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getting an abused pit bull

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by rowdiebrindlepit, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    i am moving next month and when i do i am going to get the mom of my pup because the owner has beaten the crap out of her and i am wondering how to help her adjust. and if she is violent with me what can i do to stop that.
  2. DeLaUK

    DeLaUK New Member

    Hi, I am just wondering if youve resolved the other problems you were having with your pup?

    I dont know how much experience you have adopting abused/badly beaten dogs but if you think there may be an aggression problem, depending on the age of your children (I thought you mentioned you have children somewhere) maybe its not a great idea to take her.

    Sorry if I sound blunt here and I dont mean any disrespect by it, I admire you for wanting to save the dog but if you have to ask about what to do if the dog gets violent with you then how can you be in control to solve the problem should it arise, what if this dog attacks your wife or children? (that said many abused dogs seem to do better with females...human females as generally, by nature, they are not as intimidating as males).

    Have you thought about getting a private trainer/behavioural specialist in to help you?

    Good luck.
  3. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

    I have to tell you. I work with abused pit bulls. I actually own 3 of them. All were pulled from shelters and have some pretty extensive behaviorial issues. Its no easy task. I also own a yellow lab that has dominance aggression issues. I had to begin NILIF with him. It has taken me two years of behaviorial work to deal with this dog. He is now almost 9 years old. You should nip your puppies problems in the butt before you take on another huge task. You also don't want the pup to pick up any bad behaviors from the new dog that has a lot of behaviorial issues.
    With abuse, The think is you have to be able to pin point just what the root of the dog's problem is. Just like people, dogs deal with abuse in all different types of ways. If the dog is human fearful you certainly have your hands full. Depending on your level of experience dealing with abused dogs, although extremily noble of you, its best to be handled by someone with experience. You can really do more harm than good.
    I currently have an extremily abused pit bull that came from a bad section of the state. She was so fearful of men. It took my husband over one month to be able to go up to her. If we did not know how to handle her, someone would guaranteed to be bitten.
    If you choose to adopt this dog, you really should have a behaviorist working with you to give you tips on SPECIFIC behavioral modification plans for this dog!
    Don't try it yourself. Its best for you, your family and the breed.

  4. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    Yes i do have a wife and 3 almost 4 children but when or should i say if i do take this dog it will be in a dog run were only i can go up to it being as how i am the only one with the keys to the gate. she has been to my house to play with my pup (she is the mother) and she has never shown any signs of aggression towards us. The current owner is a good friend of mine and we are at his house on a regular basis so the dog is used to us. His problem is that she ate the bathroom door, window right out of the frame and dug a huge hole in his floor so he beat the hell out of her. She is a good dog other than the eating of the house problem. My friend has since thrown her out of the house and she wont leave the yard for long she always comes back. I just wanna take her so that she dosent have to be abused any more because she is a great looking dog and in my opinion no dog deserves the kind of abuse he has given her.
  5. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

    Sounds like your friend is quite a guy.
    Nice fellow. Guess he hasn't heard of a crate? How old did you say this dog is?
    She is going to require obedience training. How is she suppost to learn?
    Also, the guy bread her?
    Are you getting her fixed?
    I also think that this dog has never had any proper upbringing and is going to require someone to show her how to behave like a lady inside a home.
    Honestly, its going to be a lot of commitment and work.
  6. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    She is a little over a year old now i believe. she was a great dog up until she began eating the house. she was a very well trained dog and in the right hands she will be again, but if she ends up staying with him he is gonna end up beating her to death or something. i think the only reason he hasnt yet is because of his wife. she dosent have any aggression problems that i am aware of, like i said i used to be able to play with her all the time. but since he kicked the shit out of her she has become very skiddish of people. i was there today and he had her outside and she let me walk right up to her and pet her i ended up feeding her because she had no food water but no food. i am just worried about her attacking another dog and being shot or being hit by a car when she runs out into the street. Really all i know is that if noone gets her away from him it will be the death of her and i would really hate to see that happen. because she is a beautiful dog and in my opinion no dog deserves that kind of treatment.
  7. doglover1234

    doglover1234 New Member

    Have you considered finding a pit rescue that will take her in. It is going to be alot of work and you mentioned in another post that you dont have time for training and your wife does all that. So maybe finding her a good rescue group would be the better option for her. I think keeping her caged outside and with little human contact only reinforces what your friend has started by beating her. Sounds to me like she will need some strong reinforcement that people are good and some good home training. Rescues are great for being able to put a dog into a foster home and working their issues out before finding them a forever home. Most breed specific rescues will even help you out with transporting the dog as they arent avaliable in every state but they would help get the dog to their facility.
  8. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

  9. rowdiebrindlepit

    rowdiebrindlepit New Member

    I am actually switching to another shift and will be home all day to work with her. So as of next week i am going to be doing all of my own training on the dogs.
  10. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    third dog lovers post. quite frankly, you adopting this dog would end in disaster by looking at your others posts. i really dont think you are eqipped to handle an abused dog.
  11. doglover1234

    doglover1234 New Member

    I dont even think you being home is the biggest problem here. From previous post I'm not quite sure you have a steady handle on your own dogs and im afraid this is something that is going to be way over your head. Sounds to me like this dog needs to be with someone who has experience with this situation. I know your heart may be in the right place but perhaps you helping this dog should take a diffrent form such as a rescue. You have several young children and a dog that is probly going to be afraid of humans I see several spots here for disastor. Please for the dogs sake reconsider where this dog will be homed.

