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HELP! Red Gravid Spot!

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by emmafuston, May 30, 2008.

  1. emmafuston

    emmafuston New Member

    I NEED HELP! My pregnant female fish has a red gravid spot. What is this? Please Help. Thanks!
  2. guppiefun

    guppiefun New Member

    Red gravid spot o.k.

    Hi one of my females has a red gravid spot also. I was told it was normal for some female guppies. It must be , because she just had fry 2 days ago!! I found 6 fry while preparing to clean. Doin just fine, eating good. Hope this helps.
  3. George J. Jones

    George J. Jones New Member

    This is quite normal when your fish getting pregnant. When pregnant the gravid spot slowly darkens as your fish progress through pregnancy. Firstly the redish spot looking yellowish then brown then deep oranges as pregnancy develops. You may happy when you know that the darkening part is newborn baby eye and the orange things are a jelly-like egg.
    So I suggest don't be panic over this, you may search on the internet where you can find various fishkeeping website such as Fisharoma to know the more details about that matter.

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