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hog catching info 1 word

Discussion in 'Dogs - Pit bull breeds specific' started by daddyfs, May 9, 2005.

  1. daddyfs

    daddyfs New Member

    dont you jus love that 4 word minimum for the subject.....

    anyways.. the more i hear about hog catching the more interested im gettin. i remember one thread a while ago (old forum) I really didnt know much about it and was runnin my mouth.. of course i was quickly corrected (True-Pits).. i dont think i wanna actually take my dog and try it, but i do want to witness it... but i want to see it in the wild.. i have ran across some hog catchers and the stories they tell me had me interested.. but im jus not too trustin to go off in the woods with people i dont know.. hell naw!! btw.. im really bored at work so thats why im postin soo much.. but does anyone have any good hog catchin stories they would like to share
  2. mattbone

    mattbone New Member

    hog catchin in the woods is one of the most exciting activities you will witness. seeing the power and the agility of a pit pushed to the limit is incredible. however the hog catch rodeos are another story, there illegal everywhere in the u.s. except for arizona and alabama, and it will soon be illegal here. the law comes up this year and its gonna pass with a quickness....which i am for by the way.
  3. maxkicker

    maxkicker New Member

    alot of my friends used to go hog (hunting) in florida they usually used rotties the only stories i would have would be horror stories no dog is a match for a pissed off hog ive seen some of there dogs come back so mangled you couldnt even reconize them and there was no vet for these dogs if they couldnt walk they were shot on the spot if they could walk they stayed in the yard till they droped...of course i guess this would be refered to as redneck hog hunting but i cant see dogs not getting mangled no matter how u do it
  4. brindleboy

    brindleboy New Member

    Not sure how this thread started but I have seen an episode of "The Crocodile Hunter" where Steve Irwin's staff bitch brings a wild boar down. To be honest, the first thing I thought was "I wonder if Nitro would do that?"
  5. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    I think hog catching is an awesome thing to do with your dog. Got a couple I want to take out. They are banning the rodeos (which should be banned they are no different then baiting) but this kind of makes it hard to real hunters, as its basically outlawing the training they do because they use cought hogs so they are being warned/fined for doing this because its considered the same as the rodeos since they aren't out hunting the pig in the wild and have it cought to train their prospects with. It can be dangerous, dogs can be injured/killed but usually you can keep it under control somewhat. Not every dog comes out totally mangled. I think Rotties is a bad choice of breed anyway. They don't seem agile enough or suited for the job, as they are more of a herding dog then bulldog/catch dog. I just don't see them fit for this sort of thing, especially the way they are bred now. Poor dogs is all I can say, did they even us vest to protect them?
  6. Gods hammer

    Gods hammer New Member

    i have only been to 2 but each time i have enjoyed it, though i haven't entered my dog it was still an intresting sight
  7. maxkicker

    maxkicker New Member

    vest well if the vet was out of the question how do u think they felt about vest? rotties were usualy used but pretty much any decent sized dog would do ...but like i said this way way back in the country and ppl there just dont care about animals at all you just have no idea for example guess what would happen if a persons dog had pups and the owner didnt want to bother with them. the answer isnt good. this is how it is in some areas
  8. mattbone

    mattbone New Member

    as long as the vests ( leather, kevlar , and nylon ) are in use there isn't much to worry about unless its just a massive ( 500+ lbs) hog. whats awesome is that a well trained 40 lb dog can EASILY catch a 300 lb boar. most pits also don't need much practice, especially the naturals...maybe two or three practice catches on a caught pig will do it. and even if your dog is not a natural at it , it will still catch with a little more practice. hog traps are easy to build and a small ( 60 lb ) pig is easy to handle . in hundreds of hunts i've only seen one dog seriously injured ( front leg was pierced and an artery was hit, but we got the bleeding stopped and there weren't any lasting effects..dog was back catchin in a couple weeks ) i have even seen a couple of three legged pits catch with no problem. usually all you need if you've got a good catch dog is a piece of rope to tie the hog while your dog holds it down...its so cool.
  9. jmann

    jmann New Member

    Dogs that are most often used are the American Bulldog and Dogo Argentino.

