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Getting First PITT Need A Little Help

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by PITT_LUVER, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. kreak

    kreak New Member

    Ok thanks Im finished.
  2. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I know we've been communicating through PMs and you really seem to understand but thought I'd post anyway. Never know if someone might be lurking and can learn from this.

    I wouldn't breed CKC registered dogs, as IMO that registry really isn't worth the paper its printed on. They are a printing company. I know that it is possible to not be honest in any registry but the CKC practically welcomes it. Supporting known puppy millers, people who are banned from registering with ethical registries due to paper hanging and legal problems. You can make up a pedigree on a dog that you know is mixed and they will glady except it. I would not support such a registry that is bad for all breeds and for the innocent lives of the pups.

    Breeding because you think they will be beautiful dogs, not a good idea. There is a lot more that goes into breeding then that. Which is evaluating whether the parents are breed worthy or not. Temperament, health, conformation, drive, working ability, good representation of their breed. Just because they are beautiful is hardly a good reason, there are many pretty dogs out there.

    That is pretty much irrelavent. I live out in the middle of no where basically, I've haven't built my yard with dogs here thats for sure. One dog (out of many and besides the rescues) came locally from someone I know and trust and the only other person I know who has dogs even worth looking at and he drove 10-12hrs to get the dogs he has. I myself have done the same, had them shipped or aquired them elsewhere. I'm not sure how much you paid for you dogs, but from what I've seen RE dogs tend to be a little pricey and overpriced considering the low quality you usually get. Registry has nothing to do with price IMO, I see a lot of good quality dogs that are not expensive at all from good breeders with the possibility of turning out to be great dogs. I've seen CKC and APBR pups for $1,000. If you can't afford to buy a well bred dog then how can you afford to breed? Honestly, pups are expensive they eat a lot of food, require worming and vaccinations it all ads up pretty quick and if your female needs a c-section or has another complication (infection can be a common one) thats more $$. The vet bills involved with breeding/pregnancy can quickly add up to more then the cost of a dog.

    No one said your dogs are "Crap" nor are they saying they are not good dogs, what is being said is that you shouldn't breed without the proper knowledge and you shouldn't breed dogs that are pet quality. A dog not being breed quality doesn't make it crap. "Underdog"?? The CKC is a registry for breeders who are not reputable to register their dogs, there are millers who breed 100s of dogs a day over and over until they die of being bred to death that use this registry and every other type of poor breeder who doesn't care about their dogs. Not everyone in the registry is like this, but its pretty much how it is, they cater to these kind of people who then sell their pups to buyers who have no idea. How do you know your dogs pedigree is correct? How do you know that the breeder (or someone before them) didn't get banned from registering with the UKC for hanging papers? I see no reason why a reputable breeder would have any reason to drop the UKC, see what I'm saying doesn't make sense why they'd up and register the dogs CKC.

    That is so far from true. If you really want to learn about breeding you need to learn that right off. All dogs are not equal, some have health problems, others temperament problems, structure faults, ect. Every bloodline has its own traits positive and negative, some have more negative then positive and are really crappy lines. This doesn't mean the dog thats already here deserved less love or to be put to sleep like you tried to say Sara was meaning, it only means they shouldn't make anymore puppies. Is it really fair to create pups who will be unhealthy? Sickly dogs, ill dogs, ones that die as young pups or live a life of pain and suffering? Is it really fair to the breed and the public to breed man aggressive dogs? None of this is good for the welfare of the breed.

    No one said the dog doesn't need love or attention, every dog needs that, be it a grand champion or mutt. They are all living beings, however not all of them need to pass on their genes. Its really pointless to create more pet quality or unhealthy pups when so many need homes. If you are going to breed do it to preserve and better the breed. It is far from being a status symbol, people breed responsibly because they want to be sure that the pups end up good and that future generations can enjoy the breed. I have rescued plenty of dogs, no idea if they had papers or not or their background, I didn't think that they didn't deserve a home but do think they don't need to be bred. What would be the point to create more dogs like they are? More rescues. I actually had a lady email me that had found an abandon Pit as a pup and rescued it and wanted to breed it. CRAZY world, they see that Pits are homeless and neglected (experienced it themselves) and want to create pups that will end up the same way.