    Would like to add my concern with the children is with them being rowdy with a scared dog, pulling tugging approaching the dog wrong ect and I am sorry having two young children myself you can say all you want that your kids know how to handle a dog there is too much room for error. Children as with dogs are unpredictable in their behavor and reactions.
  12. MyPetTherapyDog

    MyPetTherapyDog New Member

    Yes, I believe Rowdie poster is thinking with his heart too.
    And I honestly don't mean to come off rude.

    But, this is not a game. And I too think that due to the behavior of the children and not even being able to gain control the youngest child with the puppy makes this entire situation a recipe for distaster in the making.

    Also if one of these dogs ever bites someone (ESPECIALLY A CHILD) then you have helped the media go into a total and complete hysteria with "PIT BULL BITES CHILD STORY". Reasons like this are why we have so much BSL going around. All the while the situation could have been avoided by letting someone with experience handling this type of behavior and work with the dog.

    I specialize in obedience training shelter pit bulls. I have said in a previous post that I currently own three very abused pit bulls. (my newest dog Penny hated men) My husband has worked diligently to get her to come around. She finally is making progress after my husbands painstaking effort. I pulled her from a shelter the end of October. So hopefully you are seeing how long things take even with people who are experienced. It is a long time frame.

    You will need a behavior modification plan.

    Even for people such as myself and my husband who have worked and owned this breed for over 12 years now and have an extensive background dealing with all types of pit bulls from various shelters we find the task of behavior modifying fearful dogs a handful. Sometimes it can't be fixed and the kindest thing to do is euthanize the dog. I know I sound harsh (I'm not saying its best to euthanize this dog I am just stating that some dogs NEVER COME AROUND)!

    Behavior modification has to be done VERY VERY SLOW and carefully. You have to find the dogs point of comfort and begin working from that level.

    Also you really need to get your daughter under control with your current pup. Your entire family could benefit from the hand of an experienced obedience instructor that has worked with this breed.

    It would help to hire a trainer to come into your home and see your children as well as you and your wife and observe your daily routines. This way he/she can instruct you as to what you need to do to gain control of your children and the pup as well.
  13. doglover1234

    doglover1234 New Member

    Very well said. And I want to second in case anything I posted sounded harsh, it wasnt intended that way. What you are trying to do is very kind hearted. With all breeds but unfortunatly this one in particular we as the people rescuing, adopting , breeding whatever need to look out for the benifit of our breed as a whole.
  14. Suz

    Suz New Member

    taking on an abused dog and chewing problems

    I admire you for your love of animals and willingness to take on another dog. Remember that patience is the key to any abused animal or person. Still, keep in mind that pits need a LOT of exercize because they are so high energy. If she was kept closed up that is why she probably ate the room. My pit still chews on whatever is available if I don't make sure she has plenty of her own things to chew on. Nylabone makes some good products. Exercize works off a lot of aggression issues with pits. I am in the older generation and adoped a young, abused, pit. She was only four months and very very prone to excited biting, nipping, and jumping to bite. Advice from Jason at pitbulllovers.com was to make sure she has at least an hour of exercize minimum mornings and night. I can't get in that much because of problems walking (degenerative arthritis and disc disease) but have worked out alternatives. I have a rubber bone I throw the length of the hall from here at my desk and she fetches until she is tired..lol..and I am worn out. We do go outside and play as much as possible also. I found that the more I did this the less aggressive she was. She is about ten months now and much calmer. Before I could reach to pet her and she would 'grab' my hand or fingers. So please..don't keep your new dog caged all the time..take her out for runs as often as possible. Give her plenty of chew toys..they love to chew. Also with your younger one be careful what is left lying around..they will chew or eat ANYTHING. And I do mean anything. Our daughters new pit, about 8 months old, ate a stick last month that lodged in her colon. Now she is about $1,500. poorer. Another friends pit had a piece of a rawhide chew swell up in its colon and cost over $2.000. Mine has chewed socks, shoes, a doiley, a pot holder, several hand towels, toilet paper, tissue, paper towels, a chair leg, and the bottom of my custom vanity..before I got several Nylabone chews. Since then she managed to reach my smalljewelry case and ate some of my jewelry..which came out alright, thank God. I just had to hose down the poop piles to find it <sigh>. Just one of the joys of being a dog lover/owner.

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