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How much how often to force feed?

Discussion in 'Cats - all breeds / types' started by tjjwhole, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. tjjwhole

    tjjwhole New Member

    My question is How much pedialyte how often, do I need to force feed my cat to keep him hydrated, Same with the watered down Hills prescription a/d food how much - how often is enough?
    History my cat 3yr old male neutered, shots, limited outdoor, multi-cat household. Cat went to the vets for temp, runny nose not eating drinking or bathrooming for 24hrs. Was given Fluids pack under the skin, antibiotic & the hills a/d Rx food. 24 hrs later he was no different so I started syringe feeding him the hills & pedialyte. If it is the flu as vet thought it might be when should I see improvement? I'm worried I should be getting a blood test panel done? And if I'm force feeding enough? Please help. Thanxz
    Tina & my kitties name Midnite :cry:
  2. Mary_NH

    Mary_NH New Member

    a cat shouldn't go longer than 48 hours w/out eating.
    When I have to force feed sick cats I try to get 1/4 cup of the mixture (add NutraCal in with it) into them at least 2x a day. I'm happy if I can get 1/8 of a cup twice a day.
    Does your cat have an obvious stuffy nose? If so baby strength saline spray (Baby Noses) helps. If a cat can't smell it's food it won't eat.
    When you say flu do you mean URI (upper respiratory infection)?
    The Baby Noses is safe and will clear up the nasal passages enough that perhaps he'll eat on his own.
    Also you can steam up your bathroom and keep him in there, no longer than 20 minutes, to help.
    You can use a vaporizer (NO VICKS) but no longer than 20 minutes.
    These will help release the stuffiness in his nose.
    A warm mist humidifier is good, and also safe enough to run all night.
    Hope this helps.

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