    Sara never said PTS, she said don't breed it. I think what someone has is irrelavent because you are missing the point. The point isn't that its not a certain bloodline or pure on a bloodline, its that they are probably pet quality and don't need to be bred. Its a big deal to a lot of us because millions of pet quality pups from bybs die! Are abandoned, neglected, abused, forgotten or live a poor quality life due to health problems or temperament problems.

    How your dog is NOW may not be how he turns out to be. He is only 6 months old and lot can change. Temperament being one of them, a lot of dogs don't start showing aggression until at least a year old and others maybe 2ish if they are going to out right challenge you/agress it may be when they are more mature. Some there are signs as a puppy be it shyness or dominance but other times they aren't there as the dog hasn't fully developed. Health is another issue as things don't usually show until the dog is a bit older, its true pups can be pretty dibilitated but you can't think that just because he is healthy not he will be at 1 or 2yrs of age.

    You also need to be responsible for each life you create, every puppy you bring into the world is your responsibility. If the owners are miss treating it TAKE IT BACK or if they can't keep it TAKE IT BACK otherwise it ends up given away/sold to the wrong hands, or dumbed off or dropped at a shelter.

    What do you mean by "i didnt want to have a very long blood line going on so i bred a female pure razor edge" Sorry, sometimes I have a hard time understand you, in a lot of what you wrote.

    His grand sire was a Champ? That is probably a good thing. Was that the only dog titled in the pedigree? I think he is a good pet quality dog bred from pet parents and just because his grand sire is a Champ doesn't mean he is show/breeding quality. You have to think about how where the dog comes from will play a factor.
  3. pitbullsmiles

    pitbullsmiles New Member

    #1 most important thing of a pittie is: SOCIALIZATION
    You must socialze the dog a lot, bring the pup out in town and bring him to friends' houses, let him meet others dogs, correct any bad behavior and definetly correct puppy biting right when it starts, don't think it's "cute" and don't allow him to bite ANYTHING other than his own toys.
    #2 most important thing of a pittie is: TRAINING
    Training is extremely important. When you bring your pittie outside you want to give people a good impression on the breed. Heel, sit, stay, come, etc. should start to be trained as early as possible: 8-10 weeks old is when you should begin the training, and be very consitant, too. Daily, or perferably twice a day. Keep the training sessions short and fun (no longer than 10 minutes) for young puppies, and higher the time by 5 minutes every month, don't train him for more than 30 minutes in one session. Do two 30 minute sessions a day once he is 6 months old. Don't go over the 30 minute twice a day limit. so by the time he is one year old
    Bring him out in public a lot. Bring him out in public a lot, he'll get used to being around people and other dogs and in public is a great time to work on his training.
    Make sure you correct him properly. The pit bull can be a fragile breed if he is corrected too rougly, so correct him, but mildly and properly; for example, only correct him when needed, otherwise only use praise him a lot. Pit bulls ar one of those breeds that thrives on pleasing you and needs praise. Correction is also important, just remember, NOT TOO ROUGH.
    Inform the public on pit bulls. When you need to, be sure to inform the public on the true pit bull. Lots of them misunderstand the pit bull, and with the correct socialization, correction and training your pit bull could be the romodel of the neighborhood.
    BE CAREFUL! Be extremelyt careful, if a dog attacks your pit bull, you're sure to be blamed since your dog is well, a pit bull. Although this is wrong and stupid, people stll misunderstand the breed today. So remember to be very careful about what dogs you bring your pit bull around and what dogs you let him play with.

    If you accomplish everything properly, which is very important with a pit bull, then you'll have a great dog that turns everyone around so they know the pit bull isn't really what the media says it to be!
  4. Bully Source

    Bully Source New Member

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