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green anoles or brown

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by AMR22, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. AMR22

    AMR22 New Member

    hi i have 2 anoles they're brown right know i dont know if they're green or brown how do you tell

    also they're hiding in a log and havn't eaten the dead cricket i put in there plese help i dont know what to do help :cry:
  2. klf

    klf New Member

    first you need live food! i recommend gettiing back to good pet shop and asking them for help if your vet can't help! there is a very good book called " Care and Maintenance of Green Anoles" by Philippe de Vosjoli this is a must read for you!! covers everything. check online for www.avsbooks.com or call 1-877-4avsbooks to find someone who carries the book near you. Your good pet shop should carry this one. they need about 1 doz live crickets each every week! and fresh water! misting to keep up the humidity amd lots more!

    good luck!

    I did so well with mine they had layed eggs and babies!

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