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female guppy in the nursery

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by amynewport, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. amynewport

    amynewport New Member

    Hello everyone - I have just increased the size of my fishy community by 25 gallons and about 6 more fish. I had a 5 gallon tank and a couple of guppies and WHOA - within weeks we had about 15 fish. I brought a larger tank up from the basement and most all of the fish made the transition in good shape. I did lose a male molly but I had just purchased a pair, and I am hoping my female will have babies anyway. (the guy at the pet store said you always tell the female fish cause they are the UGLY ones! [-( what a chauvanist!) I have 4th of July Tetras (if you've never seen those you ought to - blue with red and white on their heads - I got them in honor of my middle daughter, 20, who is currently in basic training in the Navy), a pink Rainbow Tetra, a couple neons and 6-8 female guppies and 3 beautiful fancytail males.
    Anyway, my question is this - I have a female guppy that I have put in a net nursery in my tank - she looks like she'll deliver any day now, but she has been in there for 5 days and I don't want to stress her out if she is not ready - I heard somewhere that you should only leave a fish there for 48 hours or they may have complications with the delivery of the fry. I have noticed that her gravid spot is no longer black, but more of a pinkish hue. Is this indicative of impending delivery? She seems to be ok in the nursery until I go to feed the fish, then she is very active (like she's afraid she wont get fed). Should I wait it out or LET her out? Please Advise!

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