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Chat :(

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by PooGirl13, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Where is everyone?! :cry: I'm so sad......... on chat allllll by myself.......

  2. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    Poogirl, I just got here, but I thought it was 7pm PST, which is 9pm Central time, 10 pm EST, right?

    argh....... i think we're all stuck on different time zones! LOL
  3. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    I'm chatting right now and it is 9 pm central...not quite sure what that would be your time though. Hope to see you there!!! :D
  4. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    I was late and just got home ,went to church with my husband ,Catholic and we had comapny afterwards .Sorry ,I was there as all were signing off ...
  5. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    :cry: I missed everyone!

    I figured I was either late or early... I signed off the computer about 10:15.. it was bedtime!

    Now that I know it's 10:00PM my time, I'll try to stay up later next week.. it's just hard b/c it's a work week! I need my beauty sleep you know... :mrgreen:
  6. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    US time would be 7 pm in California ...9 central and 10 eastern ...Since alot of people work ...may be better it was like 6 westcoast ..8 central and 9 eastern ..That way people like poogirl can chat for awhile without being up to 11.pm ..what do you all think ...Don't matter to me ,I can get there when I can anyway ,when I can't ...I can't ...but it may be easier for those on the east coast .
  7. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    I would certainly be up for a time change ~ but, if it remains the same that's okay too.. I will just need to be off by 10:30 so that I can get to bed :D

    What does everyone think about changing it a little earlier?
  8. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    That would be fine with me! I can't always guarantee that I will be there, but if I can, I will definitely join in!:D
  9. Poodlemom

    Poodlemom New Member

    what is this "chat" thing?
  10. deb2950

    deb2950 New Member

    time change

    doable for me! :eek:
  11. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    I agree.... I think I would prefer it if we met an hour earlier. Which, to recap would be 6pm California (pacific time) for me and bailey.... 8pm Central time, and 9pm EST for you East Coasters!

    There is a blue link at the bottom of the page (verrrrrrrry bottom and kind of small) that says "CHAT"! There are some of us on the board that have met (just started last week) on Wednesday nights to get together and chat... you're welcome to join us! It's fun so far!

    Although, if anyone is 'game' in changing the venue, I'm game. I thought perhaps we could try a different chat program since this one needs some serious TLC..... What does everyone think? There are a number of 'em..... ICQ, Yahoo...... does MSN's messenger have group chat? ......
  12. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Cool! I can't wait till next Wednesday now :eek:

    Poodlemom ~ at the very bottom of the screen there is a 'chat' link. Every Wednesday night we are going to get on at a specific time & chat.

    It looks like next week we are going to try a new time (right everyone?):

    6:00 - West Coast Time
    8:00 - Central Time
    9:00 - Eastern Time

    Hope this works for everyone ~ it's hard when everyone is all over the world! :D
  13. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    OH my Lord ...Monster ! What did I miss ? What TLC does it need and why ? Was really rude people there ? Tell me !!!!!! :wink:
  14. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    ooooh malti, I didn't mean it like that..... I just meant that the program, itself, leaves a lot to be desired. I don't particularily care for it, and there were others who were saying the same thing... I just didn't want to complain too much cuz i just looooooove auspet.com's message board site.... didn't want to seem rude or anything.... that's all.

    As far as if you missed anything, I wasn't there for very long at all...... kept getting booted and had some things I needed to take care of, so I bowed out after about 5 minutes.
  15. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    Well ....darn it ....I thought I had missed something ...Geez!!!!! LOL !
    All chats have their little off and on moments of not being the best they coud be .I am sure these will be improved as time passes .
    Have you got your turtle yet ? I found mine this afternoon .
  16. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    I have Yahoo Messenger at home.. MSN Messenger... AOL Messenger... that's it!

    I like Yahoo & MSN messenger the best :) I'll chat wherever you guys want :eek:
  17. legolas99

    legolas99 New Member

    yo christen

    i will chat with u if u are still on 8)
  18. MyBabyShihPoo

    MyBabyShihPoo New Member

    The only chat program I have right now is MSN, but I could probably easily get AOL's. So whatever you all decide, I'll try and make it! :D
  19. legolas99

    legolas99 New Member

  20. PooGirl13

    PooGirl13 New Member

    Eh um.... MyBabyShihPoo.... when are we going to see an avator of the one, the only(s) Mickey & Tigger?! :roll:

    Hmmmmm....??? Just giving you a hard time :wink:

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