    Properly sized pits (under 70lbs for both male and female) are rare in these hunts.

    I have seen dozens of videos and spoken with some folks down in Texas who hunt with Dogo's.

    They lose a dog or two from time to time to injuries (and keep in mind they use 3-4 Catch dogs along with 3-6 baydogs) and while they miss their dogs the love of the hunt keeps them going.

    This is NOT a game. This is NOT some half-ass activity.

    I know you said you dont' want to take your dog and that's cool. I just think it's important to remind those reading that this is life and death EVERYTIME they take their dogs on a hunt.

    And if you want to see what a average sized boar can do to a Dogo
    visit: http://www.huntingdogos.com/hunting_sce ... efault.htm

    WARNING - Scenes are graphic.

    Personally, I think it's a needed sport (hogs are pests) and while I don't think badly of people who use their dogs properly for the sport, I do think it would be much easier to take a 30-06 and lay one out yourself. :eek:)
  10. True_Pits

    True_Pits New Member

    Most the people I know use correct Pit Bulls. I think it depends on what the person likes to use, some prefer a larger dog and others stick to the true dogs. Pit Bulls have been a long time hunting big game at their average weight.
  11. MaxKellyAST

    MaxKellyAST New Member

    Ive heard of more people using pit bulls and bandogs as catch dogs than any other pure breed. I am however by no means an expert....
  12. pcolachic

    pcolachic New Member

    there trying to make hog hunts illegal where I live showing videos on the news of "how cruel it is for the hogs" I dont know much about it but I do know people who do and it doesnt seem that bad to me
    but thats just the first step there are lots of people around where I live that would love to see a pitbull ban their just looking for any reason at this point
  13. nohog

    nohog New Member

    For all of you hog-dog entusisasts:

    Why don't you send your sons and daughters out there and see them how they are cornered aby a mean, vicious, killer, evil pit bull? It would be fun for you right? That what you should do instead of getting poor animals out there.

    By the way, the day pit bull are banned in the united staes, it will be a happy day for many people. Except for you, bunch of blood hungry savage southerners.
  14. someday

    someday New Member

    Wow, must be a pig fan. How about you flip the scenario and have your child out in the woods and a big evil hog flashing tusks charges your child? I bet that kid would be glad that blood thirsty pit was out hiking with him that day.

    On a side note. I don't hog hunt. But hunting game is kinda what most dogs were created for in the first place, not just pit bulls.
  15. Sara

    Sara New Member

    No kinda's about it. ALL of our dogs descended from dogs that were either used as meat themselves or were used to hunt for meat...

    Hogs distroy crops and they are dangerous when people encounter them. Hogs are some of the most adaptable creatures living from the coldest Russian climates to the heat of the south in the US... I think only three or four states in the US have not been infultrated by wild hogs. The damage they do to crops and people requires that their numbers be controlled...

    How would you imagine one do that??? I mean 800lbs or so of angry hog...what caliber gun do ya think one would use???if you don't use dogs...how do you think one sneak up on a creature with better hearing and smell than we and even our dogs could hope for???... Do you, nohog perhaps know ANYTHING about wild hogs, or wild hog hunting??? I venture a guess at no...

  16. hog lovers the truth about hogs

    For the person that was saying that hog hunting is cruel. Ive been hunting hogs with dogs for four years and i have yet to lose a dog to a hog. This year alone I am hunting 40,000 acres of crops. If it wasnt for dogs most of this crops would be missed up by hogs but, it is ok for the hogs to miss up the crops cause you dont like to eat your food that is grown in your own country. There is no way possible to harvest the amount of hogs we do with dogs with a gun. The dogs catch hogs we never even see. Last year alone in one month we caught 63 hogs. Pour hogs. lol. They start breeding around 8 months of age and then cycle every three months three weeks and three days. Those of us that do hunt with dogs do not even touch the population, we just leave dog scent on the ground to keep the ones that get away out.

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