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Hello Everyone, I'm new here.

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by Candace012999, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Candace012999

    Candace012999 New Member

    Hello, My name is Candace. I have a one year old female pitbull named Nahlya, pronounced "Na-la". We have had Nahlya since she was 13 weeks old. She is like our daughter. She is a very well tempered, and sweet loving dog.

    Right now she is currently 42 days pregnant, this was a mistake, not an attempt at breeding. Here is the story.. She went into heat August 2nd...she went through her bleeding cycle and we thought all was done after she stopped bleeding...** I didn't know 1/4 of the things I know now ** as this was our first dog...Anyways, a friend of mine had a 17 month old male pitbull full blooded just like her, and she was going on a cruise and asked me to watch him for her, and at the time we didn't think it was a problem, because we believed she was done. Well, he comes over and they play * which we think is normal * and it was, until the next morning i caught them tied together and who knows how many times during the night..My first thought was OH NO! she isn't old enough for this...so i take her to the vet that friday, and had a long talk with her vet, the vet says she is fine, and most of the time a b**** having pups her first heat cycle will be just fine, so we went with that...

    My other concern was, that we wanted to make sure all of these puppies had GREAT homes to go to, with no abuse, or fighting involved..i mean these puppies will be just like my grandchildren, we are VERY close to Nahlya... so the father of the pups owners, has family at the PD, who know the father, and have always wanted to have one of his pups, so so far, im keeping one, she is, and 3 people from the PD, and two close friends...so hopefully, it won't be that difficult to find any more that she may have good loving homes.

    My question that i need advice on is this... she is going into her 7th week of pregnancy, she is eating like a horse, she is normally very thin, muscular girl, her nipples have dropped and they have gotten darker underneath, she has gained almost 3 lbs since her check up after the mating, and her abdomen has gotten a "little" bigger than normal...pics soon to follow..but not that much, i have done alot of research online, and i read that the abdomen should really be getting bigger right now, and in a couple of days i should be able to feel the puppies with no problem if she is in fact whelping...my question is.. thursday evening my husband took her outside to go potty and noticed she had a clear stringy discharge hanging from her vulva..well this frightened me... because i didnt know if it was normal or not, well i called her vet immediately but came to realize they are not open at night, or on the weekends.. so i called another vet, which said to watch her through the night, but most likely its just normal discharge, well i wait and she is acting fine, but i call her vet in the morning anyways, and ask if it is normal and they tell me no it is not that she needs to be brought in Immediately.. so i panic.

    I'm trying to rush to get home to grab her, drop off the kids and make it to the vet before they close.. so i get there, the doc examines her first thing takes her temp * normal * then he palpate's her tummy a couple of times and informs me that he doesn't feel anything abnormal with the pups or her abdomen, but i need to keep an eye on her if she starts acting like she is having trouble urinating or deficating.. and that i should think about getting xrays done, to make sure there are no abnormalties, that may be causing her to have a uterine infection..so at this point im like can we do it now? he says the best we can do is for you to drop her off monday for a couple of hours.. so this pisses me off, because he is shrugging off my concern, then he says, we need to pay attention to the yellow discharge and im like, what do you mean? and he is like didn't you see what we wiped off of her? I was like no, did you show me??! so now im stressed because i dont want anything to happen to the puppies and definately not to her she is my baby... but she is fine besides that.. do i opt to get the xrays and let them treat her if she has a uterine infection and if their isnt, she has a vaginal infection, my question is, does this mean she is getting ready to have a miscarriage? and if she has had this a while does it mean it may cause her to die? Like i said, im trying to find pics of 7 week pregnant pitbulls, but i can't find any.. i will post pics of her at 4 almost 5 weeks pregnant, does she look about the right size to be pregnant or could this be false? Thanks for all the advice in advance.

    Well i tried to post a pic and it wont let me yet, hopefully i can post one soon :)
  2. Candace012999

    Candace012999 New Member


    well i took her to another vet today, and seems she is fine, just to watch her for a couple of things, said it is still too early to feel for pups, but we have an appt in 11 days to go back and see.
  3. Candace012999

    Candace012999 New Member

    Thanks for the advice, I wish the best to all :)
  4. charmedagain

    charmedagain New Member

    Hi and welcome.
    1yr old is young to be having a litter so your vet is in the wrong saying she will do just fine, yes this is sometimes the case but most of the time its not, I am not saying that to worry you.

