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all kinds

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by jam500, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. jam500

    jam500 New Member

    1. if i were to freeze a baitfish for my oscar, mostly medium sized red devils, and the devils had parasites before i froze them, would my oscar still get affected?

    2 whats the most popular oscar to be kept.

    3. which is more aggressive by nature, if they are.

    4. how many inches does your oscar have to be to be considered a monster? :roll: :m8:
  2. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    1. I really don't know.

    2. From all the "what type of oscar do you have" & "favorite oscar" polls I've seen, tigers appear to be the most popular.

    3. All oscars are the same species. So any differences in personality will vary from fish to fish and really has nothing to do with the color morph. And really, oscars are one of the least aggressive of the large cichlids.

    4. Depends on personal opinion. The red/common oscar I used to have was 10" sl (12" tl) when I got rid of him. My dad though he was absolutely huge, but I thought he was somewhat average. Personally, I would consider a 14" or 16" sl oscar to be a monster.

  3. needlefish1

    needlefish1 New Member

    1. yeah i think the oscar would get the parasites and some parasites will take a lot to get rid of. and money.

    2. tiger

    3. it really is the fishes personallity

    4. around 16"

    thats all i got
  4. jam500

    jam500 New Member

    kep on sendin them

    what's yals favorite oscar
  5. needlefish1

    needlefish1 New Member

    i love albinos
  6. gr8fuljames

    gr8fuljames New Member

    Am I reading this right? You are using red devils for feeders? That would be very expensive to say the least. If I were you I would research a different species for feeders.

    Most tend to shy away from feeders for the simple fact that they don't want to spread anything to the other fish. If you realy wanted to use feeders I would breed them at home and raise them to feeder size that way you have a better chance of having clean feeders.

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