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Can gunea pigs and Rabbits be budds??

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by AC from TO, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. AC from TO

    AC from TO New Member

    Just was wondering if it is possible for them to co exist in the same very large cage after proper intro......

    Suggestions if it is possible for a proper intro??

  2. Bente

    Bente New Member

    I don't have any personal experience on this, but i know many people keep their rabbit and guiena pigs together. I've also seen it alot in pet stores, so with the proper intro i don't think it would be a problem :)

    If i were you i would keep them in two separate cages with the wired front towards eachother, that way they both can see and smell the other animal before "getting physical".
    I don't know how territorial rabbits and guena pigs are, but when you introduce them to eachother face to face, it will probably be safest to do this on "neutral ground" and under controlled circumstances.

    Remember, this is just what i think, i have no experience what so ever on introducing two animals... I had a guiena pid a couple of years ago, and now i'm thinking of getting a new one :) If i do, I'll probably keep it in the same cage as our landlord's rabbit.
    If the cage is big enough.... Does anyone know the measures on a cage for two animals?
  3. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I wouldn't recommend it.

    Rabbits and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs. Rabbit food does not contain the vitamin C that a guinea pig needs. Rabbit food can also have antibiotics that prevent coccidiosisl. This antibiotic is toxic to guinea pigs. Rabbits need more vitamin D than guinea pigs.

    Rabbits also have a tendency to kick when they get excited which could also harm the guinea pig if it gets in the path of a kick.
  4. Blau_the_cow

    Blau_the_cow New Member

    It is possible.. It all depends on the personalities of the animals. Some will never get along, while others will have an amazing friendship. I have never personally had a problem with the food nutrition issue, but thats not saying it doesnt exist... As for cage size, rabbits need space to run and kick, so a large cage would be prefered if you are not going to take them out several times a day to excercise. If you are planning to spend about an hour or two each day letting them out to run, I would say you could go with a smaller space, but still be wary that, as said before, rabbits will kick when they get excited, so make sure the g. pig and rabbit arent cramped. A good idea would be to make the cage multi-leveled, to add additional space, and a place to go if either of them need some time to themselves.

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