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Advice on small dog

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Jennifer, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    I'm currently searching for a very small dog.

    I have 3 children, ages 7, 11 and 13 and one dog who is a cockerspaniel/lab mix that we rescued from a terrible abuse situation.

    I'm a stay at home mother, husband works, I homeschool our youngest child. My children are very kind and careful around our pets ( hermit crabs, cockatiel, ball python and dog.)

    I'm wanting a small lap dog... literally.. in my lap :) But I have no clue as to what breed and/or mix to start looking at.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Hi Jennifer ~ welcome to the boards!

    My advice would be to go to www.dogbreedinfo.com

    There is a lot of information on that site and there is even a section on "poo mixes" if you are interested in a mix.

    You can also try www.toybreeds.com which is an excellent site on toy dogs!

    Good luck & let us know what you decide :D
  3. Trixiepoo

    Trixiepoo New Member

    may-b a shih tzu but im not sure
  4. Jas

    Jas New Member

    Check out www.petfinder.com and there are plently of wonderful mixes and purebred dogs in need of a home. You can search for dogs in your area and meet the dogs that fit your criteria (size, used to kids, other pets etc) good luck!
  5. sandangel

    sandangel New Member

    Shih tzus are wonderful dogs just make sure you don't get a JUMBO if you want a lap dog. :shock: I have one Shih Tzu whi I know is going to top out at 20 pounds :shock:
    The Imperial Shih tzu's are smaller and make better lap sized dogs.
    Shih poos and Pekepoos are also nice lap dogs if you get the smaller sized ones. Both are cuddly when you want and playful when you want. :)
  6. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Petfinder is a good place to start .there are all types ,both purebreed and mix on there ,but they are strict about ages your children have to be and fenced yards .. Can't blame them though .
    Look in your local shelters ad see what they have ,although small dogs go pretty fast .
  7. Jennifer

    Jennifer New Member

    Thanks for the advice! Petfinder is pretty strict.. and I really don't care about our future dog being pure bred or not. I think Friday we may go have a look at the shelter... see what we can find. I would rather rescue.. maybe save a dogs life if I can.

    Thanks again..

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