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Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by M3WHITECATS, May 26, 2004.

  1. mtngal

    mtngal New Member

    Don't you people realize that not all shelters are a no-kill shelter? And since the kittens are sick, the shelter may have put them to sleep. At least they would've had a chance with M3WHITECATS. And look, the kitties are fine now. What a surprise :roll:
  2. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    and your point? if they are too sick then maybe euthanasia is the only option. and tell me, how is this person suppose to get the funds to help them if they get sick again? ive got no sympathy for people who have heaps of pets and cant afford them. if i could never afford my pets, id give them up, fullstop. roll your eyes and support this dangerous behaviour if you like, i dont care.
  3. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    there is a link to low-cost spay clinics by state...I'd highly suggest you get that in order soon. You need to become a part of the solution not the problem. Sounds like none of these cats are fixed but urgently need to be.
  4. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    So you are saying it is fine for anyone who does not have the money to just let their animals suffer?

    First, m3whitecats could try to find a shelter that is no kill or a rescue org or just another loving home with funds to get the animals treated. He/she was not even thinking of that.

    Second, if the kittens are sick enough that a shelter would put them to sleep immediately, then euthanasia is the best option for them. Let's see, suffer vs. no suffering. I despise euthanansia at all costs, except when there is no other option and the animal is suffering. Shelters, even kill shelters, do not put sick animals down immediately. If they do it is because they cannot be treated in a cost/time effective manner. Just fyi.

    Third, those kittens are not fine now. They are living in a home where the owner refuses to provide them with medical care - at least good medical care. Those kittens need vaccinations, worming meds, spaying/neutering (which he/she says will be done but I doubt it once they know how much that costs), and quality food at least. M3whitecats is going to deny them all this b/c they are on disability, boohoo.

    I know everyone has a sob story about how they can't do this b/c of this, etc. That is fine. If you don't have a lot of money, that is fine. But you have no business owning animals b/c animals need CARE. If you cannot provide them with ALL the care they need, that is animal abuse, whether you are on disability or not.
  5. mtngal

    mtngal New Member

    This is what happened to us. A mother Labrador and her five puppies were dumped in my neighborhood. I took them to the shelter, and they told me that they had to euphonize the puppies, because there were already too many Labrador puppies at the shelter. The other reason was that the puppies had fleas and had lost some of their hair. That’s it. This happened in Jacksonville, Florida. There were no available sanctuaries or rescue centers for dogs and cats. Jacksonville happens to be the biggest city in the U.S., so that just goes to show how hard it is to find a safe haven for animals.

    We had a stray kitten, and we took it to the vet because it was not eating and it was losing weight. The vet had said that the kitten lost too much weight and it wouldn’t survive. We took it home and gave it chicken broth and water with an infant dropper, so that he wouldn't get dehydrated. We thought he had a chance. Turns out that this cat has been with us for a year and a half now and is very healthy and happy.

    This is the way I understood what she was saying (the bold parts are quotes from M3WHITECATS). “a few months back one of the families in my apartment complex were evicted. They had 3 adolesent cats , 2 calicos females Calley and freckles) and one grey and white cat (male Stevie) Sad but true this family had nowhere to go, so they left there cats behind.” What was she supposed to do? Call animal control (i.e. kitty death) to come get them? “Calley got pregnant.” What was she supposed to do then? Call animal control and have them remove the unborn kittens?

    It’s not like she’s keeping the kittens. “then the yougsters before they go to there new homes. One of the ladies that fosters sick kittens for the humane society is helping me to make all this happen” To me, it sounds like she has found homes for the kittens. Elizavixen and Kyles101, I think you were ready to jump on M3WHITECATS because of the topic name and didn’t bother reading the full story.

    And the full story is that these cats were abandoned, she took care of them just like any other caring person, and is now finding new homes for the kittens. If she called animal control, there would be a probable and likely chance that they would’ve been put to sleep.

    All she wanted was for some help from this forum. What she got was judgment. What if you were put in the same situation? (I hope not!) What if you found a couple of abandoned adult cats? You would call animal control and have them put to sleep, without giving them a chance. Because there are not that many helpful sanctuaries and rescue centers with vacancies.
  6. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    well good on you superman/woman. good on you for having a nice bank balance, or if you dont have a nice bank balance, good on you for getting lucky that time. if you find animals and cant take care of them, YOU TAKE THEM TO A SHELTER!!! if i was in the situation id take them to a shelter whether it would mean their death or not. not much point saving kittens when you can only afford to feed them cereal and the closest thing you can afford to vet care is a heater! we jump on this person just because of the topic? hmm i dont think so, weve read the full story. its all there! oh, and to me, it doesnt sounds like she has found homes. it sounds like shes assuming everyone wants a kitten.

    animal rescuing... DONT BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!!!
  7. elizavixen

    elizavixen New Member

    Well, I did read the full story. And if this happened to me, I would get the animals care or bring them somewhere they could get care. I am a college student on a college student's income so disability is living large as far as I'm concerned. But would I ever say, I'm sorry innocent cat, you are just going to have to be sick b/c I'm not willing to help you. NO. I would take out a loan, put it on the credit card, sell my car, mortgage my house, before I would ever let an animal suffer in my care. That is the way I am. I can't fathom how some people can sit and watch an animal be so sick and do nothing.

