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attacked by 2 dogs

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by FMgurl43, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    oh dear...what an awful story. :cry: i guess i have to say, that is one of the many reasons why i wouldnt let a cat out. you have no control as to what an animal is going to do if they wander...i would never assume a cat would be safe outside...people like this guy are idiots... :roll:

    one morning a couple of years ago...about 7am...i was in my house, and i started to hear someone screaming...and screaming...wouldnt stop. i ran outside and saw a woman in the street on her knees...blood gushing from her leg. :-& her dog was next to her wounded also...her dog on a leash. my idiot neighbor jerk of the universe had been in his garage with his pitt bull UNLEASHED and his pitt bull ran out to the sidewalk and attacked the lady and her dog!! :m3:

    it was awful...the police came...my neighbor almost attacked me when i made a remark about it not needing to happen, and informed the police that his dog was loose. :0009: i was about ready to clock him :m36:

    my sister lives in the country...they let their animals out all the time...cats and dogs...they have neighbors. her black lab was wounded seriously by God knows what...skin on his shoulder just hanging.

    its all up for grabs if animals go outside...even in the safest of neighborhoods. thats why i just dont take the chance. :|
  2. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    yes i know what u mean.... my animals r not even alowed in the garage now just incase....they get locked up in my room at night and i let them out in the house when i wake up if i dont put them in my room they sneek out the door at 5 am when my dad leaves 4 work and he will not chase them to get them back in sooo they hang out w/ my all night... i have started to try and get them used to a leash and my youngest 2 are not so bad about it sassy and garfield they could care less now simba and chyanne thats a different story but chyanne used to be a door dasher like the other cats and now she wont even go near a window and she used to love to hang out in the front window chatting to the birds now all she does is sleep on her pillow on my bed.... she is off her meds as of tomarrow and shes supposed to go back to the vet tomarow but the vets office is still w/o any power so im not sure if they r gonna be open....but shes doing great so i dont think its a big deal if she dont get in tomarrow she can wait till monday....

    the dog on the other hand is going back to his owner the guy came in today and said he was gonna get his dog out by the end of next week soo im not looking 4ward to that....i know he will let him get out since his fence in his backyard is completly gone from the storm soooo....his other dog was running lose today and i know that evenif i call the dog in to animal services if i see it loose they wont come get it cause they r so busy right now seaching 4 animals on the islands that were hit over here so they r extremly busy and im not gonna try and catch that dog to take it in.... i dont know why they r even gonna let that man have his dog back.... that dog deserves a better owner i think.....but i cant do anything about it other then deal w/ it but i will call if i see it loose and i know they give 3 chances of getting ur animal back after its been picked up the 4th time u cannot get that animal back soooo.....and 4 this man i dont think he needs even another chance....
  3. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi FMGurl. :D Just getting a little off topic, but I was just wondering how your kitty Garfield was doing.
  4. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    lol well garfield is garfield hes one of a kind thats 4 sure hes about as close to a human that an animal could be lol.... he definatly has his own personality thats 4 sure.... but he still acts like a baby and still does his nursing thing on me....
  5. acatnut

    acatnut New Member

    I just read your story and have tears in my eyes. I am SOOO SORRY to read what happened to your poor kitty and you! The last post about the hurricane put a lump in my throat. I just hope that it didn't come your way, and that your kitty made it to the vet and is on the road to health!

    Unfortunately, dogs in "packs" are never a good thing - somehow the old instinct takes over them. I hope that guy moves far, far away.
  6. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    hi fmgurl...thanks for keeping us posted...sheesh!! you have been through alot! :shock:

    just hang in there...know that we all support you being a good meowmy! :m10:
  7. EternalFlame

    EternalFlame New Member

    man, i'm always late with these things. :roll:

    as i read your story my mouth was actually hanging open. Both at your supreme bravery and the actions of the dogs.

    i am very glad to hear chyanne is doing so well now, and you. hard to know what to say after this point...

    But it's pretty amazing what owners and thier little furries will do for eachother when it's all on the line.

    i was walking my golden retriever one day (she was 2 at the time) and this huge german shepherd came running out after us back a 20 foot driveway.

    i near wet my pants i was so scared. i knew he was coming for Megen.

    i tried to pull her away before he got there but she stood infront of me baring her teeth at him. When they got close the big dog got in a bite but it was only superficial before she tried to fight back.

    it was then i got mad (dont tick off an irish blood) and booted the dog square in the guts around the heart area. It yelped and took off.

    i ran home and called animal control. i hadnt heard anything afterwards. but noticed the dog was always chained up thereafter.

    guess we all have similar stories.. maybe someone should start a post like that? like the TV show, Animal Miracles... share special stories... i think that would be pretty cool. i would add them to my website i'm gonna make about Razberry.
  8. FMgurl43

    FMgurl43 New Member

    wow thaat would be a great thing to post about...i would love to hear more stories... thanks to everyone 4 listening and the support it was very helpful... chyanne went to the vet today no abcess nothing all of her 21 bite wounds have closed and healed except 4 which are under her hind legs and belly but doc said shes great... except shes lost 4lbs since this has all happened and i dont know why cause she just sits around all day and eats like a pig...but as long as shes ok thats all im concerend about... she has scars on her face and back and belly where the dogs bit her... shes sucking up all the attention though thats 4 sure garfield is sooo jelouse its not even funny he will push her outta the way when shes on my lap he will jump up and move in till she jumps down.... simba and sassy arent as bad but simba just goes into his staring/attack mode when im petting her and not him....then when i quit petting chyanne simba will turn his nose up to me and flick his tail and walk away when i try to call him up to me.... hes such a brat...

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