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Bo Deena and Mia

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by APBTsRock, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. APBTsRock

    APBTsRock New Member

    My Vet is coming out to see all 3 on Monday. Deena to recheck her thyoid to see if we have her med doseage right. Her energy level has definately improved but no notice of regrowth of her fur yet. Dr Sue said it would take a few months so hopefully she will be one of the "Whiteys" soon.
    Bo is getting his eye rechecked - I dont know, I think he may need to see a specialist. His drops were suppose to stop after 30 days but when I did stop in just 2 days it looked like it was getting irritated and some swelling again. I cut the dose in half and started him back on it, it made a big difference but the meds cant be used indefinately.
    Now Mia ... She still has her grumbly stomach more often than not. I have her on probiotics with other digestive enzymes, that helps but I still hear her tummy. Lately right before bed I give her a big spoon of plain yogurt with a dose of enzymes on it. That does seem to help and she isnt grazing since starting that but I'm still kinda getting myself all paranoid about it. I'm freaking myself out with thoughts of stomach cancer or bloat. One thing thats happening too since starting the probiotics is her belching ..... and it reeks. A friend said that will happen until the icky stuff gets out of her tummy. Come to think of it, her burping is happening less often so thats a good sign. Anyhow .. I want an opinion of that and her routine check up. She seems a little more whiney too. But that could be a case of just wanting attention since thats exactly what she gets when she whines at me. Spirit, her brother does that as well... funny to see related dogs have genetic personality traits.

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