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Any advice for a rescued Arabian

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by brads, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. brads

    brads New Member

    Hi, looking for anyone's experience/advice with this. We just picked up a rescued horse for my daughter. 20 year old (we think) white female Arabian. Hooves hadn't been trimmed in a year+, halter cutting into her face because it was left on for... she and another horse had been chased around by kids on dirt bikes. Surprisingly, both horse were being over fed and so a little tubby. They could have been in worse shape I guess but bad enough. We couldn't find out her name which is a shame so we're calling her Gracie. She seems pretty normal so far but time will tell. She's normal Arabian skiddish but not too bad. Seems to have a pretty good personality. No bad habits to speak of. Average Arabian spooky. Maybe a little less, she's been around. Vet checked her out and she looks good.

    Anyway, we just moved/separated Gracie from the other horse she was with. They had been together for around 8/9 years. Gracie seems to be doing well considering. The other horse did not like it. Mommy syndrome I expect. Got a halter on OK but had to give her a little push from behind (two people) to get her in the trailer. She just stood there after we got her in. It's been a week now and she didn't want to eat much at first but that's getting better. She still likes them cookies and I think that's a good sign. Got her hooves trimmed, a little tender on gravel but OK otherwise. Hasn't really attached herself to anybody yet but I'm sure that will come with time. She seems to be interested in all the other horses around the stables. Another good sign.

    So, what do you think so far? Any suggestions? Tips? Whatever?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. splanchnizomai

    splanchnizomai New Member

    Sounds like she's lucky you've got her now. Just spend time with her and give her company. Lead her round, brush her. Are you planning on riding her? If so, then gradually introduce the saddle and bridle... do some ground work with her, but dont ride her until you know for sure that she respects and trusts you. Maybe check her over for lice, give her a bath, and drench her. She might need tetanus injections too. Also get a dentist to do her teeth.

    Hope all goes well with her. Would love to see some photos
  3. brads

    brads New Member

    Pics? Hmmm, gotta get some of those one of these days.

    Yes, we do want to ride her eventually but all good things in time. She took a bridle without any problem so maybe another month or so and we'll see what happens. Besides, we've got our other horse Sunny ("Basking in the Sun" 2 1/2 year old, papered Arabian) to worry about. Sarah's working on breaking her right now. (Sarah's my daughter.) She can put a saddle on and sit on her now. No bit yet but coming right along. Anyway, Gracie. We're spending as much time as we can with her. Sarah's working her brains out right now because she just got a new job and wants to do well but with all of us, we're with her 4 days a week. She's real popular at the stable right now too. She's a rescued pony so everyone has to check up on her. She's getting lots of attention. Oh, I looked her over pretty good and didn't see lice or anything. Still, everybody likes (I hope) a bath and it's still 80 degrees around here so now's a good time. The Vet thought her teeth were OK but they're on the list. We're working with him to get her all up to date on shots and stuff too. We don't have any records so... start from the beginning.

    Hope that answers any questions and thanks for the reply.
  4. brads

    brads New Member

    Update: name change. Sarah has decided to call Gracie, Sweetie. I guess because she calls her sweetie all the time anyway so might as well make it her name. Progress - Sarah decided to try Sweetie at lunging and when she brought her in the round pen and put the lunge rope on, Sweetie just kinda went, "Oh, I know this!" and with a cluck from Sarah, took off at a trot with a big smile on her face. Round and round she goes. Where she stops, nobody knows. "Woo-hoo" she said. Both Sarah and Sweetie I think. And I got it all on camera. Pics and movie both. Now if I can just figure out how to put that stuff on here... I'm pretty computer stupid so we'll see.

    Food: The owners of our stables just got a nice load of bailed grass in so that's what we're giving her. After she trims up a little we'll probably add some senior feed as well. As I said before, Sweetie came to us a little on the tubby side. Not fat exactly, just tubby and I suspect the problem was that her previous owner just fed her and left her to stand in her pen. And we all know what happens then. No exercise makes a tubby pony. Well, Sarah will take care of that I'm sure. Soon as we get a saddle on her anyway. I'm thinking in a few weeks we'll be ready to try it. We got lucky and picked up a nice used western cheap the other day too and it will fit both Sweetie and our other horse Sunny so what a deal! Yup, looks like Sweetie will be a great trail horse in the near future. Cheers :eek:

    Oh, note to splanchnizomai. Vet took a good look at her teeth. We'll need to float them this winter but other then that... OK :y_the_best:
  5. brads

    brads New Member

    Oh dear. Apparently we're going to do the name game. Sarah came home and started talking about VB. We said, "VB?" Yeah she said, "Vanilla Bean." Seems Sarah and her friend got to talking and decided she should call her Vanilla Bean because she's white. (Gimmie a break. Aaaa, kids.) So, for this five minutes her name is Vanilla Bean. Course I haven't been home yet today so who knows what it is now :roll:

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  6. brads

    brads New Member

    update: Looks like we got a winner. We picked up that used saddle I was talking about earlier (very nice. $600) and finally got brave enough to try her out. You should have seen it when Sarah took her out on her first ride. Her ears stood straight up and there wasn't a happier pony on the planet. "Somebody's riding me again" she said. (didn't hurt Sarah any either) It was amazing. She's smooth as silk and twice as nice. Nice trot, steady cantor. Couldn't ask for more. Can't take her out of the arena until we put shoes on her but I'm sure she'll be great. Well, looks like I gotta build another saddle rack!

    Cheers :y_the_best:
  7. splanchnizomai

    splanchnizomai New Member

    Thats good news. And what is her name now? LOL
  8. brads

    brads New Member

    Gracie, Sweetie, Vanilla Bean... I guess it's Cher now. We have two horses and one is Sunny so... Sunny and Cher. :roll: I think I liked Gracie better. Kids... gotta love 'em. :lol: However, we have put our foot down so no more name changes. Not good for the horse you know. [-X Bugs the pucky out of me too.

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