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3 month old Alaskan Husky very ill

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by tahliana, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. tahliana

    tahliana New Member

    I adopted a little husky girl on Monday of last week from the local animal shelter here in Palmer, Alaska.
    When I first met her she was fine, was playing, eating, drinking, had some meat on her bones, etc. She was the runt of her litter so she was a little bit smaller than her sister who was there with her as well but I figured I could fatten her up and she'd be good to go. I proceeded to adopt this sweet little girl and was told I couldn't pick her up until Thursday after she went down to get spayed. So Thursday comes along and I pick her up, she's lethargic from the anesthetics which is normal so I give her a day to come out of it.
    Friday she is fine, playing with the other dogs, running around, going potty, eating & drinking up until Saturday night she starts to get lethargic again, and unresponsive, stops eating & drinking and won't really move at all, she is also throwing up at this point. I give her some baby aspirin Sunday and my vet shot her up with some penicillin and 2 hours later she's acting like a puppy again up until around 2:30 today (Monday) she started throwing up, not eating & drinking again, and is completely lethargic. Will barely move, won't eat ANYTHING.
    Whatever I have force fed her she will throw up. My concern is that I don't want this beautiful little girl to die, my other concern is that the clinic that spayed her has made her ill and I am hoping they will be the upstanding vets that they should be and take her in, fix her up without any questions.
    When I picked this dog up at the animal shelter to take a look at her she was absolutely fine, the vet who performed the surgery on her gave her an infection and I am going to raise Hell tomorrow, even if she dies in my arms tonight. My question is, what is the likelihood of them treating her without me paying since this is THEIR mistake. Don't get me wrong, I will fork over whatever I need to get my pets fixed but THEY did this to her. My other question is, without going down the vet route (unfortunately out here in the valley most of the vets do not care, they only want money) what can I do to try to remedy this situation? Please.... any help you can give, this little girl needs it.
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Contact the shelter and explain what has happened. You adopted a healthy puppy or atleast thats what you thought you were getting.
    They should arrange for her to be seen by there Vet and get her put right.

    Sounds to me like something has gone wrong during the surgery and needs putting right.

    Keep us updated on her progress, sorry i could not be of more help

  3. tahliana

    tahliana New Member

    Took her to the vet, confirmed Parvo... I couldn't afford 1500-2000 in vet bills so I signed her over. They promised me they will give her the treatment she needs and adopt her out. Now I've endangered my other dogs though, my 10 week old dingo puppy as well. I've bought booster shots for my 3 dogs and administered them, I am about go go bleach and disinfect my house and then rip the animal shelter a new asshole for giving me a puppy with Parvo. :( So sad, I hope she makes it...
  4. CrabSalad

    CrabSalad New Member

    Parvo is very common in shelter situations, it can take up to 15 days from infection to show symptoms so if she was infected before going into the shelter they had no way to know since she didn't show symptoms until you got her. Even if she was infected with it after going into the shelter, any parvo vaccine they gave her would be useless since it can't do anything for the dog when they are already infected.
    Most shelters do their very best to adopt out healthy animals and going to "rip them a new one" over something that they may not have had any control over isn't going to do any good for you or them.
  5. tahliana

    tahliana New Member

    Well, after talking to the vet there at the shelter she stated that my puppy was born at the shelter, never left. So the only way she could have contracted it would have been from another animal being taken IN TO the shelter. I'm just pissed and sad for her, and all the other puppies she's come into contact with.
  6. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I am really sorry about your news.
    I would rip the shelter apart aswell, especially since your puppy had parvo then her litter mates will also have it.

    Keep a very close eye on you other pup and watch for any signs and get her to the vet aap.

    Again i am sorry


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