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how do i know if hes registered???

Discussion in 'Horses - all breeds / types' started by charlie, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. charlie

    charlie New Member

    i bought a Hanoverian crossed with a thoroughbred at the begining of february from a horse trader. When we bought him he still had all his winter hair and he had alot of hair missing in patches. I really didnt notice until now while on his left hind he has a Hanoverian brand. Im wondering if this horse trader was just guessing on what breed he was. He was so neglected he didnt even have a name. so i know he didnt get very much attention. I just want to know how you go about to see if he was ever or not registered!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    thanx so much for your replies :?
  2. horses93

    horses93 New Member


    look on his papers
  3. charlie

    charlie New Member

    Re:how do i now if hes registered

    he did not come with papers as i had bought him from a horse trader. He says he is a hanoverian thoroughbred cross but he has the hanoverian brand! :?
  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Just because he has a brand doesn't mean anything. Most crosses are not registerable!

    I highly doubt he was. Pure breds are almost always registered. His past is probably going to be hard to dig up, especially if you got him from a trader.
  5. barrelburner1129

    barrelburner1129 New Member

    I had a similar situation where I bought my mare last year. They sold her as a quarter horse but said they didn't have papers but she was registered . After finding out where they got her from and where those people bought her and tracing way back I finally contacted the guy who actually had her as a foal out of his mare and stud. Well during all this I also called the AQHA and they could find her anywhere. Anyway turns out the guy that had her as a foal is not a quarter horse breeder at all but an Appaloosa breeder!!!! She's actually a solid chestnut non-characteristic appaloosa and she IS registered ..... with the Appaloosa Horse Club. So don't give up if you want to find out there's always a way and you never know what you'll get!!!

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