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Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by jamin_rb, May 17, 2004.

  1. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    can u put food colouring in ur tank to make it look niceer or will it kill ur fish and wreck ur decor???????? 8)
  2. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

  3. Laura05

    Laura05 New Member

    I dont think I would do that... :?
  4. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    well i would like to know what would happen??
  5. Obelix

    Obelix New Member

    wwwwweeellll............ to say the least, if ya like your fish dont do it.
  6. Laura05

    Laura05 New Member

    why not just change your background picture?
    Move your deco stuff around... or buy new deco stuff, maybe a new plant. But food coloring is not made for fish.. sorry
  7. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    come on i have all the background and such but i would like the water to look diff
  8. OneWolvesDream

    OneWolvesDream New Member

    errrr i wouldnt sudgest it. the fish pull water in and it goes into the system and it is bad for them
  9. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    My guess is it would damage their gills. Just because something is safe for humans, it doesn't mean it's safe for fish.

  10. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    ok but it looks koo becuz when i put in ick cure stuff it turns the water blue it looks so kool like a tint of that colour it looks pretty neat so i was wondering if i could do that wit like a different colour :y_the_best: :D
  11. raghu_gg

    raghu_gg New Member

    Hi jamin_rb,
    If your intent is to change the colour of the water. you might wanna try to change the coulour of the lighting. This can be done by pasting sulophon paper to the light. Which might give you the same effect.
  12. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    umm thanks but can u explain what that is too me lol

    iam not realli geting it lol :lol:
  13. Laura05

    Laura05 New Member

    cellophane -- is thin plastic which can come in a variety of colors. I am not sure where it is sold at.. you could try an art store. Make sure your light doesnt get to hot as this stuff can melt.
  14. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    You'll have to make sure the cellophane doesn't touch the bulb or it might melt.

    You can also buy blue bulbs that are made specifically for aquariums.
    http://www.bigalsonline.com/catalog/pro ... d1=;pcid2=

    On my tanks I have the standard bulbs that came with my light fixtures and I got tired of them emitting a yellowish light. So I just took some aluminum foil, colored it blue with a sharpie marker and put it behind the bulb. It makes the tank have a very slight blue color, but mainly just cancels out that yellow.

  15. jamin_rb

    jamin_rb New Member

    thanks thats awesome iam gonna go wit the tinfoil idea becuz i have the same problem and thats all i wanted realli plus mah light on mah tank gets to hot iam pretty sure and would melt the plastic stuff

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