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Anyone own a Shorkie or know anything about them?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by ntengwall, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. helpforaston

    helpforaston New Member

    Help Housetraining my Shorkie

    Hi, I've had my Shorkie, Aston, for about 5 or 6 weeks. He's a quiet dog, only barks when you leave him in his pen because he likes to be around people, but I've been encountering a few problems that I could need some help with. First, he doesn't seem to want to use his potty pads. Instead, he will relieve himself all over the pen & rip up the pee pad. When we let him out of the pen, he'll relieve himself anywhere in the apartment. We clean up these messes every time he makes them, say no, and then take him to the potty pad, but he just sits on it. What could be done to get him to pee on the potty pad? (It's in his pen) Also, Aston seems to eat his poop as well. If I see him, I usually call out to him saying "leave it," but he still seems to do this? Any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. thejamali

    thejamali New Member

    i have a shorkie

    yes i have a shorkie. he is awesome. he is soo cute. he gets compliments all the time. he is still young and i havent walked him that many times but its always common for people to stop their car to look at him, or come out of their house to ask to play with him lol. anywhere he goes he gets compliments he is truly a handsome devil. people always demand to know what breed he is. he looks kindof like a unique small black yorkie. he is really really hyper though, but he is fun. i am a bachelor so he is going to work out well for me when i take him to a downtown area in the summers lol. also he is a vegan!
  3. chewie1

    chewie1 New Member

    what shorkies are like

    my shorkie chewie really is the perfect dog, he is my little teddy bear who is so cute sometimes its hard to believe. he has a lovely laid back temperament,the only thing he dislikes is the rain-but loves to run in the wind ! He is quite sneaky though and takes every opportunity to creep off and steal my cats food. he loves everyone and everything and loves to nosey in peoples open doors.we occasionally call him mr snufflelufercus as he sweeps the floor for anything of interest.
    He is a very valued member of our family and brings us lots of pleasure.
  4. firstdesignitall

    firstdesignitall New Member

    Yes, I have a wonderful Shorkie

    My Shorkie, Bailey is between 6 and 8 years old. She was abused as a puppy and I adopted her through the animal shelter, by way of one who had no patience for her problems. She was terrified to go outside, as she must have been left out in storms. We live in Florida and are raising 3 special needs kids. Most animals don't settle with children and certainly not special needs kids. Bailey seems to understand them, if they do what she doesn't like she either comesw to me or goes and hides in my room. Usually she plays with them. I wish you could see her playing with our 4 month old kitten.
    Bailey is very loving and sometimes I think she believes she is a cat. She loves people once they are introduced by us. But she is a watch dog that hears someone outside long before we do. She makes judgements about people and I trust it. She doesn't like my electric readerman who must go through our house as the fence is locked at all times, so I hold her a stay at a distance once I open the doors.
    She is so playful and always up for a romp or a walk. She has inherited her mothers health problems (York Terrier), but it could have been the Shis tzu problems. She is showing signs of aging but I wish I had her energy and disposition all the time.
  5. shen

    shen New Member

    my baby shih tzu-yorkie mix

    :m30: =P~

    i have a 19 months old shih tzu-yorkie mix. she is an angel. made my and my bf's life so much worth it. she loves everyone. very patient with kids. one time this kid was hitting her and she didnt even barked or tried to bite. she just stayed away. i felt so bad. i have to control myself not to get mad. but i felt my puppy's pain :( :m13:
    anyways, my puppy's coatwas dark gold-black-white mix but turns lighter while growing up now she is "blond", doesnt shed. but you need to brush it everyday. thats one bonding time for us. she loves it. she would sit and turn around. :kiss_heart:
    she is only 4.8 lbs. never heavier than 5 lbs. doesnt bark much. very very smart. playful and energetic.
    she is very protective of me. when i yell "help" she would run to me and will attack the person near me or touching me. which is adorable cuz she thinks she's a big bad dog that could hurt anyone. adorable! she guards me in her own lil ways. :idea: :love_y_t_much: :kiss_heart:
    there is only one health problem we discovered. her both back knees are kindda dislocated. her vet said there is no need for surgery at this time. as long as its not bothering/hurting her. we just have to keep a close eye on her. when we learned about this i got depressed. we love her so much! i dunno what im gonna do if something happened to her.

  6. alwayshopefull64

    alwayshopefull64 New Member

    just got new shorkie puppy

    we just happened to have to take over 5 months old shorkie, owner could not care for her. She is cute, smart, easily trainable with the righy attitude and consistency tho. BUT! as anybody will tell you, this bread is a hanful, needs a lot of attention and definitely constant watch outside, as crows will gang up on such a small dog. You need to have a lot of time for her. Ideally, if you think about getting one, you would either work from home or be retired. I would not let her alone for more than a few hours in nice dining part of the kitchen with tile floor, because she can be spitful, when angry. In time you can pick up many ways she would talk to you, but she is very quiet most of the time. I would not call her a guard dog tho, as for when she is tired, she could not be bothered to make a sound. Good luck.....

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