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Hell im back again :)

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by CockatielCrazy87, May 24, 2005.

  1. CockatielCrazy87

    CockatielCrazy87 New Member

    Hello im back again and I hope to stick around just been real busy with the rescue and all and figured I would update you all on my horse rescues :).
    First off Venus, Aragorn, and their filly Santa Baby aka Mercury are all doing great. Aragorn may possibly have a new home all lined up for him to go to! Its sad becaus i have seen this horse go from a stallion right out of the wild with very little training and he has come a very very long way since then :). He still has his moments even though he is gelded he still has that stallion temporment at times but is a lovely boy at others. He is fully rideable and is ridden both english and western style. He does great with barrals and i can bet he would make a good team roping mount he's fast and sure footed. The person who is interested in him is a young women by the name of jessica and is a very experienced rider and has been out to try Aragorn and both really clicked. So thats what I have to say about Aragorn.

    Venus on the other hand still needs some work while she was going through the harder months of her pregnancy Aragorn was starting his training so she is alittle behind. But now that Mercury is weaned Venus has been getting her figure back and is doing really well. She is still a bit shy of certain things and we are working on that definatly. Im sure she will make a good barral horse or possibly eventer in the future she is talented mare with energy to spare and a love for children.

    Mercury is doing really great being so young we're not doing much with her other then teaching her the basics. She can be worked on the lunge and is pretty good at listening to voice commands is very good at following touch commands and enjoys joining up and responds well to it. She is good a lead for the most part if someone less experienced is trying to lead her she will pull away and try and take off but we are working on that. We have started while she is working on the lunge putting a light rug over her just to get her used to something on her back and moving with something on her back. She will alow us to stick our fingers in her mouth, ears, nose, she will not protest when had her feet looked at (thank god for imprinting) she is well behaved when it comes to that stuff unless she is in a hyper mood. She definatly has a promising future :).

    Or old rescues have been adopted out already each to well known people. Our newest rescue is a Appy cross old gelding named Cola. He is 28 years old a old man is thought to be crossed with QH. He only has a slightly spotted blanket on his bay rump and I mean a small patch. He's nothing special to look at he doesent have much of a neck and cloudy eyed our vet said he will possibly go blind due to malnutrition and old age. He's got some gray in his mane and tail. He was a "drop off" from a old riding school where they also gave out trail rides Cola was a old trail horse and spent his entire life up until now doing the same trail day after day in the spring and summer along with being a old push button horse for new young students. In the winter he did lessons alone. Anyways Cola has been for sale years as most horses at this riding school it got to the point where Cola was just taking up space and so I got a phone call asking if we could take an old horse. Cola will not be adopted out and I plan on giving him a nice retirement here not knowing a saddle or bit or trail or novice rider on his back for the rest of his days. I have had him for a month so far and he is a sweet thing who loves having his chin scratched.

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