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HELP what to do with all 12 baby guppies!!!

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by emmafuston, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. emmafuston

    emmafuston New Member

    I need help. my mommy guppy gave birth about a week ago and she had 12 babies! i currently have another mommy guppy in the fry tank about to give birth. WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THE EXTRA GUPPIES??!!

    how much will a small supply store usually give for each? will they trade supplies? i definatly want to KEEP some. (the prettiest ones of course :wink: ) i would MUCH rather not sell them as feeders because i cant just betray my little fry like that!!! :cry:

    i was also thinking about selling them on the side of the road! maybe for $1.00 each? also, where can i buy the little bags for the sold guppies like walmart, petsmart, and petco have??? thanks so much. PLEASE GIVE ME ANY INFO YOU CAN! THANKS ALOT!
  2. emmafuston

    emmafuston New Member


    would someone pleeeeaaaasse post a reply?! i really need your help! i will take ANY suggestions... UR THE ONLY HOPE I GOT!!!!
  3. HDrydr

    HDrydr New Member

    Like I said in my other post most people just read on this forum..... I've tried to get responses but I don't count on them.... I'm glad to see some other interested people posting...

    I would see if the pet stores would buy them back but I've never tried to do that... I have had to "sell" some of my Africans back when I had to move out of the state and they were about 5-7 inches long.... averaged about $30-60 bucks for them.. They were beautiful fish... Hated to give them up I had them since itty bitty babies!!

    You could post a card at your supermarket??

    good luck
  4. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    The problem with selling Guppies back to a Pet Store is that Guppies are a very common live bearers and very prolific and easy breeders so the Pet Stores usually already have more than enough of them and they usually buy them in bulk from wholesalers for next to nothing. So don't expect to get much for them at your LFS, if anything at all. Usually the LFS will just offer to take them off of your hands.

    Why not take out a free add on a website like Kijiji or Craigslist?

    As far as transportation bags, you don't need the fancy bags that the LFS' use, considering you're selling Guppies the bags would cost more that the amount you would get from all of the fish. Plain Ziploc bags (or the cheaper kind - doesn't have to be brand name) would be more than enough.

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