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Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by 4Dogsihave, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Guys I am just hearbroken and need to share with someone. I acidently ran over one of my friends dogs.
    They have like 8 or 9 that stay loose in the yard. Well this one particular one lays at the end of the drive and doesnt like to move for cars coming or going. Well I was there the other night and when I was leaving he was laying at the end of the drive like normal. You have to back out of the drive and I have a huge chevy truck which is hard to see the back. Well I was going extremly slow and my brother in law was with me and watching out (or so he said) I had my window down and was trying to get him to move so my brother told me it was clear and I was still slowly backing up and apparantly the dog did not move out of the way. So I backed over him.

    He got up and ran off toward the house and wouldent let us near him. So I let my friends family know and they said its ok he is walking. I told them I would take him to the vet (we have the same one) they said no need he is walking. They are like alot of people in the country who think dogs are just possesions.

    So I left that night and have been calling ever since trying to convince them to let me take him to the vet. They say he is walking fine and not acting like he is in pain. But I cannot believe that my truck is huge and no matter how slow I was going its a heavy sucker. I have hit wildlife before but never a dog and this is just tearing me up. I knew one day I would hit one of them it was just a matter of time since they all run around moving vehicles.

    I am going back over there on Sat and if I think he is still in pain I am taking him to the vet myself which is what I should have done that night. I just feel so bad about this and just needed to get it off my chest. Sorry for the long post but thanks for letting me vent on here.
  2. lil96

    lil96 New Member

    oh that sucks, I hope he is ok! I hope you are holding up ok too!
  3. puggleowner

    puggleowner New Member

    I understand how you feel bad about running over the dog- but don't in anyway feel it's your fault!!! You were watching out the best you could- it's their fault for letting their dog chill in the driveway when they know people are leaving! Your plan sounds good- if I were you, I would go over there and just observe the dog to make sure he is ok, and if he is acting strange at all, I would offer to take him to the vet myself, since you are probably not going to convince your friends to do it. Maybe you should offer to take him to the vet in any case, even if he looks ok, that way you'll have piece of mind knowing he's ok.
  4. Samsintentions

    Samsintentions New Member

    Oh I'm soo osorry! I know how you feel. I ran over a dog not too long ago. He was ok. And the owners would not let me take him to the vet. I posted about it somewhere...

    Maybe you didn't hit him. You might have just bumped him, or ran over his tailor something.
    I know its hard, and I feel awful thinking about it. But it'll be ok.
    When you go over there Saturday, look at him. HOld him whatever you need to do to make sure he's ok, and have a good peice of mind. If you think he needs to go to the vet, you just take him. Tell your friends, that despite what they say, your taking him and you'll bring him back. THey don't have to worry about it!!
  5. pamr61

    pamr61 New Member

    I'm just curious...do you know you hit him because you actually felt the "bump" of going over something? Or did you just hear the dog cry, or make a noise and run away from behind you? I'm just asking, since it seems pretty strange to me too that a big truck could run over a dog and not hurt it in some way. Like sams mention, I was thinking unless you actually felt the truck for sure run over him, maybe possibly you just bumped him, or caught a toe or tail or something? Whatever it was, I feel bad for you. I accidently ran over my own cat once when I was a teenager, and it was awful. The cat was sitting on my front tire up under the wheel well, and I was late and in a hurry to go pick up my little sister from school, and didn't know he was there, and he didn't get out of the way in time. He had a punctured lung, and died on the way to the vet. It's really an awful feeling when something like that happens.
  6. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    I hope he's ok. Tell your friends you can not sleep over this and for peace of mind you will take him. Maybe you did just bump him.
  7. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Thanks for you support guys.

    I actually ran over him, I felt it. I think it was just his leg though. I spoke with my friends father today and he says he is walking just find but I am still going to see it for myself.
  8. ilovemaltipoos

    ilovemaltipoos New Member

    I hope all turns out good for you and hte dog ...
  9. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    awwwwww 4dogs........ I'm so sorry! I can imagine how gutwrenching that must have been for you .... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. 4Dogsihave

    4Dogsihave New Member

    Well I went and saw the dog on Saturday. He is walking fine, no limp, I pushed, poked and prodded on his legs and thighs and he didnt winch or whine. So then I made sure it was the same dog cause I was convinced I had really hurt him but it was. They only have one that color anyway but man I was so sure. So maybe I did just run over his tail, it is kinda big so it could have made a bump you know. So I checked the tail out and it seems fine. This must be one tough dog. I took him a bunch of treats since I felt so bad. He kinds looked at my truck funny though, and someone peed on it while I was inside. So hopefully all is well. I still feel horrible but alot better after seeing him.

    I also had a talk with my friends parents (she still lives at home, with her husband and kids) and told them how much this upset me and for my sake at least since they dont seem to care about the dogs, when I am leaving could they stand on the porch and have the dogs there with them. This was no problem. Now if only I can convince them to do this all the time!
  11. MonsterBailey

    MonsterBailey New Member

    I think you're very sweet for going back and checking him out -- treats and all. And hey! it sounds like all is well, like you said, since they got their "revenge" on the truck..... hehe.

  12. puttin510

    puttin510 New Member

    Well I guess that dog evened things out. He pee'ed on your truck. Thats kind of funny. You big hunk of metal, I'll make you rust cause of what you did. LOL He sounds like he's fine.
  13. cheerinqt7

    cheerinqt7 New Member

    oh my gosh...ME TOO

    :cry: Heyyy i know how you feel!!! today i was driving out of my neighborhood and i had just went over a speed bump (i was going really slow) when a huge dog, i dont knwo what type, came out of no where...it was so quick i didnt ahve time to hit the breaks, but i swerved and i didnt hit the dog with my wheels, but i heard the head hit my car so i stopped and ran over to the dog, whom was walking around and looked dazed. the owner was standing on his porch and ran over, as well as 2 other neighbors and a poor little kid who had witnessed the accident. i absolutly love animals so i felt horrible i was asking if there was anything i could do or anything, but all of the neighbors pretty much wanted me to leave them alone, i guess i can understand but i still feel soooooo bad i cant even sleep. i know that i did everything i could to avoid it but i just cant let myself get over it....i dont even know if the dog is okay or not(they took it to the animal vet), plus i ahve to drive down that road everyday....i feel extremely guilty, so if you have any advice send it my way! thanks..ps i hope the dog you hit was okay..
  14. Maisey

    Maisey New Member

    Glad to hear the dog is ok. My horse trainer always tells me "they'll move". I hate hearing that. My dogs are trained not to appraoch a vehicle unless I have released them to do so. So many people just stand there watching rather than making an effort to teach the dog where it should be. Makes me insane!

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