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Breeding shi-poo pups. Please help.

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by STEPH123, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. STEPH123

    STEPH123 New Member

    I was wondering if it is possible to breed a shi-poo with a shi-poo and still get/sell them as shi-poos puppies.
  2. shihpoo1221

    shihpoo1221 New Member

    From what I read yes. The down fall to it is that they will be "pure-bred" shih-poos and more likely to have problems health wise like a full breed shih tzu compared to a shih tzu mix. But healthy pure breed dogs are produced if you know how to select a male dog that will compliment your bitch. So i would think same will apply with the "pure-bred" shih poos.
  3. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    I mean no offence here but if you have to ask this question you should not be thinking of breeding.
    There is way too many unwanted litters out there and alot of puppies and dogs with health problems after health problems.

    Breeding is a serious matter and alot of research should be done, Consulting with other breeders, Knowing everything about the breed from health to temprement.
    Then there is all the health checks/test to be done before breeding.
    There is alot to think about, do you know everything there is about breeding, whats involved, what can and usually will go wrong.
    Do you have the money for vet check ups for mom before during and after her pregnancy, Aswell as health checks for the litter...

    Sorry if i have gone on.

  4. Alasse

    Alasse New Member

    Breeding a shi-poo to a shi-poo will NOT get you purebred anything.

    A Shi-poo is a shi tzu x poodle, a xbreed, nothing more nothing less.

    To get a xbreed recognised as an actual breed, takes MANY years of selective breeding to even begin to get that status.

    Xbreeds do not breed true, they must breed true EVERY time to be even be considered for addition to the Purebred register.
  5. Bonjo

    Bonjo New Member

    In Agreement with Charmed Again

    Frankly, I agree with CharmedAgain. If you have to ask, you shouldn't be breeding your dog. What you will have is a second and third generation. These are NOT purebreds. In fact, the act of breeding one pure breed to another does NOT give you another "pure breed". These are considered "designer" breeds and are not recognized by AKC. What you have essentially is a mutt in any case that some people are willing to pay for. In this economy, many breeders are losing out, sitting on pets for a long time before finding them homes. The very idea of breeding one designer breed to another will bring inherent defects to the generation of pups eventually. Personally, I think it's a bad idea. The pounds are full of pups from backyard breeders who don't know what they are doing. Neuter your animals and let them live a healthy life instead.
  6. sadie

    sadie New Member

    To Charmedagain a reply..

    I have a Shipoo dog I bought 2 yrs ago from a pet store. I had previously owned a Pure Bred, Doberman from Van Helsing breeder in Orangeville. The dog was registered, and I paid 1800 dollars in 1998, with a signed agreement not to neuter or breed the dog. I was given copies of bloodlines that incl; from Germany(for pure, fresh blood lines) with pictures of all parents and registers. He was a direct decendent of one Grand Champion and other awards. I must say, physically he was an exact replica of what the pure breed is recognized by the CKC. I spent months driving back and forth to Orangeville to train the pup on site. Needless to say after a lot of hard work to train a high strung "show dog" I got a loyal pet. However he was still wanting to attack anything that breathed near our property. The breeder told me it was my fault as a purchaser to have picked a show dog as a family pet. I should have picked something less high strung, show dogs tend to be high strung.She was breading for the "true to breed Qualities".LOL
    Well needless to say after 5 short years Apollo died of a heart disorder that is a common disorder in Pure Bred Dobermans. My children''s heart and my heart was broken. My point hear is my Breeder offered a guarantee and offered a new dog, but that is too late, I am so proud to be the owner of a wonderful mix breed. I do not care where it came from...It might last 5 years , probably Ten 'cause it is not a pure bread! However it does not matter in the end. When you fall in love with a dog, and that sir is the point, you do not care and accept them and love them anyway. Dogs are in Pounds because of disfunctional humans that do not know what love is. You do not get a dog and give it up, just like you do not give up a child regardless of future problems. Bravo to those who can figure out how to make a profit outside of the government. All that people need to do, to be responsible breeders, is to make sure they have healthy dogs, they have responsible buyers, and they are prepared to make the commitment and spend the time necessary to bring well adjusted pups into this world. Let the buyer discern what they want and shut up!!!!!
  7. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    sadie, I have been a breeder of german shepherds for many years as has my mother.
    Its backyard breeders who create these so called designer breeds that are 9 times out of 10 riddled with health problems, which in turn they will pass on to there offspring.

    I do not condone anyone that breeds for profit as with breeding almost all of the money from the sale of the litter will go on paying for health tests, check ups for the mother before during and after her pregnancy aswell as the litter.

    All true breeders take great care in having all health tests done and selecting the best of the bloodline to keep it pure.

    Dogs and puppies are in shelters because of a number of reasons not just because most people do not know how to love the animal.
    What about elderly people who have dogs they have no family they pass away what is supposed to happen to the animal is it to fend for itself i really don't think so.

    No offence but its people like you who welcome the backyard crossbreeder that keeps these puppy mills going...

  8. sadie

    sadie New Member

    Regarding Back Yard Breeders,I do Support.

    We obviously differ in opinion, and hey that is what makes the world go round. I know you realize if an old person dies that they can just as easily leave behind a dog,a bird or e cat..so that is not an issue for debate and does not apply. I question your statistics and would have to be be told were to find the research to prove a 90% health complication rate in mutt's and non pedigree dogs.. I do not disqualify solid information. I feel allot of breeders of pure bread dogs stand to lose a large, over inflated profit. My sister bread pure bread CKC registered Labs. She was also the Animal Control officer for Peterborough. That meant bringing in strays and dealing with various other small animal problems. Does that make her a professional? She purchased this dog breeding business; including pens, males and females, lock stock and barrel. She had no previous experience on breeding. To register the dogs it was a case of simple paper work and a fee of $125" At the time." She needed to provide first shots (AT A MINIMUM COST) I might add and De-worm the pups. If you don't believe me I would happily provide you with the name of her business and her name. She has since moved and no longer breeds but i can assure you she made a tidy profit. Any ways what I am saying is, I am sure there are ethical and non ethical BYB. With out these people we would not have our adorable wonderful cross breeds that we love so much.All the best to you. I appreciate your passion. Sorry we can not agree.
  9. Fancypoo4u

    Fancypoo4u New Member

    Shih-poo. to breed, or not to breed

    A Shih-poo isn't a purebred dog. It is a cross bred dog with purebred parents. Any cross bred dog should not be bred. If there are any inherant problems, these will show if the dog is bred. Besides, the high brid vigor is less if the dog is bred. The puppies won't be as healthy as the first generation.
  10. kuma6

    kuma6 New Member

    Please do NOT "breed" mix breeds! we already have enough dogs in homeless shelters that die everyday! :( I hope you will think about spaying/ neutering your dogs. :y_the_best:
    thank you...

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