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hamster death.

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by 3_second_memory, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    I baught my first hamster last mon, and she escaped her cage friday night and the cat got her. i was really upset. my parents baught me a new hamster, 6wks i think. v.young. shes very cute, but im finding it hard to adapt to her coz she bites sometimes and it really hurts. ot can i do to stop her doing it?

    will she stop doing it?

    she bites so hard my finger bleeds everywhere.
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    Do you think she is biting because she is just not used to being handled yet? Maybe once she gets comfortable with you handling her she will stop biting. Can you were gloves for now?
  3. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    i can do, iv noticed she always goes for my nails mosty, unless i wake her up and thenshe goes for anything, but she tries to bite mine and ums nails wen we wear nail varnish, and never my boyfriends coz he doesnt wear anything on his nails. could she think the nails are food, she bit my cats nose too!
  4. horse_child

    horse_child New Member

    I'm sorry about your 1st hamster. could it be possible there is something in the varnish that is tricking her senses? Hey, at least she's telling the cat who's boss!
  5. 3_second_memory

    3_second_memory New Member

    she bit my bf the other day. and she pee'd up the wall! why is she like this?
  6. Baby12

    Baby12 New Member

    you may have got a bad tempered one .i have one who only nibbles. you almost can`t feel it :mrgreen:
  7. goldfish_lover

    goldfish_lover New Member

    yeah its probably cuz ur hands are really salty so you know yumyum lol but i guess you've got a fiesty one lol
    mine were very tame...
  8. hamstertrainer

    hamstertrainer New Member

    you need alot of help

    :cry: :cry: sorry about your first hamster and try hang it up sidedown thats how i traind my hamster to be good(and my cat whom loves my hamster). :? :? :? :shock: :oops: :cry: :y_the_best: :mrgreen: :?: :!:
  9. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Are you mad how would you have liked it when you were a baby if your parents hung you upside down to stop you crying...

    Never hang any animal upside down all this really teaches is to be scared of you..

    Never try and pick up a sleeping hamster as there reaction is to bite because you startled her..

    Gloves are a good training aid and will help reassure her that your not going to hurt her..

    I had hamsters when i was younger and they were feisty but within a week of constantly holding them both turned out very tame and relaxed as soon as i opened there cage they would come running straight to my hand but most of the time they would climb out stand up waiting for me to put my hand out for the to climb up.

    My hamsters loved to sit on my shoulder while i was watching tv...

    Before handling her wash your hands thoroughly and try again see how she reacts, But all it takes is patience and time and she will become a very loving tame hamster...

  10. hamstertrainer

    hamstertrainer New Member

    dude chill i helped

    hey i really helped my hamster by doing that . :x :x :x

    P.S. my hamsters name is ruff for very short.
  11. hamstertrainer

    hamstertrainer New Member

    i only did it when my hamster was bad .My hamster loves me.
  12. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    Re: dude chill i helped

    You didn't help you hamster do anything except be scared of you. Biting it their natural reaction against preditors (they are on the bottom of the food chain as it is) but they will learn to trust.

    I've had hamsters since I was around 6 and never once did it take me longer than a week to train it to be hand tamed, all it takes is patience. There's no need for extreme measure with any animal.
  13. hamstertrainer

    hamstertrainer New Member

    Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

    I did it only once and he learned. He is a fast learner it took about 2 hours too learn how to tap dance. And now i couldent be any nicer to him.Oh and i really love your web site do you know where i could get some shiba inu pics(shiba inu is a dog breed). :)
  14. Hai

    Hai New Member

    Perhaps this topic should be named "hamster bite" instead of "hamster death", hehe.

    Female hamster bites more. I avoid playing with my female hamster. Although my fat male hamster gave me a nasty bite that caused significant bleeding when I picked him up from the merchant but after reaching home since then he will never bite me no matter how I handle him. The conclusion: play with male hamster instead.
  15. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    I cannot believe what Ive just read.. :shock: :shock: :?
  16. Hai

    Hai New Member

    Pardon me Chezza, but I mean that for hamsters only. Please don't get me wrong. Perhaps we can start a poll about this, hehe.
  17. Chezza

    Chezza New Member

    I am talking about hanging a hampster upside down, I have one, a rescue, wild, no-body had touched her, NOW she is the sweetest thing you could imagine..She is still a wee timid, but she allows you to pick her up with NO BITES..And she was wild..It took patience and lots of it to get her to where she is..Definitely not having to hang the poor thing upside down..Thats darn right cruel :? :?
  18. Hai

    Hai New Member

    Now I see it. You are talking about what hamstertrainer said. Yes, I agree with you. Only bats like to be up-side-down. I thought that is common sense.

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