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Copper ... bad, bad boy!

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by coppersmom, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    :cry: What am I gonna do??? He is still peeing...everywhere!!! Especially in the corner of my kitchen. I pulled up the quarter round in that corner and it smelled like pure ammonia. Then I poured straight odor-neutralizer in the gap between the vinyl and the cabinets (supossed to be diluted) three times!! I still haven't replaced the 1/4 round because I can't get the pee smell to go away. I went out of town for a couple of days and I boobie-trapped most of the kitchen. He still peed in front of the baracade in the corner. :x

    I am so sick of dealing with this. Everyday I come home from work and have to clean up cat pee. EVERY DAY!!! But then he is so sweet curled up in my lap...I can't boot him out. I know he wouldn't make it. :cry: sorry, just had to vent... :cry:
  2. Maraya

    Maraya New Member

    I know how you feel - only with a DOG.

    I understand. When i housesat for my friend and babysat her dog for two days.....he was peeing left and right.....I'd set out puppy pads, litterbox everything. I'd take him outside and he wouldn't pee...then I'd bring him in and he'd pee! I don't know if she ever got the doggy behavioral training cuz I never went back. I spent the whole two days on my knees wiping up pee! the smell never came out. Her place either smelled like pee or amonia. or Lemon air freshener and pee.

    good luck with your kitty. i have no idea what to suggest.......you'll find someone who does though..especially in here!

  3. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi. :D I'm sorry about your cat driving you nuts. Honestly, I would take him to the vet once again and see if they may have missed something. He could very well have some sort of medical problem. You did say that you have done everything to resolve the issue if it's behavioral. If I was in your shoes I would just go back again. Then if he checks out okay, then read as much as you can on how to change this behavior. If it's behavioral it could be from so many things. Even things that you may have missed. Perhaps a cat outside that is driving your cat nuts or even a person inside. Is your cat an indoor only cat?
  4. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    Maybe I should repeat a urinalysis on him. Thanks Chessmind.
    Oh and Maraya, I have dogs that inappropriately pee too lol. But they have medical issuses, mostly.

    He's an inside only cat and there are several feral/neighbor's cats outside. He doesn't sit in the window like Sabrina, but who knows? I'm sure he knows they're out there.

    The last little tactic I tried was clear contact paper turned upside down. It seemed to work in front of the back door. But every other thing cats aren't supossed to like, he doesn't mind. I put shake cans around it too. Then I stepped on it lol. Scared everyone!
  5. nern

    nern New Member

    I know you've tried numerous things but have you tried Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter, Feliway, or adding more litter boxes? As a last resort confinement often works.
    I agree on having him checked by the vet first of course.
  6. KittyTales

    KittyTales New Member

    My cat did that when he got an infection he peed everywhere!Luckily he all better now.
  7. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    Nern, I'm looking for that cat attract litter. I live in a small town but the next time I'm near a Petsmart, I'm getting some of that litter! The funny thing is that he will use his box if I take him in there and tell him to. I praise him and tell him he's such a good kitty lol. You don't think I've TRAINED him to only use it when I'm there, do you :shock: ?? Most times he backs up to the back of the box and "sprays" a horizontal stream of pee. At least it has high sides now. :roll:
  8. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    :oops: :oops: I feel so bad!! I did a urinalysis on Copper today and he has sugar in his urine!!???!! There are a few other things positive but I don't know if that means he also has an infection or not. (it seems to be different in animals than people) But he is definately going to the vet the first thing in the morning. I guess this means diabetes, but I don't know anything about that and I am soooo embarassed that I missed this. I feel terrible. :cry:

    Also, thanks to Chessmind and Nern for reminding me to take him to the vet. :oops:
  9. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Hi. Don't feel bad. He's now going to get the proper medical care that he needs (if he has anything wrong). I wish him all the best and hope that he doesn't have anything too serious. Let us know how he's doing.
  10. nern

    nern New Member

    Maybe with the new medical treatment he will stop going in the house. I never knew they could have sugar in their urine. Let us know what happens.
  11. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    He's got an appointment in an hour. I'll let you know what the vet says! Thanks again! :)
  12. shnen

    shnen New Member

    wow - what a fight you have had on your hands!

    let us know how the vet goes!
  13. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    Well, the diagnosis is that Copper is...................FAT (and bad)! The vet had no explanation for the glucose in his urine and said it didn't look like he had an infection. He did a blood glucose on him and it was normal (and Copper had not eaten). But he said he looked like the poster child for a diabetic cat so I have to get about 6 pounds off of him. I know I tried before, but just like us humans, I've got to get serious now. He is on m/d prescription food and no more free feeding. This is going to be hard, but I think we've had a wake up call. So now it's back to reading all about litter adversion. My new tactic is I'm switching one of the boxes to non-clumping unscented litter. And I might move it into the guest room. See if he prefers that.

    As always, thanks for the support! :y_the_best:
  14. halaroo

    halaroo New Member

    Good luck with the diet! My cat was diabetic and I only wish I'd known the risks earlier. I would've made sure I was more careful with her diet.

    Try lots of extra play time with him too!
  15. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    I'm glad you took him to the vet. How much does he weigh now? Do you still have this link?

    http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Poin ... avior.html

    There is a lot of great info here. Just a couple of things that you might try:

    1) Try to "shoo" those cats that are outside of your house that may be driving him nuts. My parents had a problem with a cat spraying outside on the house and they would squirt him with a water bottle (not in the face). That seemed to work well. After a couple of weeks that cat no longer came around.

    2) Get 2-3 more litter boxes and place them in quiet low traffic areas. Keep all the litter boxes really clean. Completely change the litter once a week and scoop as often as you can. It's good that you are going to try some new litter.

    Also, do you have a floor to ceiling cat tree? Those can be great for some cats to get exercise. The laser pointers are good too.
  16. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    He weighed 18 pounds :oops: .

    I set the box with the new litter up in the guest room. That's the "safe room" the cats go into when I have alot of company or just my nephews so they should like going in there. I usually keep the door closed to keep the dogs out and to keep Copper from eating the plant--so I took out the plant. His big scratching post is in there--it's about 4 feet high. He actually just went in there and used the box. He even turned around and covered it up--kinda. Maybe it WAS the fresh scented stuff that turned him off. :| We'll see, because now he has his choice and all three boxes are spread out.

    I have a laser pointer and I love playing with it. But he mostly just watches it. Maybe he's too big to run around alot right now. I'm definately going to get that going more often.

    Now as far as Leroy's cats go...I'm not sure what to do about that. They run away when they see me but I've come home and had one sleeping on my front steps. And I know they leave the dogs "presents" in the back yard.

    Wish us luck, I'll keep everyone updated!
  17. Chessmind

    Chessmind New Member

    Good luck Copper. Make your mommy proud and use those litter boxes. Also the best of luck to you Copper in losing some weight. Before you know it you will once again be the slim stud muffin cat you once were. :mrgreen:
  18. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

  19. vene

    vene New Member

    Glad you found out the cause of Copper's behavior. Good luck on the weight management!
  20. coppersmom

    coppersmom New Member

    :eek: I am afraid to type this because it might jinx us but Copper hasn't peed out of the box in 2 days!! I have a cold and can't smell but I haven't found any puddles/sprays. He has been using the box with the non-clumping, non-scented litter exclusively. I am so excited!!

    I'm not sure how the food thing is going yet. He picks at it and leaves and I pick it up. I'm afraid he's not eating enough though.

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