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help with my new shih-poo

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by toni246, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. myshihpoo

    myshihpoo New Member

    How much does teddy weigh? (and age?)
  2. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    Teddy is a year old and weighs 10pds.
  3. myshihpoo

    myshihpoo New Member

    awwww Teddy is downright perfect then :eek:)
  4. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    LOL, thank you but all dogs are perfect! :lol:

    Teddy is a bit under the weather right now with a cold. I took him to the vet and she put him on antibiotics... poor little guy.

    Although, considering he is sick you wouldn't know it by his playfullness. He is still full of energy.
  5. myshihpoo

    myshihpoo New Member

    I never knew that dogs can catch colds just like us (until recently)... wild, huh? :( Hope Teddy is feeling better soon!!!!
    When my dog was sick over a year ago (constant vomitting! ended up in the hospital for two days with pancreatitis) you wouldn't have known he was sick either! The doctor said she couldn't believe how BRIGHT and bushy tailed he was.... bouncing around..... it's sort of amazing sometimes :) Gosh, I stub my toe and I call in sick for two days! (okay, not quite that bad!) :)
  6. Shih Poo Mama

    Shih Poo Mama New Member

    Why is my Shih Poo shedding?

    All of your dogs are absolutely adorable!!! And to the OP, I think your little one's will get along just fine.

    Not to turn this away from the OP, but I have a quick question. I recently bought a Shih Poo and I was under the impression that since neither a Shih Tzu or Poodle shed, neither would a Shih Poo. However our little guy sheds unbelievable amounts of fur. I was scammed, wasn't I? :(
  7. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    Teddy is feeling much better now, eating, drinking and pooping normally :lol:

    Shih Poo Mama, when I vacuum our area rug I do pick up his fur on the brush. Also when I brush his coat, some fur does come off. They don't shed like regular shedding dogs but I think it's normal for some of the fur to fall off.
  8. Shih Poo Mama

    Shih Poo Mama New Member

    thanks, but I think this is real shedding

    When I brush the lil' guy, the brush is FULL of hair, and when I hold him, I'm covered in little white hairs. My parents and sister both have yorkies, so I'm kinda familiar with what it's like to have a non-shedding dog, but this is like when we brushed our collie. We love Spot to pieces and will be keeping him no matter what. We'd just like to get the word out there about this particular breeder if she wasn't totally honest with us.

    Glad Toby's feeling better! I didn't know dogs could get colds either.
  9. LuvMyBabies

    LuvMyBabies New Member

    My shih poo William was shedding excessively for a while too. We found out that he had allergies that was causing the hair loss. He is now eating only hypo-allergenic food and has stopped losing his fur. Perhaps your little one has an allergy that you are unaware of. We are still trying to determine exactly what William is allergic to and are slowly reintroducing foods back into his diet. So far we know that he has a reaction to corn and chicken.
  10. toni246

    toni246 New Member

    How is Teddy doing? I hope better pOOr little baby. :(
    My Little Bear snores LOUD :p Its sO funny. He is now 4 months old and weighs 5.5 lbs. He just learned to climb the stairs..but cries bc he get climb down yet. He is trying so hard to keep up with my other guys. They all are getting along very well..I was wondering how Miko and Rusty would except little bear..and they love 'em. Little Bear bugs them sometimes and bites on poor Rusties long ears..but they forgive 'em and keep playing. As for shedding bear dosent shed, neither do my other "poohs" ..I thought they werent suppose to shed? Thats interesting about the allergies, I didnt know that.
    Im learning so much thanks guys.
  11. TeddysMom

    TeddysMom New Member

    Teddy is doing much better, it doesn't take him much to bounce back to himself.

    Sounds like your little ones are doing really well!

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