    Also at 42days the vet should very easily be able to feel the pups, I would ask for a ultrasound scan and this will show up any pups, and will also make sure everything is fine.

    My mums rottweiler was bred on the 27th august and she is due the 29th october and i have been able to feel the pups for the past 2weeks, So sounds like your vet either does not know what he/she is doing or you dog is going through a false pregnancy...

    But i would ask to do a scan just to make sure all is well..

    If the vet thinks she has a uterine infection he really should have scan or xrayed her there and then as, if it turns out to be something serious like pyometra and you wait the 11 days chances are things could be so bad there is nothing that they can do for her, as pyometra is a life threatening condition.
    With pyometra antibiotics given if its caught early enough is usually enough to get rid of it, but 99% ofthe time and emergancy spay is needed if they are to save her life.

    Antibiotics at this stage of a pregnancy if she is pregnant do not usually cause any problems but this depends on what the dosage is and what kind of antibiotic, here in the uk our vets give synulox which will not harm the developing pups.

    Clear stringy discharge is normal in a pregnant bitch around the 8th week of pregnancy, if its bloody, brown or a greenish colour this is a danger sign also if it smells again this is a danger sign.

  5. Candace012999

    Candace012999 New Member



    This is the one of her at 4 weeks pregnant.

    *** UPDATE ***

    Thank you for responding, i really appreciate it.

    Since this post she has definately gotten a little bigger, there is no longer a gap between her ribs and rear end, its even with her rib cage, and as of yesterday I can very slightly feel involuntary movement that isnt her breathing, high on the sides of her belly. There is no more yellow discharge, but we have seen white. She still goes for her xray this Friday, but other than a little discharge, everything else is fine. Also, her vet said she could be about a week earlier than i thought due to ovulation. So only time will tell!
  6. MasterofFlame

    MasterofFlame New Member

    Pups are so much fun!!

    It seems like yesterday we had pups at our house....but it's been over ten years. My daughter - 13yrs at the time - delivered the first ones, calling me on the phone when they were born.

    There is nothing like a small pup asleep on your lap. Then learning to walk, chewing on christmas lights - and anything else they could find, learning to bark...even with all the "puppy trouble" I still miss them.

    Just can't say that about teenage kids...
  7. Candace012999

    Candace012999 New Member

    Yep, I can definately feel puppies, she has blown up so much lately. I can't wait we have anywhere from 6-10 days before Pibbles are here :) :eek:
  8. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    :eek: :eek: yea wont be too long now cant wait to see pictures!! How exciting this time is for you.
  9. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I agree with charmedagain's post

    You should never leave a Pit Bull unsupervised with another dog.

    I hope you've done more research (as you said you know more now).

    There is so much that can go wrong with a pg female, a young one can be more likely to have problems during pg, whelping and afterward. Although many have litters young and do fine, I'm surprised the vet didn't caution you more so that you were at least informed of possible problems.

    They don't all get big, some females never get that big until the last week or so or they only have a couple of pups so their body doesn't need to get so big.

    She is a pretty girl btw.
  10. Sara

    Sara New Member

    I agree with True and Charmed... I'm hoping your girl won't have any issues that can come from having pups in a first heat cycle. Make sure your girl, after welping will be taking in enough nutrients for herself as well as the pups. What I'd do is take a look at some research into the large breeds because they often have some added nutrients to give to females for a diet when they're feeding babies.

    Some mommas don't have issues but some do. Might look into probiotics and stuff like that. You seem the type to be all over the internet and whatnot with information so I think if you just do a bit more research on the after welp you'll be all set. It's amazing but those puppies seem to take more out of momma when they're OUT than when they're in there baking.

    I look forward to some pics!!! Hopefully this time next year we'll be at least on our second litter of the year waiting for some seriously furry babes! LOL... Puppies are FUN but also a ton of work!

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