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Cat advice on an older cat

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by sweething852002, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Bente

    Bente New Member

    Have you talked to a vet about your cat's situation? To go in there, explain the situation and ask for advice can't cost anything. Can it? Whenever I think there's something wrong with my bunnies (don't know much about bunnies) I just call the vets office and ask what they think of the situation and they are always more than willing to help over the phone. I hope you find a solution for your kitty.
  2. sweething852002

    sweething852002 New Member

    More than likely my decision is better for now. I do want to take her to the vet instead of the shelter cause I think it's more respectful. I forget I get paid today and that money is suppose to go to my art school. I will just have to put up with bad credit for a first time. I think I'm suppose to get a small pay check from another place. I'll look. If so then I will tell my vet what I plan to do but I'll ask her if she thinks something can be done with the amount I have. I have sent e-mails to my vet. They use to answer them. But I guess not anymore.
  3. sweething852002

    sweething852002 New Member

    I gave her a bath using a shampoo that is called hydrocortisone. It can be used for dogs or cats. It's suppose to relieve itching and skin irritation. Her bottom looks better this morning. It's not red anymore. She does have a few small scabs. She seemed to have enjoyed being dried off with a towel. I'm waiting for my dad to get home and talk to him about vet visit. I'll let him know I'm going back to the old job I've had and I will see if I can work something out with my vet before I decide to finally have her put down. Vet visit is only 27 dollars. My dad better get over it cause I'm the one paying. I don't want to worry about up-dated shots cause I diffently can't afford that. She doesn't seem as jumpy.
  4. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Where do you live? Maybe we can find a rescue group in your area.

  5. sweething852002

    sweething852002 New Member

    I live in Virginia on the south east. I would greatly appreciate it if you can. Right now I"m all confused. I didn't take her yet cause my dad is still all about money. I'm suppose to get paid today at the shelter. My dad was gonna take me but he doesn't believe me till I call them. I don't think he'd believe me even after that. Please not animal control because I know what they will do to her. They will have her put down. I know what I'm talking about. The shelter doesn't exactly take sick animals to the vet from what I understand. They give meds to eye infections.That's all I know. I haven't seen or heard anything else other than 3 kittens that sneezed were put down for no good reason.
  6. sweething852002

    sweething852002 New Member

    I really don't mean to keep double posting. I hope I'm not annoying anyone by it. Any way. I had found one place that I had sent an e-mail to. http://www.artanimals.org/dogsforadoption4.html They only do foster homes and not shelters. That's what I really like. I e-mailed them asking for help in either rehoming my cat or helping me get her to the vet for help. I let them know Imma be getting a job soon with a nursing home. I will be talking to the nursing home tomorrow or monday hopefully. I will be looking up other places that I can send e-mail to. For an extended help just in case one of them or some of them can't help me. I will keep you posted.
  7. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Well, I don't know how close any of these are to you but here's some rescue organizations.

    http://www.artanimals.org/ (Norfolk)
    http://muttcats.com/shelters/virginia.htm (List of shelters in Virginia)
    http://www.aarf.org (Richmond)
    http://www.greenpeople.org/humanesociety.htm (more shelters. Scroll down to Virginia)
    http://www.netpets.org/dogs/dogresc/virginia.htm (another shelter list)
    http://www.felinerescue.net/RESCUES_BY_ ... rginia.htm (list of cat rescue organizations in Virginia)
    http://www.petwork.com/rescue_cats_va.html (another rescue org list)
    http://www.shelters.theanimalnet.com/Virginiapets.htm (a really long list of shelters/rescues in virginia)


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