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convict need help plz

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Aznfryboi, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. Trickster

    Trickster New Member

    Also to think, releasing a pacu into a river or something..... pacus get over 2feet long! It would start eating children! (lol), but seriously, if tht pacu survived in tht new eco system, it would get big and eat a majority of the fish, and like many times in diffrent posts was mentioned tht it would disturb the eco-system.

    Male guppys have bigger tails then females, guppys are easy to breed because live bearers are more sexualy active then egg layers, and guppys, platies, sword tails, mollys, and guppys are all live bearers.
    Seeing a pregnants fish belly grow is alot funner then some eggs sitting on a rock.

    If you do decide to breed guppies, you gotta give away all the fish you have now, and get a 3:1 female to male ratio to increaser your chances of breeding (2:1 also works) i would suggest 5 females and 2 males, and no other fish cuz thts at ur stocking limit (a bit over)

    so good luck, and like other people said, do research on fish before buying them, fish that go in a 10gallon shouldnt grow any bigger then 3".
    (meaning you shouldnt buy fish that grow bigger then 3", like convicts, and stuff em in a 10gallon)
  2. Aznfryboi

    Aznfryboi New Member

    well i have 2 gold fishes that are 4'' living in my tank now sicne last yeh in dec 04 some were aroudn there.. i plan to get a new tank mabe a 55 gallon or 30 gallon .. right now i'm not gonna get guppy i have to many fishes in my tank.. well mabe i'll get them when eva i get the new tank.. i have like 15 fishee living in there.. well like in 2 weeks i should be able to get a tank hopefully.. then i will breed BETTA and swordtail and guppy.. i just don't like guppy cause they only live for 2 years which is a pretty short life... well i'll just have to wait..

    but thanks to all of yur advice though every one!!!!!!!!1
  3. red devil

    red devil New Member

    Aznfryboi i really dont like you im 14 too ive had fish all my life being a kid is no excuse to not care for any living thing that you took responsibility for your lucky fish arent covered under any animal cruelity laws because i would have you arrested. O and if any moderator wants to ban me because they think what im saying is inappropriate its not because what hes doing is a horrible thing.
  4. Trickster

    Trickster New Member

    We gave u advice but u havent taken it! U still have all the poor fish jammed in a 10 gallon! GET RID OF THE ****ING FISH ALREADY!

    I can only imagine wut your fish go through! it most be horrible!


    I dont know how many times ive said this, but its too many.
  5. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    Let's try to keep this civil. This is an old thread anyway.

  6. Fish Addict

    Fish Addict New Member

    very old why are all these old theads come back up any ways
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