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Baby cockatiel growing very slowly?

Discussion in 'Birds - all breeds / types' started by melanie89, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. melanie89

    melanie89 New Member

    I'm currently hand rearing 2 baby cockatiels from a clutch of 3. The biggest baby was left in my avery to be raised by the parents and is now happily fledged.
    I originally selected the smallest of the 3 to hand rear, but after a few health scares... shivering, weak neck... I decided to bring in the middle sized baby to hand rear alongside the little one, which perked him up immediately. They are 3-4 weeks old now.
    Baby 2 is growing wonderfully and is now at weaning stage, however, the smallest is still very small. His flight feathers are through, but the rest of the feathers are taking quite a while to develop fully. He is still very small in size, but his strength and reflexes are developing well and he has a very perky, affectionate personality.
    This is my first time hand rearing on my own, my parents are bird breeders, but havent come across this slow growth before.
    I've read about 'stunting' online, but I was wondering about the implications for my little bird in the long term. Other than this slow growth, he seems very healthy, but I'm still concerned, so any advice or information would be much appreciated!
  2. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi, How old are they?
    How much do you feed them, how often do you feed them, what food are you using.

    Handfeeding cockatiels can be very tricky when it comes to getting the amount to feed correct.

    from the day they hatched until they were 7-10 days old i was feeding them 10cc every 2 hours around the clock even during the night..
    They were kept in a box with a hotwater bottle wrapped in a towel, then after each feed i would cover the box with a towel but leave a section at the front around 3cms uncovered to allow some air in.
    The box was large enough so that even with the hot water bottle in there was some room where there was no heat for them to lay down if they got too warm.

    from 10days old i gradually increased there food and increased the amount of time between feeds so instead of every 2 hours it was every 4 hours, By the time they were 4 weeks old they were getting around 50cc of food 3 times a day.
    From 5 weeks old they were being fed once a day as this is the time to start weaning them.
    Also their food needs to be the correct temp as too hot it will burn their crop and too cold will cause the crop to empty too slow which results in sour crop and poor growth.
    I also used to add to there food some potent brew probiotic as this keeps the flora in their gut healthy as they are not getting this from there parents.

    I placed in there box some millet aswell as some cockatiel mix, Handfeeding is a great way to introduce them to things like fresh fruit and vegtables as they will try these with no problems at this age.

    Some Tiels grow slower than others so do not worry too much.
    i will add some pics of my babies from first hatched upto them being fully fledged and weaned.

    If you click on the video files it will open my page so you can watch them.








    Hope this helps.

  3. parakeetnames

    parakeetnames New Member

    Don't worry just take care of them.....

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