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Booger isn't frightened by the upstairs spirit

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by Cassie, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I'll relate this as it unfolded to us...

    As many of you know, hubby and I bought a house and started moving in last Friday. Well, after reading the house description and doing a driveby, hubby and I had a feeling that this was the one after almost a year of looking so when we arranged a viewing, I decided to go ahead and bring my camera. I took about 30 pics all about the house including about 10 of the finished attic where the master bed is located. 7 of the 10 photos had obvious orbs in them. I found only 2 of the downstairs that had orbs so the major activity is definitely upstairs.

    Now, the house was owned by a young couple in their early twenties and they have a 3 yr old quadraplegic little girl (she's cute as a button too) and the strongest orbs were in two photos. One directly over her bed, and one in front of her wheelchair.

    At the closing, we got along with the owners really well. They have a great sense of humor and we all had lots of laughs during the closing. I think the banker and agents thought we all were nuts hehehe

    After the closing, the old owners and us stood and chatted in the parkinglot for about 30min. Hubby asked them if they were superstious and they said no. Then he told them about the orb photos. Both of them got wide eyed and started relating stories of things suddenly moving (like a child swing suddenly swinging on it's own) and electrical oddities. For instance, they had a mood machine (one of those things that plays sounds like the ocean or rain and such). They said one day it started up on it's own playing radio. It's not a receiver, it's a player! It can't play radio. They tried turning it off and it still played radio. They unplugged it from the wall and it still continued to play. They didn't think a whole lot about it all untill one day their little girl was knocking on the storage compartment door upstairs and complaining that she wanted to talk to the "nice lady". They started getting afraid about then. Ariel (the little girl was insistant).

    They begged us for copies of the orb photos to show their family and friends to help prove that they weren't nuts. And then they told us that after they moved in, they found out that the prior owner had rented the house out to a couple. They said they heard that the woman was disabled (like their daughter) and was upstairs and that after a fight, the husband or boyfriend set the house on fire and she was stuck upstairs and died there.

    Hubby and I met the guy that lives next door, he's been there for ages. He inhiereted the house from his father so he grew up there. He was telling us about that night. He said that he and all the other neighbors heard the couple fighting on and off all evening, then about 2 am they were all awoken by the guy standing on the front lawn yelling. The disabled woman was stuck upstairs and was screaming.

    When the firedept showed up, they knew the house was a total loss so they focused on hosing down the houses on either side. The houses are really close to each other here...I"m talking like maybe 10 feet. They let the house go and the owner decided to get out of the rental buisness and rebuild and sell it.

    Well, last Saturday was our first night here and today is Friday. No bumps in the night or anything wierd and Booger loves to race up and down the stairs but the first time she went up there, she was wide eyed and ears back. I know for sure she sensed something that frightened her. But I think it only frightened her because she had never encounterd something like that before. Since then though, she's fine about going up there.

    The woman that perished in the fires name is Donna and I think Donna is a nice and friendly spirit that takes a shine to children and kitties :) I admit that I'm nervous about it and I don't go upstairs when hubby isn't home but I think it's all ok.

    I talk to her. I'm afraid that she may think that she's trapped up there because she was physically disabled when she passed on and was trapped in the fire. I tell her that she's no longer disabled and can move on if she wishes.

    But I really believe that animals have a sharp sense of dangerous personalities and since Booger is cool with Donna, I just need to relax about it and enjoy our new home.

    EDITED TO ADD: I'll post the orb photos when I get them uploaded
  2. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    The only photo taken downstairs with orb. Notice the strong bright orb in front of the back of the wheel chair between the stove and chair. There is a weaker on above right next to the last photo on the room divider above the counter.


    And in the finished attic:

    Over the little girls bed:
  3. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    That is a fascinating story. I agree that kitties seem to sense things that we don't see.

    Gee, just after moving into a beautiful house you find you may have a spirit among you. That must be scary but you seem to be handling it pretty well so far.

    I wonder if the spirit was particularly close to the little girl, that she may haved moved on with the other family. I don't know how that works.....or would the spirit stay with the house.

