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Help!!! I need to know bloodline of my babies!!!

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by jAxTecH, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. jAxTecH

    jAxTecH New Member

    I own the Sire and the Dam, I can see the Colby in both dogs (websters joker for Sire & Irish Dog in Dam) I have created the website www.geocities.com/jaxworlock so everyone can see the pics. I really want to get both registered...but I don't know how without being certain of thier EXACT bloodline. I've been told by some the have Eli, Cowboy in them but I don't know exactly what those bloodlines look like so I can't say for sure. Anyone familiar with this problem that can help I would appreciate it.( the link works just not thru the forum post...just highlight and remove everything before www.geocities.com/jaxworlock in the address bar and it should work...btw the puppies were 5 weeks olds in those pics)Thank you again for your expertise.
  2. Shineillusion

    Shineillusion New Member

    Exactly who do you want to register these dogs with? There are a couple of registeries (using the term in the broadest sense) that will paper anything, including mixed breeds, but the majority of registeries require the parents of the dogs be registered before they register the pups.
  3. jAxTecH

    jAxTecH New Member

    My Baby Pit bull bloodlines

    Maybe I should re-phrase my question. The only registry I can qualify for is the American Pit Bull Registry www.pitbullregistry.com. As the AKC and ADBA require atleast 3 generations of registered pedigree. My interest is in the actual bloodline of my babies. I've been told by some and others have asked me if they are Cowboy? Eli? Red Boy? Jeep? I can't find squat online about what those dogs look like...but as I have puppies for sale I am getting alot of interest in thier bloodlines. If anyone knows how I can find out I would appreciate it. Thanx in advance.
  4. someday

    someday New Member

    There is no way you can know the bloodlines unless you know those of the parents. Looks alone cannot tell you.
  5. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Maybe you should have thought about that before you bred them. Of course most buyers will want to know the bloodlines and pedigree of a dog before they buy it and thats most, not even everyone cares. But you should have got them fixed instead of letting them breed and producing a litter of uncertainties.

    People want to know the bloodline and pedigree to know possible traits the dogs will posses getting them registered won't help with that, the only registries that will excepted unpedigreed dogs are worthless sham registries who will register just about anything, so you'll still be in the same boat. You won't have a pedigree and proof of lineage and bloodline, so it really doesn't do you much good. Its better to save the few bucks with registries like this all they do is print out a cert with the dogs name and info, and then do the same for litters because their is no history. You can do this yourself a lot cheaper.

    Looks alone can't tell you a dogs bloodline and knowing a dogs bloodline. Its true some bloodlines have a distint look depending on the strain, but not every dog that looks like that is of that bloodline and there are a couple bloodlines that look similar. Without having the pedigree you can't know the bloodline.

    Your male could be a lab mix for all we know, in the 2nd pic he could be mistaken for one, lots of pits look labbish and lots of labs look pittish, some are mixed and some are not, just depends. In the last pic he looks similar to one of my dogs, so its hard to discern what he really looks like without seeing him in real life. He is probably scatterbred and doesn't have one or two bloodlines would be my guess. They look far from being Colby dogs to me!!! Colby is often thrown around by a lot of people just because its well known.

    The APBR is not a reputable registry, they are more like a printing press then a registry. They are a registry for bybs and mills as you can see in their reasoning for registering dogs. They don't require that you know the bloodline of your dog. They require that it is pure, but anyone can say their dog is pure so that is really ridiculous and pointless. The AKC doesn't register Pit Bulls at all no matter if you have a 12 generation pedigree.

    I understand being interested in your dogs bloodlines, but no one can tell you the bloodline by looking at the dog, if you had the pedigree or could find out from the breeders of your dogs then we could tell you the bloodlines. If I could help I would as far as bloodlines go, but I nor anyone else has anything to go on.
  6. Rice and Gravy

    Rice and Gravy New Member

    No disrespect intended...

    BUT, unpapered pits are as good as mutts. In my area, they are sold for $50 or less per pup and used for illegal activity. I hope you intend to find your pups good homes. What are you asking for them?

    Please don't waste your time with the APBR. Any NOVICE dog person will laugh in your face if you hand them APBR paperwork with a puppy.

    Moreover, without definite lineage known for your dogs you lose bargaining power as the breeder. How can you expect someone to pay money for a dog of unknown parentage when they can go to the pound and pick one for free?

    Sidenote, the Humane Society in my state (Michigan) does not rescue pits AT ALL. If someone turns a pitbull in to them (known parentage or not), the dog will be put to sleep without a temperament evaluation.

    Something to think about...

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