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I need a name for my puppy!

Discussion in 'Dogs - all breeds / types' started by QueenyJr, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. oso

    oso New Member

  2. QueenyJr

    QueenyJr New Member

    oh oh i like the Kenai, and Koda!! I might try those ones and if not then haha i kind of liek Balto, ever since i was little (not too long ago but still) i have loved that movie and yes i know thats for Huskys but its alright lol:)Thansk i will let you knwo what i choose!
  3. Krystina

    Krystina New Member

    being 3/4 native myself, i've always loved the indian languages ... many of the native langauages have the same word for a few animals, but i found two REALLY pretty variations of the word "bear" that you may like ...

    MAKWA is the algonquin word and YONA is cherokee

    I like them both, but YONA sounds like it may suit a GSD a little better ... hope it helps
  4. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    How do you pronounce Yona? Long o or short o?
  5. QueenyJr

    QueenyJr New Member

    We names him!! His name is Dakota...derek goes how baout we name him Dakota...simple because the Koda...one and i liked it so he added the Da on lolthanks everyone
  6. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    Then you can call him Koda for short. ;)
  7. QueenyJr

    QueenyJr New Member

    ^^ exactly:) hehe.
    He’s getting big! I want a dig. camera so bad so you guys could see all of them:(.he will be big, he will be beautiful i can already tell!! Last nigh the got to spend the night with his brothers and sisters because of the cold but i was playing on here and i heard the most biggest (doesn’t make sense lol sorry) cry ever and io knew it was him so i went to the basement stairs to see what was wrong and he started whining and like jumping at me, all he wanted was to see so i picked him and he stayed with me, hehe. He was sick last night though his little belly was making the most awful noises, but he seems okay today. :)
  8. WinniPoo

    WinniPoo New Member

    When I decided on getting a puppy, I wanted a boy. His name was going to be either Cash or Rowdy. We ended up with a girl, her name is Winnie. So i guess you can have my names I won't be needing them anymore.
  9. Kenay

    Kenay New Member

    hello!! I need to know something

    I am new here :)
    I am from romania and I have a great dog...a Rottweiler.
    I named my dog after one of the bear from Brother Bears...
    I want to call him Kenai..but I didn't know to write correct and now my dog name is Kenay.
    can anyone tell me what meaning the name Kenai?!?!?!
    and of course..I wanna know the meaning of the name Kenay :D
    Thank you very much...I hope I will get help from here because I didn't get from other sites :(
  10. Jamiya

    Jamiya New Member

    One site I found said the meaning of "Kenai" is unclear, and that it seems to translate into "flat, barren land." It is the name of a pennisula in Alaska. I'm not sure why Disney used it in Brother Bear, other than it sounds cool.

    I also found this: "Kenai is named after the Kenai Peninsula. The name Kenai is probably derived from Kenayskaya, the Russian name for the Cook Inlet." So Kenay could just be a different spelling of Kenai.

    As someone mentioned in another thread, "Kenay" could also be Hebrew for "acquire a friend."

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