    When my husband and I visited Gettysburg, PA, several years ago we took pictures after dark of some of the fields that many soldiers were killed in during battles and the one picture I took, I saw definite orbs in the viewfinder. Scared me something awful. Jumped into the car with my heart racing.

    When we got the picutures developed the one photograph did have orbs in it but not as clear as the ones I saw in the view finder. They looked more like the ones in your pictures.

    Very interesting stuff. Keep us posted on your houseguest. Hope Booger will be okay with everything.
  4. Bente

    Bente New Member

    :shock: Scary

    Were the pictures taken with a digital camera? I've seen something similliar when film from regular cameras has been developed. But thinking of what the other family experienced... I would freak out :shock: Luckily Booger doesn't seem to mind :mrgreen:
  5. vene

    vene New Member

    Very interesting. Why would ghosts show up as orbs? Is there one or more ghosts in residence? Does one ghost consists of one orb or multiple orbs? If Booger doesn't mind, the ghost/s must be friendly. :mrgreen:
  6. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    From what I've read and seen, orbs aren't photos of ghosts but rather a physical byproduct of their energy that is easily detected by camera. Here's a quote I found online:

  7. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    Cassie -- did you take yours with a digital camera?

    I took mine with a 33mm camera and didn't know what I would get until the film was developed. I also used the redeye reduction setting thats makes the flash flicker before the picture is finished taking. I don't know if that made a difference or not.
  8. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I used a digital camera, a Mavica.
  9. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    :shock: I got chills here...I think I would take Booger with me whenever I went up there.
  10. diego

    diego New Member

    lol wow that was freaky in a way but if you said the cats get along with that spirit like as coppersmom said take booger with you :?
  11. rcrgal31

    rcrgal31 New Member

    well im really into the paranormal..and some of those orbs do seem to have faces in them...very cool...
  12. lynnhaz

    lynnhaz New Member

    wow cassie, this is very exciting...

    and it freaked me out....because...

    i had no idea that they were called "orbs"...and had a name.

    i have a story...but im not sure if i should tell on this forum or the general forum :0011: ....no cats in the story....but its a freaky story....
  13. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    :D cool.....
  14. vene

    vene New Member

    Lynn, post the story on both forums. [-o< Can't wait to hear your story! :mrgreen:
  15. Bente

    Bente New Member

    Ditto what vene said :mrgreen:
  16. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    Lynn, I can't wait to read your tale!

    Booger loves being upstairs and spends much of her time up there. I think it mainly because she likes the peace and quiet AND the big window overlooking our neighbors back yard where the kids play. Hubby calls it the 'sniper window' LOL

    Nothing has happened aside from a couple little electrical quirks like a few times a day, the phone will ring once, yesterday the pendelum (sp?) in my grandfather clock stopped but the clock kept running fine and once the phone made a quick beep kinda noise.
  17. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    Yeah, it's frightening but it's a fear of the unknown and I'm doing all I can to not scare myself. I'm bad about that, I'll watch a scary movie and then will be paranoid for hours and I know that I'm just freaking myself out with no reason. Donna hasn't done anything since we've moved in except maybe mess with our phone lines and keeps stopping my grandfather clock pendulum from swinging. Booger spends tons of time upstairs (she loves the bedroom window overlooking the backyard) and I sincerely believe that animals can sense evil spirits and are a good indicator. And Booger just loves romping around up there.

    Plus, I really had the feeling that Donna really loved Ariel (the little disabled girl that lived here before us). She strikes me as a gentile woman that loves children and kitties and is nothing to fear. It's just that I had a horrible experience with a bad spirit in a house that went on for months when I was a teen and I guess that just sticks in the back of my mind.

    I'm home alone most of the time because hubby is a trucker and is on the road a lot but I'm getting more and more comfortable as the days wear on and Donna remains calm and harmless.
  18. sunset05

    sunset05 New Member

    I'd love to hear the story of when you were a teen. I'm very interested in the paranormal. Glad this spirit seems to be friendly. Would you have bought the house if you had known about it before hand?

    Some of the kitties I've had would sit on our bed and stare at a certain part of the room as if they saw something. There was nothing there. I've always wondered about that.

