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Hello and Heres my story.

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by Boo's Mommy, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Boo's Mommy

    Boo's Mommy New Member

    I lost my late and beloved "Duke, (Schnauzer), he was my everything, smart as a tack, and seem to understand every word you spoke to him, loved everyone and everyone loved him. I had even taught him sign lauguage in case he lost his hearing he could still understand me. I lost him to old age, But you would never had thought he was sick or dying. He was the same ole guy he was the day before he passed, and it broke my heart to pieces. I knew i was goin to loose him some time and I cryed everytime a thought came to mind of loosing him. His age was getting to him in ways, he was loosing his teeth we had to make changes in his diet when he could no longer eat his other meal properly, He could no longer have his favorite treats but I made up for those, He was my child before I had a child and was one of the family, Loosing him was like loosing a member of my family so was extremely hard and still is when I think of him.

    After months of pining over him and missing him, I decided to adopt another pet into my heart, searching high and low for that one personality, I decide to check our local pet shelter. There was a dog there who looked like Duke, but everytime I looked into his eyes, tears flew. So I decided against him for that reason and the fact he was nothing like Duke in the way of personality, I want Duke to remain in my heart as long as I can remember him. He had his eyes but not his personality, and something inside me kept telling me that even tho I want to have a piece of my "Duke" back it would never be the same, and I might loose what made him special to me by trying to make someone else fill his shoes.

    But... 3 kennels down, a cute Malti-Poo, my first reaction wasn't to cry when I seen him but, he lightened my heart. I had taken my son with me to assure that the pet I might be bringing home was kid friendly and to watch how the interacted. After searching months for a special pet and turning so many beautiful pets down, how could I expect this day would be any different. Like the one before, we take him out and let him do what he does best. Instead of flying around more interested in everything else in the room, he come to each individual person in the room, seeking out attention and love, when he came to my son he spent some extra time with him, there was a ball there on the floor, the dog rolls it with his nose and my son picks it up and throws it, he fetched it for my son, thinking to myself "Was this the one?" So we take him for a walk, he lead beautifully, always watching for us as tho if he lost sight he may never see us again. My son knew that I had been looking for a while and didnt have his hopes up to high, he had seen me say no to many times. But he had the words "If" in his sentences. Momma he loves the grass "IF" he comes home he will have lots of it to play in. It took a whole 200 yards to realize that he was the one. I stopped looked at the two of them my son and the dog, squatted down and the dog come infront of me like "So whats next?" I stand up and say, Ok boys we are goin home. I think that shocked my son and to be honest I believe the dog understood too. He has a spring in his walk and seemed excited to hear the word "Home". We walk in the shelter doors and tell them that hes the one for us. They go get is I.D. card. "Boo" 1 year old Malti-Poo, owner surrender. His story was, Boo had been raised by a elderly lady who was hurt and could no longer give him the attention he needed, so thought it was unfair for him and put him up for adoption.

    Needless to say that day was "Boo's Day". We take him shopping for all the little things that will make his life easier. We bought him a bed, crate, food, food dishes, new extention lead, collar and a trolly.

    The only thing he really has a problem with is the trolly. I had bought it thinking he could use it for him to go to the restroom or to be outside while I was doing yard work, until I could trust him to stay by me. Hes fine on it as long as there is someone outside with him. But, I think he still has thoughts of being abandoned so I havnt been using it if Im goin to loose his sight. As far as the crate he had to be trained he makes no fuss to sleep in it while we are out and about, We have been letting him sleep in it while we are asleep to make sure he didnt use the potty in the house, he has done great. Doesnt make a peep until he hears you wake up and then hes ready to go out to tinkle. He doesnt bark, but sort of whines, and only does that when its time to wake up after a nights sleep.

    Our lives has been blessed, Boo can be a cuddle bug or a play mate, and its almost like he can wind up as fast as down, He can come in from playing and go into to lap dog mode almost instantly, or go from lap dog mode into to my sons running buddy.

    My husband comes home that night, he had told me what ever I chose was fine with him. I was kinda worried about the manly dog thing and Boo being a fluffy cutie, how would my husband react? These were his exact words after meeting Boo. I have never like Poodle like dogs but Boo's personallity makes him a winner. He is so loving and loyal. How could you not love him.

    I never thought it was possible to find 2 good dogs in my life, but I feel blessed and to think they was both adopted makes me feel proud that I gave someone in need a home.

    I'm goin to be posting another post on questions about Boo's Grooming.
    Thank you for reading my post on my pets, hope you all can relate and feel free to share you storys with me, I love hearing how people and there pets meet.

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