family dogs. I love reading the posts on this forum I think a person can never have to much knowledge and sometimes the best way to learn is through someone else's experiences.
    BTW your pup is gorgeous!
  6. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Val was 12lbs, Inferno 15lbs & Twister 18lbs. I thought for sure Val would be so tiny! She was such a cute little thing, now she is bigger than Santana I'm hoping over the next year she doesn't get really big like her brother did. her sire seems to throw bigger dogs, he is 50lbs CW. The litter Twister was in a male from that is 2 times the size of Santana and he has a long way of growing. At least Val is only a litle bigger, taller, she is getting into decent condition at 37lbs and santana at 33lbs which she isn't wanting to work!!! I think Inferno is about the same size as Val. Val's brother had a really big growth spurt, I hardly recognized him after not seeing him for months! Guess thats what already happened to Val not that Twister's litter isn't bigger than her. I'm wondering what Santana will finally turn out to be. Her sire is a big dog 60lbs and her dam is about 40lbs, as of right now she is 35lbs, thinking she will fill out some more but won't grow a whole lot, she's almosst done growing now. She's going to be smaller then her parents..lol Man am I just rambling now I feel so embarrased.
  7. Sara

    Sara New Member

    True_Pits this bothered me and I feel that since this forum is talking about it I have an opportunity to address it and educate some of you...

    ADD with or without hyperactivity is a problem with short term memory or working memory. They've found that children that exhibit these behaviors (with or without hyperactivity) have an underactive working memory which translates into a brain that isn't catching all of the things it's supposed to be catching. Like a fuzzy TV or a Radio station that doesn't come in all the way. The problem is that all the behaviors that go along with ADD with or without hyperactivitiy (the new name for the disorder) are mostly behavioral. To find if a child has this LOTS of tests should be administered down to food allergy tests and a full history of the child's behavior in school etc... should be taken. Most docs. don't do this for any of the psychological problems people have. I could go...tell my MD I'm depressed and he'd perscribe meds for depression...regardless of my TRUE state of being. Same with ADD in kids...it is overdiagnosed and over medicated. But it's a valid disorder with a very scientific basis... Regular docs. don't have any business perscribing meds for ANY kind of mental or emotional disorder but they do it all the time. Psychiatrists are the only MD's that should have any say about it.

    Just because you don't know much about the disorder doesn't mean that all kids that exhibit this behavior need a spanking... THAT breaks my heart knowing what it was like to grow up with it when it was virtually unknown... I got my fare share of "can't you listen" and "just don't forget" I thank God I wasn't hyperactive about anything...instead I was just "stupid" and unable to catch everything someone said all at once...etc...etc...etc...

    I feel strongly about it and feel the need to let you all know what it is since you're all speculating and making assumptions... APBT people making blanket assumptions and statements... Not so good.

    I'm glad it's cleared up...but I'm sorry it had to come to such things in the first place. Frankly...I'm hurt by most of the comments made because of lack of education and too quick to judge things. *sigh*
  8. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    with all the lazy over prescribing and misdiagnosing doctors and parents wanting a quick way out of disciplining a normal child can you really blame everyone for their doubts on add and adhd?
  9. Sara

    Sara New Member

    No... I haven't blamed anyone for anything... Just thought I'd educate folks so it was understood that it is a real disorder is all... Thought that might help people become a bit more aware... Doesn't seem to have worked though....
  10. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    lol. 'can you really blame' is a phrase thats commonly used. it doesnt actually mean you are outright blaming someone. no need to get sharp.
  11. Sara

    Sara New Member


    I think it's unfortunate that regular MD's can prescribe ANY meds for mental illness...I mean they don't have the proper training to even diagnose...much less perscribe... It's really annoying!

    Didn't mean to sound sharp...LOL... Lovely message boards with their written text trying to convey emotion etc... But it does a really crappy job at it... I've seen soooo many arguements online over a "tone" in a post... We're so silly sometimes....LOL
  12. loves-da-pits

