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Hello all. New Here.

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Matt.S., Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Matt.S.

    Matt.S. New Member

    Hi, all. I'm Matt. My pit bull, Herman, passed away in April. I'm hoping to find some like-minded pit bull people with a passion for advocacy.
  2. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Hi Matt and welcome!!

    Sorry to hear about your loss of Herman loosing a fur family member is never easy my condolences...

    I love pits and they get such a bad rap!! They are wonderful dogs and any dog has the ability to be mean or bite but you don't ever hear of a what I call ankle bitters in the news because I think people would think it's funny....But alot of the bites are from the small breeds.. but because the pits have that bully/mean look they get the rap along with rots, dobs, and some of the other bigger breeds.. It makes me soo mad!! I do know that some dogs given how they are breed can have more of a tendency to have bad genes...but I firmly believe that it's how you breed, train, care for and love your dog is what makes the dog...

    My boxer/lab has gotten people to ask me if he's part pit because of his block head and very stocky body and they give him alot of space... he always gets picked on by the little dogs!! so in turn he really doesn't care for little dogs and I make sure that when someone with a small dog asks if they can meet I tell them depends is your dog going to bark or go at him? if they don't they will get along but soon as they do game on and I can't be held responsible because small dogs always pick on him!! He has also been attacked by a pit (mind you she was not a very socialized pit, her owners are crappy...so....) thankfully my husband was around and heard me scream and he came out and had her up off the ground so she couldn't really get a good hold of our boys throat and with a jab to her side she let go...but it was from then on a un-finished fight and we told them if she gets out again and comes for him I will protect my dog... I have nothing against pits I actually LOVE them but she is a very mean pit and we found out she's bit several in the past...Very irresponsible owners!!!

    Well think I've gabbed enough :)
  3. Hi i am also new here, sorry to hear about your loss..

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