    I'm not going to argue about this anymore. Bottomline, your sympathy is in the wrong place. Try having compassion/sympathy for those innocent kittens she is abusing (yes it is abuse to deny a sick animal treatment - morally and legally). I don't have sympathy for animal abusers no matter how much they say they love them. If they loved them, they would get them help.

    One more thing, as far as reading the whole story, did you happen to read this part:
    Sounds very responsible. Cats seem to go through this house like a revolving door.
  8. mtngal

    mtngal New Member

    I never thought of this as an argument. Maybe the area where you live does more for animals. When I lived in Florida, no one seemed to care about animals. Kittens and puppies are used to train pit bulls for fighting; you go into a neighborhood and there are hundreds of stray cats and kittens. Animal Control is called; the animals are taken away but the process starts all over again. Then you get a bunch of idiots that go out there and start shooting them with guns and BB guns injuring and killing them. I wish there was a better solution for cats and dogs. I wish that all counties had funds for spaying and neutering, the sad thing is they don’t. I have seen so many mistreated animals that it makes me sick. This was the first time I was on this forum and I seen the topic and I did feel sorry for this person. I don’t believe anyone that has kittens wants to see them sick. Just because you cannot afford to take the animals to the vet doesn’t mean you cannot love them. But kyles101 and your response to her was attacking, not helpful. I can’t understand why you and kyles101 had to be so nasty to her. Of course, you should have told her to get these animals to a vet. M3WhiteCats was not asking your opinion of her or what you thought about her having all those cats. She asked if someone knew of a way to help the kittens that were sick.

    It sounds like you're assuming. I must have missed the part where she said she could only feed these animals cereal. I also did not read where she asked for you to feel sorry for her being on disability.

    There's nothing wrong with giving advice, but I don't see any reason to be so hostile. Especially in a forum where you could've been helpful to this person, instead of being verbally cruel. :?
  9. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    she asked of a way to help the kittens, we all gave her one. get over it. as elizavixen said, your sympathy is in the wrong place, your batting for the wrong team here.

    i think you missed the part where she said 'i have no funds'. now, if this person has no funds how do they feed the kittens quality food? you tell me. and if this person did not want to be felt sorry for, why did they mention the disability pension? think im assuming? i think youre delusional. would it make you happy if i rescued every animal on the planet and let them die because i didnt have the financial means of supporting them? letting an animal die is NOT love. this is my last post on this, you are not worth wasting my finger muscles on.
  10. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    I never realized Jacksonville was the biggest city in the US I would have thought it was New york or La or chicago or any other city? just found this: While New York City is the most populous city in the United States, Juneau, Alaska is the largest city in area. Juneau includes a whopping 3081 square miles (composed of 2,593.6 mi2 of land and 487.6 mi2 of water.) The city is larger than the state of Delaware! and as for jacksonville...largest in the contiguous 48 states at 841 square miles
    anyway I think sometimes people don'T realize what suffering is. These kittens were definetly very sick and needed to be taken to the vet. That is suffering. Also when someone loves something alot and can'T be without it then it dies or something that is suffering, but that is selfish suffering. There are instances where things are expected to do and get better, but what hapens the next time the animals get sick? What if they get sick before they find new homes? I know it is extremely difficult to put an animal to sleep I know I would want to try everything before I put it to sleep, but the truth of the matter is she(he?) didn'T because the kittens only stayed at home. Not that I suggest doing this but she coud have given the vet a fake name and said when asked for the money oh I forgot my wallet in the car and walked to the car only to run away! (disclaimer never do that!!) then she could have had time. I think another truth behind this is that she thinks these are special cats and can possibly get money for them especially since the kittens are white with blue eyes and are not deaf or blind, but that is just my opinion. I don'T understand why she hadn'T been getting help from the shelter lady the whole time trying to find homes for the older cats?? before she became a cat producing factory?? A shelter who only helps for kittens?? anyway, I don'T want to sound mean, but I think she seems to be the type person who comes here for a onetime only quick fix to make her kittens better then gets a response and now her kittens are better why would she need to cme back and ask more questions her kittens aren'T dying right now, but she needs to do more research on cats and find out how sensitve they are. sorry for rambling. Attn Everyone interested in getting animal, before getting an animal, do not go looking for one, you will mostly likely end up with one before you should have it, do lots of research until you are convinced you know you are able to give it the proper care(not just love) and save up at least $2000 usd ($4000 in aussie, just kidding) and don't touch that money that money is only for emergency pet use.

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