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Crazy Piranha

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by andyl, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. andyl

    andyl New Member

    I have a nine and a half inch piranha and recently moved him from a 45g to a 75g. The thing is he hasn't eaten anythang besides algae discs that i try feeding my 14 inch pleco in 10 days. He also darts around the tank for no reason and shakes violently for 30-45 seconds very frequently. I am very worried something is wrong with him. Please help.

    oh he also has a hole on his bottom jaw that isn't going away i think it's from hit stuff but i'm not really sure. I added some stress gaurd and some tablets that get rid of parasites is there any thing else i should do.
  2. kiwi_kat

    kiwi_kat New Member

    Try getting your piranah a mate or 2
    give them somewhere dark to hide
    No bright tank lights
    Mine like a leg of boiled chicken and they love goldfish
  3. grnlemonade

    grnlemonade New Member

    i wouldnt suggest getting any new pirahnas if yours is that large and has been alone its whole life. it will end up killing the new ones. my pirahnas also eat algae discs sometimes 2, so dont worry about that. how long ago did u move the pirahna into the new tank?
  4. Hooben

    Hooben New Member

    The shaking is usually just a display of dominance that some fishes normally do. I really don't think it's a sign that something is wrong. :p
  5. Convict_Breeder

    Convict_Breeder New Member

    They will do that ( shake violently) to show any other fish or people looking in at them that they are the owners of the tank. does he do it in any particulkar spot? i have owned pirhanahs and they did this some time.
    but good luck with yur fishies :idea:
  6. andyl

    andyl New Member

    crazy piranha 2

    thanks everyone for your comments he has calmed down but still doesn't eat hopefully he is just adjusting to the tank.
  7. t_h_e_s_a_c_k

    t_h_e_s_a_c_k New Member

    He is just acclimating, once he calms down he will eat. Try starving him for a few days. The hole on his chin is from rubbing on the glass, a little salt and that should heal up nicely.

    What kind of piranha is it?
  8. andyl

    andyl New Member

    It is a red belly

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