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I originally wanted a shih poo, but is a poochon better?

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by azn43ver, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. azn43ver

    azn43ver New Member

    I have posted before about my situation. Essentially moving into an in law apt so I will be in small quarters as well as possibly living with my grandmother. So I will require a not so yappy smaller dog that is good for both children and the elderly. I originally decided on a shih poo because they are lower energy dogs and are not yappy. Recently I have been walking a friend's Bichon Frise dog and realized how docile and quite she is. I have always like mixing with a poodle due to their intelligence. So I was thinking that maybe a Bich poo/poo chon would be perfect too. Please for all you owners out there tell me if Bich poo/Poo chon are docile, friendly, and not so yappy as I suspect. I have been researching and can not find too much information on these dogs. For you shih poo owners, are shih poos yappy or more quiet. Thank you so much for your input. All information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Aqueous

    Aqueous New Member

    I have a Bichon and I can honestly say that my dog Baxter loves to hear himself speak. He does it when he's happy, excited (especially when he's playing and blitzing), surprised, wants attention etc. He's a very vocal dog, more so than my Yorkie and past Cairn.

    As far as mixing with poodle for intelligence I'd have to say that (based on my Bichon) they are an extremely smart breed in their own right. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that you're basing intelligence on trainability, which may not be the best thing. An intelligent dog, especially if they get bored or lonely will think of things to do to keep themselves occupied and that may result in a few ruined household items and intelligent dogs can also have a mind of their own and actually be harder to train (take my past terrier - classic in terrier temperament, didn't do any that he didn't want to do and would have been a monster if not properly trained but he was an extremely intelligent dog).

    As far as mixes go you should research both breeds that are part of the mix and make sure that both fit in with your lifestyle. For instance, you may want want a shipoo because you love the docile, relaxed nature of the shih tzu, but what you may get is a dog that has the energy level of the poodle because of the mix.
  3. candy_kisses

    candy_kisses New Member

    ~In my opinion you cannot look to one breed especially with the designer mixes for a specific characteristic. It all depends on the individual dog. I have a Min Pin who is hyper, yappy and just right out prissy then I have a Pomeranian who is laid back, calm, alittle on the yappy side but very submissive. My friends all have Poms who are hyper and just right out ADHD lol and they warned me in getting one. He has been the opposide of what I was told Poms are like. I also have a Shorkie...SHih Tzu and Yorkie mix. She is quiet, calm, submissive and a lovergirl. She isnt anything like my Min Pin.~

    ~ I am breeding her to my Pom male to have Porkie puppies in the next month or two. I hope to get puppies that are small, 3-6 lbs, light golden in color, very VERY hairy but with less shedding, small baby faces, calm quiet personalities but very smart. Its hard to know exactly what to look for in the designer dogs because it all depends on the parents, what traits the puppies take back after each parent etc. Good luck and you cant go wrong with either in my opinion!~

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