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bad news for Haley

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by goob, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. goob

    goob New Member

    On Sunday, I noticed a bump on Haley's ankle area on her front leg, and showed it to my mom. She took her in to the vets today to have it checked, and returned with bad news. They took x-rays, etc, and said it may be bone cancer. She goes back in Tuesday for a biopsy to be taken. If if is, the general treatment is to amputate the leg, which can give months to years of life depending on if/how fast the cancer spreads. Of course, with Haley only having 3 legs as it is (if the leg with the bump gets taken off, both front legs will be missing), there are a lot of questions in our minds as to the right thing to do already. We're trying to explore every possibility, so if anyone has anything at all that might be of use, it would be appreciated.
  2. someday

    someday New Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about Haley! I'm praying for something good to come back from the biopsy..
  3. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    arrrh I just typed a lengthy post and it timed out :?

    poor haley, Think positive, it could just be a fatty tumor, I am going thru the ame thing with Jake he has 4 tumors and last year I had them biopsied and they were the fatty benign kind, but to come back if they get bigger, recently have gotten alot bigger so he gets biopsied again today.

    was haleys leg amputated because of cancer before??

    I have a friend whose dog has bone cancer. the tumor was actually quite large before they decided for treatment which was amputation. the vet wanted to do chemo, they chose not to. it has been over 3 years and she has done quite well, no pain, etc with no reoccurance until recently when another cancerous tumor on her other leg, they have chosen not do anything because she is 12 years old and will let nature take its course

    another friends dog had cancer, it was in the lymph nodes, went thru chemo 3 years ago and is doing quite well

    now for haley, if the rare chance it is cancer, and the amuptation is needed, there are a lot of doggie wheelchair mfg out there, I would get a hold of them to see if its possible for a front leg wheel chair with the back legs doing the work. I sure its pretty feasable and dogs can be quite reililiant

    prayers to you and Haley

  4. Piper's Mom

    Piper's Mom New Member

    Piper and I are sending positive thoughts your way for Haley!
  5. Jas

    Jas New Member

    Goob - I am very sorry to read this :( As difficult as it is please try not to worry until you have more info.

    Haley is a special gal & I'll keep sending good thoughts your way. As you know Haley holds a special place in my heart.

    Loved all your snow photos too by the way!

  6. goob

    goob New Member

    Thanks to all of you for the kind thoughts. Haley had the biopsy taken today, and her chest was x-rayed to see if there was any sign of cancer in her lungs (this is generally the first place it shows up if it spreads from the leg). Her chest is clear, but we won't get the results back from the biopsy until at probably at least Friday. Haley's home, she was the first one into surgery, and since my mom works there, they let her bring her home as soon as she was awake enough to let go. She's lapping up the comfyness of Goo's big bed and a blanket, can't say she isn't milking this for all it's worth ;) We caught her corn nibbling the wrap over her stitches already, so it should be fun keeping her out of trouble. She got off the bed earlier (she's still not really "awake", so she just takes a few steps, then lays back down) when the other dogs barked, and when I picked her up to put her back on, she gave a big sigh, like "this is how it should be..." :lol: . So, continue the good thoughts for us, and we'll hope for the best possible news when the results come back.
  7. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    glad to hear she is recovering, what kind of surgery did they do for a biopsy?? I thought they just put a needle in the lump and extract?? do they actually go into the bone?

    keeping my fingers crossed for negative results

  8. goob

    goob New Member

    They actually had to open her up and take a sample of bone/tissue. There's quite a bit of swelling around the joint and also in her foot, and it seems pretty sore, so hopefully it heals quickly and she feels like more normal activity in a few days. She's still not completely over the anesthesia either, so we're hoping she'll feel better tomorrow.

    I didn't see before honeybears, but her other leg was amp. due to injury, she had an open break and it was infected beyond repair.
  9. honeybears

    honeybears New Member

    Oh poor haley i didnt now there was that type of invasive biopsy hope she is feeling better today

  10. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

    Oh, how sad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your canine friend. Please think positive for now, you never know, there are many things that may work. When my first pit Jasmine had kidney failure, I opted for a holistic cure, it did not cure her problem but I truly believe that she was able to lead a quality life for a much longer time.
    Again, all my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
  11. Killerbee2

    Killerbee2 New Member

    I am really sorry to hear this goob. I know what you are feeling right now. Your not the only one! :( I hope She gets better!


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