    My daughter, lucidity, rented a house when she was in college. She and her roommate thought there was a ghost there. Unusual but harmless things seemed to happen - like the curtains were opened when she went into the dining room when she was sure they were closed earlier.

    lynnhaz - tell us your freaky story.
  19. Cassie

    Cassie Active Member

    I knew about it before hand because of the orbs in the photos I took the first time I viewed the house. I just didn't know who it was till the day of the closing.

    Here's what happened when I was a teen:

    Ok, long but very strange experience. This occurred back in the early 70's when I was about 14. We had moved into a brand new house and had lived there for a little over a year with no problem.

    My boyfriend and brother were driving home from work together one evening and about a half mile from home, they both had a heavy feeling of dread come over them at the exact same moment. When it happened, they just looked at each other wide eyed and said in unison "Did you feel that!??". When they got home, they told us about it and said that they both still felt 'something dark, something evil...weird and creepy'. We all just kinda laughed it off.

    Over the following months many strange things began happening in our house. It was like they had picked something up on that ride home and brought it into the house where it stayed.

    Things like lights turning on, window shades opening, doors opening...all occuring when no one was at home. We'd leave for school, work and come home and all the lights would be on, all shades up and all doors opened.

    After a few months of that, it became more physical like footsteps in the hallway just pacing back and forth and a door physically moving slightly out of the corner of your eye.

    Then one night I was sleeping on the top bunk of the bed that I shared with my sister and I woke to what felt like someone slamming their hand against the footboard of the bed. It was such a violent slam that when I started awake, my lamp was wobbeling from the impact. I laid quietly in the dark trying to convince myself that my sister had just kicked the footboard in her sleep. As I laid there, heart pounding, my sister entered the room. I was alone in there.

    We kept it quiet within the family and my boyfriend and never told anyone about it. Every single family member experienced things several times but we figured people would think we were nuts if we told anyone.

    I had a girlfriend spend the night and we sat up chatting like girls do till 4am at which time she moved to the bottom bunk and I stayed on top. We turned the lights off and chatted for about another half hour in the dark before finally falling asleep. The next thing I knew, I was wide awake sitting up and was frozen, could not move. I could feel the bunkbed rocking back and forth and my friend in the bottom bunk struggling and muffled protests.

    Finally it stopped and I could move. I turned around and turned the light on on my headboard. She shouted at me "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!??". I was like "What??? What is going on!?". She literally jumpped onto my bunk and I could see a hand imprint on her face with large fingers on her forehead. And she was freaking out.

    She said that she had fallen asleep and woke to loud heavy footsteps pacing the bedroom back and forth beside the bed. Then she heard the footsteps coming toward the bed and suddenly a hand covered her face and pressed her down into the pillow with such amazing strength that she couldn't breath or cry out. And she said that the hand came down from the side of the bed that was against the wall and she was trying to push back on the arm because she couldn't breath! I know it wasn't me because the bed was flat against the wall, My hand couldn't have fit AND when I woke, she was still struggling with 'it'.

    We both were scared to death and decided to move to the living room where I told her about the other house experiences. She immediately phoned her dad to come and pick her up. As she was going for the phone we checked the time and every clock in the house still read 4am!

    Needless to say, she never came over again. She also would never speak to me again.

    After that, I began talking to the 'entity' and explained that we lived there and are happy to share the space with 'it' but it would have to calm down and know that 'it' is welcome to stay with us if it wishes. Aside from the lights, window shades, doors and occasional hallway footsteps, nothing physical ever happened again. We moved about 6 months later and luckily, it didn't follow us.
  20. vene

    vene New Member

    I believe dogs and cats are especially good at detecting friendly people and the supernatural. I'm glad your ghost is friendly and that Booger isn't afraid of her. Just curious, how old is your home and have you had the electrical components checked out before you purchased the home?

    Just read your story Cassie. That was pretty scary. Didn't you post that story before on one of our forums? What a relief he didn't follow your family to another home. Would you consider having your new home blessed? I don't mean to drive out your friendly ghost but to ensure that your home will feel more secure.

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