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adult pug/boston terrier mix not housebroken!!!

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by hrbowie83, Sep 1, 2007.


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  1. hrbowie83

    hrbowie83 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to the boards and I thought I'd ask this question. I just got a beautiful brindle pug/Boston terrier mix. She is my first dog ever yayy!!! :eek: I got her for free from a lady who could not, and in my opinion did not, take good care of her. Minnie is 2 1/2 years old and 10 lbs. She is not spayed, but she is current on all her shots. It's a wonder to me that she never got pregnant because she was with several other dogs in that other house! She has had a false pregancy though. Minnie ate only dry food until I got her, and she has really taken to wet food and people food very nicely. A funny story: I mixed wet with dry the first time I gave it to her, and she actually licked the wet food off the pellets and deposited them at my feet, one by one! I figured that was her way of showing me her preference. (I'm returning the dry chow tomorrow.) She also discovered cheese and peanut butter.

    Now, here's the bad part. She has fallen into some bad habits. Here they are:

    1. Minnie jumps up and insists on giving kisses every time I sit down. I also have problems with her staying out of my lap when I'm driving, and she whines when I put her in the back seat.

    2. Minnie will pee outside, but she does not poop outside. When we go for walks, she never seems to want to "go" but I find surprises throughout the day on the rug. I figured the first night she was nervous about being in a new house, so I let it slide, but it has continued. I found out that she was never taught to "go" during walks.

    3. Minnie whines when I have to leave her side, like when I need to take a shower or when I go to bed.

    4. Minnie was never taught basic commands like "sit," "bed," "stay," but she knows "come" and "food" very well!! :)

    Minnie has gotten very good at coming when her name is called, and that is a plus. I have started to teach her the "off" command to help with the constant need for attention. Is this a characteristic of pugs? I bought some puppy pads tonight and I'm hoping that those will help her learn to poop outside the house ONLY. We go for some good long walks, never shorter than 15 minutes, but she only pees.
    Am I taking the right steps? How long should it take an adult dog to be housebroken?

    Thanks for help in advance! ~Heather :mrgreen:

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