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Am I just being Mean or what?

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by SebastionNRooneysMom, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Ok i was talking to my dad on the phone today he he casually brings up the neighbor girl and tells me out of no where how she has been riding Jeopardy!!!!! Ok so i kinda yelled WHAT!? At him and then proceeded to tell him how i did'nt even know he had a neighbor girl who even came near my horse! I asked her age and a bunch of other stuff and here is what he told me.

    She doesent own a horse and lives in a small home with her parents and brother.
    She is 11 years old
    She has been feeding him and the others treats forever and just recently started riding Jeopardy bareback around the corral!!!!!

    I freaked out on my dad. Telling him we don't even know if the girl really knows anything about horses. My dad is almost never home at his house he is a truck driver and he has learned this from his opposite neighbor. He informed him that Jeopardy is blind and deaf on one side and is not safe to be ridden by anyone but me as I know him best.

    My dad tried to go to their house and say something but it seems they never answer their door! My dad has even learned the girl will come and get Jeopardy out of his stall!!!!! My dads other neighbor had no idea we did'nt know about this and felt bad that he was letting this go on.

    This makes me extremly upset and worried. I can't beleive Jeopardy has behaved as long as he has with her! He has never been too friendly with anyone but me so its odd. And yes im jealouse because he is MY HORSE. My worst fear is she gets hurt while riding or walking Perdy (his nickname) and we get sued and Perdy has to be put down for her parents stupidety and inability to watch their daughter!

    Next weekend is a dad weekend and I plan on saying something. Its like my dad said no horse is predictable but if she had to be messing with any of them Gustoe would be safest and we don't mean for riding but for her to possibly walk around as Gustoe is'nt all that wild anymore where Jeoperdy is a firecracker and Americana is a shy touchy thing.

    God i just got a sick feeling thinking about it. Am I crazy?

    BTW theres pics of all of them in my last post here.
  2. Mockingcat

    Mockingcat New Member

    I'm not a horse person, but I would honestly be upset as well. It wouldn't be acceptable to me for someone to take my dog out of her fenced in yard and walk her around the neighborhood, so I certainly don't see why it's acceptable for your stable to let random neighbors in to ride people's horses.

    I would continue to raise a fuss about this. Not only are you trying to protect your horse (does she know what to do if the horse gets spooked, etc?), but to protect the child herself.

    She may think you're a big meany, but tough stuff. You'll be the one paying for her stupidity if anything happens.
  3. someday

    someday New Member

    No, you are not being mean. What she is doing is quite dangerous, as well as trespassing. However, since she is a child, your dad would be liable if she were hurt as the horses could be considered an attractive nusiance. If she has no horse experience, your horses as well could be put in danger, especially if she feeds them things that are not good for them or too much. But as you know...a horse is just irrisitable, so if you don't want to be the mean neighbor in her eyes, I would definetely get her to stop coming over and messing with them unattended, but you could offer to give her lessons or get her to come help you with the horses on weekends.
  4. Ok thanks you two :).

    I was thinking of offering the girl lessons too I don't know we'll see what happens next weekend.

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