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! Help 4week old taken from its mother.

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by ChronicBlue, May 21, 2004.

  1. ChronicBlue

    ChronicBlue New Member

    I know this might not sound good, but our intentions are only the best.
    This situation was set into motion long befor we(my friends and I) came into the picture.
    The city I live in has a huge crime/drug rate, and one thing stolen on a regular basis, is puppys. Basicly, some crack-head got the great(bad) idea to steal 5 baby pits from someone. and they were only 4 weeks of age. some ppl we know throug a friend of a friend. payed for the lot when he saw them. with good intentions as well. seen as they ddint have the mother this guy wanted to get them home and care for them as soon as possible. yesterday after just under a week this guys family told him he couldn't keep both the pits. his friends each took one leaving him with two.
    Thats where we come in. we took the last one that he wasn't able to keep.

    The puppy looks pretty healthy and hardy, but I'm left wondering if the puppy will have any thing wrong with it, ibn the long term. seen how it was taken away from its mother so young. it's my understanding that puppys need to be with their mother for at least 6 weeks so that they can get all the beneficial things from its mothers milk. Should we be feeding it anything special? how soon can we get it its shots? and is there anything els we should take into consideration. i'm probably a little over worried, but i'm sure you all know how it is. they are so precious and can't fend for them selves, and till I know hes perfectly safe. all we can do is worry :|

    tks for any help/advice/ info you can think of.

    PS: we named the puppy-Sicx :eek:
  2. Sara

    Sara New Member

    Many times puppies are actually weened around 4 weeks of age. Mostly the reason people don't want to see pups leave mom at that age is because of socialization. THese pups learn how to be dogs in the litter setting and they only stop being wriggling masses around 4 weeks of age. So...you're pup hasn't learned how to be a dog and will be a bit behind other dogs and how to interact. Since you got your pup at such a young age you'll want to make sure you socialize like crazy with other pups. BUT don't do that until he's vaccinated and it's okay'd by a vet...

    Make sure all his/her experiences are positive or at least supervised and under control. Let him/her learn lessons in what NOT to do... Do you have other dogs? If you do the GREAT let the little tyke learn from them how to be a dog... But it's a common misconseption that the reason behind people insisting that dogs not be taken from mothers until at LEAST 6 weeks of age is because of socialization reasons... There are problems that could crop up later because of this... Separation anxiety, fear aggression, dog aggression, etc... So just be carefull. You're pup should be healthy as long as you feed him/her regularly etc...

    it's comon practice for sporting people to either take pups at around 5 weeks of age or to wait till they are around 4 or more months of age depending on the training preferences of the buyer/owner...

    Don't worry tooo much...you're pup shouldn't have many ill effects (possibly none) to being taken from mom so early.
  3. GinaH

    GinaH New Member

    If the puppy seems healthy and is eating and drinking with no problems it will most likely be fine. I have fostered pups before that were 3-4 weeks old that did great. Of course staying with the mother until 6- 8 weeks would be ideal so that the puppy can get the important lessons and maternal protection given by mom. The pup can begin getting vaccinations at 6-8 weeks. You should of course make sure if you feed kibble that it is for puppies. You can also add some colostrum milk powder or goats milk to the kibble for the added nutrients. Good luck to you and your new addition.
  4. bullylove1

    bullylove1 New Member

    I would say worst case scenario he may get seperation Anxiety.

    This can be a HUGE problem if not dealt with correctly. I will post a link with SA tips that I posted that helped me and that I was told by trainers to do.

    Also, start building his confidence right away. I would suggest crate training him aswell. This will also help to combat SA before it may start.

    The reason he may develop this is because at a crucial socializing age without his mommy, you were there, therefore his bond will be very strong with you, and when you leave, he may feel as though you are abandoning him.


    Good luck.
  5. Sara

    Sara New Member

    My Hunnyjade would be a WRECK if she hadn't have been crate trained. She's BAD about not being with me... She'll barely go outside... But in her crate she feels safe so...no anxiety for her...she just sleeps and is content...

    I can't say enough about Crate Training... So many dogs end up PTS because of simple things like that...so...ugh....

    Definately try Crate Training.
  6. BossierCityPit

    BossierCityPit New Member

    as long as the pup has teeth, and up tp date shots it will be fine....
  7. ChronicBlue

    ChronicBlue New Member

    tks for all your help.
    the puppy seems to bedoing real well, and should be getting his 1st set of shots mid week.

    I got a pic ill post once i figure out how ^^

    again. tks much.
  8. ChronicBlue

    ChronicBlue New Member

  9. goob

    goob New Member

    Password required :(

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