    loves-da-pits New Member

    Sara: Some of us, including myself, made some really bad comments on this thread, and I apologize if it inadvertently offended you. :oops: I think we can all agree that we should move on and learn by what transpired here to think before we post a reply. Debates are fun as long as we don't hurt people's feeling. :lol:
  13. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I just can't miss an opportunity to do some educating where it's needed... Subject dropped...LOL
  14. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    i agree that regular gp's [im assuming md is the same thing.. gp = general practitioner] arent capable of diagnosing things like that. i know so many people who are on all kinds of 'mind altering' medications because they saw a gp and said 'im feeling *insert feeling here*, gimme something'. thats why adhd and add is blown out of proportion. i know for a fact here there are alot of parents who take their kids to the gp because they have slightly low grades and say 'i think she has add'. they talk docs into a diagnosis and want pills asap instead of seeing a specialist. and because its so easy to prescribe the tablets and get them the hell out of there, they do it. cash money! the kids end up selling the damn things in school anyway. there isnt enough control on drugs. you need an authority to get a simple anti biotic or a harmless supplement, yet you can get sedatives, stimulants, anti depressants etc in an instant.
  15. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Sara thats nice of you but like I said my father has adult ADD and I probably have it as well. I can't stay focused and can't remember things, I have no short term memory. I miss what is said, I mishear things. I wasn't always this way though. My dad was since I can remember and I feel sorry for him, I know its not really his fault at all and it would really upset my mom as if he could help it but I know he really can't. Just like I can't help myself, I try to pay attention especially when people are talking and concentrate on my memory. The weird thing is I can remember any number given to me, or just by hearing it once. I don't try to, but I can. I know the symptoms and problems of ADD. I'm doubtful a doc could really explain what it is. What is ADD? Not what do the aflicted suffer from. Why is ADD? Whats affected? Whats really wrong, what is really the best way to treat it? Can it ever be cured, what part of the brain is "messed up". There must be a cause. Schizofrenia is the same way. They can't explain although new research has shown that it could develop in early childhood even though the person doesn't start showing signs until early adulthood. It may have something to do with how their hearing develops and the part of the brain that deals with hearing. Still they are not 100% on that or on the best ways to treat it. These things are mysteries. Which makes it easier for some one to misdiagnosed. One more thing is the kid who was told he had all those many things, that same doc has screwed up a bunch of other people. They just give out meds, they don't try any real treatment and the psych work that was finally done on him this doc didn't do. It was done once he was commited, or taken from his mom's care I should say at the hospital is where they found out a lot of interesting info and truth.(One big thing they found out is he can control his actions, which I already knew, but with his mom he has no reason to try.) All this stuff that the doc could have found out had they ever tried to do anything other than a quick talk and meds just to make their money. They've had several other situations where they have just given some one meds when they first come in, and in some cases they were the very wrong meds.
  16. Sara

    Sara New Member

    ADD/ADHD is hard to suffer with and they're learning more about it every day (same wit Schitzophrenia).

    I pretty much aggree with everything you've said in your last post...

    If you haven't suffered from the problems you mentioned for your whole life then you probably are suffering from something different. ADD is lifelong and doesn't appear in adults without it being there the whole time. ADD is genetic and it is part of a spectrum of other disorders that occur with it or that occur in family members etc... It's likely to be one of the other disorders that often accompanies ADD...

    I forget what I'm doing...go into the kitchen and find myself looking in the fridge...but can't remember why...or what I'm after... I can't keep track of much of anything if it is detailed in any way... now when I take a trip to the other room for something I generally repeat to myself what I'm after till I get it and am back in the living room (or wherever I came from)...

    Sucks... But it's life and the dogs help LOL

    Glad you do understand True_Pits.
  17. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    My mother is a special education speech and language teacher and works with kids every day with Auditory processing disorders. and often times kids/adults with an auditory processing problem are diagnosed as ADD or sometimes are considered to have a hearing problem when actually it is in fact an auditory processing problem. It sounds to me like that may be the problem you are experiencing True_Pits you can have a simple over all hearing evaluation with cognitive assessment/Central auditory processing evaluation done and it can determine ADD or auditory processing disorder.
    With auditory processing problems there are significant difficulties in decoding and fading memory causing short attention span and listening difficulties.
    My son had many different test performed and saw a neurologist before he was ever diagnosed with ADHD. Sara is right about regular MD not being able to accurately determine ADD/ADHD.
    And ADD is not something that just appears as an adult if you do have it you have always had it.
  18. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I'm sure thats a possibility. But whatever I do have its not fun. There are several types of memory and focus problems out there caused by different reasons. From what I've looked at there isn't much treatment.

    That makes a lot of sense.

    LOL that happens to me all the time! I just go blank. Making list to shop doesn't always help either, when you forget the list that is! I do that a lot though I get to the fridge and just stare trying to remember what I'm doing, or open the cabinets only to ponder what exactly I'm supposed to be getting.
    I know its not something that you can just say the child needs a spanking, my father was baet for these things but he still like that to this day. He can't help it, he's not doing it on purpose and he does try. In some cases though I agree with that statement, because like you saying it is overdiagnosed very true not all these kids have it. Some parents diagnose it themselves if they have a child, the kid is just being a kid, having fun, playing running and they think he has ADHD and then continue to let him get away with things until it bothers them then they just yell at the kid which doesn't really teach them anything. I find this a saddening situation, they have kids and take little part in raising them, kids practically raise themselves the parents are too lazy to, they forget (or just dont) feed their kids! But that doesn't make it any less real of a disease for those who do have it.
  19. Jas

    Jas New Member

    Thanks to those who brought the topic back on track in a reasonable manner. Thank you to those who chose to educate. And a reminder to others this is a Pit bull forum so sensitive, in-depth discussions about parenting, disorders etc. should not be discussed here. It is ok to touch on the subject as it relates to a topic ONCE ONE HAS THE FACTS, but that is ALL. Had I seen some of the comments earlier I would have given a warning and had them removed.

    *When seeking help it is important to provide clear information and include all details so that there is a good understanding of where one is coming from, this will limit judgment & assumptions.

    *When responding to questions do not assume, ask for clarification first. No need to be rude. Many of you have been here long enough to know better.

    Glad Grlsroc has not been scared off.

    ****Everyone please post with care******

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