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hard to explain

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by winnie, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. winnie

    winnie New Member

    ok im going to try and explain this...i have noticed were Syd has her stictches...it is a bump...like the size of half a golf ball...is this normal swelling...or something i shouldtake her to the vet for...i am a worry wart though...i looked at the spot and it looks normal...no redness....thanks
  2. nern

    nern New Member

    I think this might be normal swelling but you could probably just phone the vet and ask if you want to be sure.
  3. Jody

    Jody New Member

    It would be just the tissue inside of her healing, as there are stitches on the inside aswell. But it might be an idea just to ring the vet and check.

  4. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    kuma had that when she was desexed. has syd been moving around lots?
  5. Hi Winnie, Hope all is well with Syd! :( poor baby

  6. winnie

    winnie New Member

    Kyles...I cant get her to stop moving...she keeps trying to play with Winnie and I keep trying to pull her away put she is so high energy, always going...they were both on the bed last night and Syd would jump on Winnie's head and winnie would move and Syd fell off the bed (3 times) Syd is crazy...hehe....i cant get her to mellow out excpet after our walk.it loks a little bigger today :(
  7. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    I had a cat do that after her spay and it was scar tissue inside the incision. She did have to have the lumps removed as they didn't go away and started to get larger. She had something like 3 develop after a few weeks. This was some years ago. If they don't go away I'd get them checked.
  8. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    I would definitely call the vet and ask if she needs to go back in for a re-check. Do the lumps feel warm to the touch? (Warmer than the rest of her skin?) If so, get her back in!

  9. winnie

    winnie New Member

    My friend who works at the vet said the bump might have to get drained...I'm going to take her tomrow unless my vet can come in somehow on a Sunday....thanks everyone :)
  10. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Thats what I was thinking it could be an absess. Make sure she's
    not licking the wound. Put on a shirt of some kind. Anything that will cover it.
  11. kyles101

    kyles101 New Member

    when kuma had it the vet said it was a hematoma i think. it was from her moving around too much. it eventually went down by itself but if it didnt she would of had to have it drained. maybe seperating them will stop her from moving around so much. i remember when kuma got desexed she was more beserk and hyper than before. she ended up jumping off walls etc. in the end we didnt let her outside.
  12. winnie

    winnie New Member

    thanks for all your repies...i also dont know if this might make a differnece but it is day 3 since the spay....i am bringing her in torow, but i will have to leave her there while i go t school cause both school and vet are far from home....thanks agian for all your advice ;)
  13. winnie

    winnie New Member

    oki took syd to thisvet i do not normally take her too b/c it was closer to home and i was so busy today and she had to see someone...they drained the swollen area...and gave me antibiotics for her....now since they drained it,should it have been a noticabe differnence or does it take a day or so for the swelling to go down cause it looks the same? :( thanks

    Oh and does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to keep a hyper puppy calm and quiet so she can heal...she also constantly tries to play with winnie and will go under her and bite her legs...poor winnie gives me these looks, "why mom why" poor winnie....i put her (syd)in the kitchen when i am gone but i feel bad confining her like that ALL the time for two weeks...help
  14. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Either block her off in a small room with a gate or kennel her.
    Being that it was just drained. It takes some time for the actual skin to start healing. It takes time for the anti-biotics to start working. Remember to cover her stitched area. You could buy a baby onsie and cut out an area for her to poo-pee. Keep her from licking the area.
  15. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Hey Winnie, just wondering if she is getting any better? I know its hard to contain a dog, they dont understand calm and rest.
  16. winnie

    winnie New Member

    Iam having such a hard time keeping her quiet...I keep her in the kitchen with a baby gate but she literally will not stop crying,barking, and howling...i ignore her but i live in an apartment still so i am soooo worried she is too loud....since school started agian, i have been taking her to doggie daycare at my vet for my long days at school....she is so hyper...they also drained the area agian and the swelling has not gone down yet...hopefully it will soon....i cant wait till she can run around like normal and i can tire her out with play days with friends. Thanks for all the help everyone..i will keep you updated. :)

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