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im getting a shihpoo!! YAY

Discussion in 'Dogs - small breeds (toy) specific' started by monkeychild, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. monkeychild

    monkeychild New Member

    hello all. im totally new to this site, but i must say it seems pretty spiffy. so me and my family-mostly me-have been wanting a dog for awhile, and after checking out bunches of stuff, we decided on a shihpoo. and i am so excited!!!! :eek: i dont really have any specific questions but if any of you yodatypes could give me any advice or info-that would be super.
    what is with those stars? and why do i only get three?
  2. candy_kisses

    candy_kisses New Member

    ~Congrads on your Shih Poo! Im sure he/she will be a sweet lil pupcake. I have a Shorkie and a Pom and a Min Pin! Cant wait to see pics of your babies!~
  3. kuma6

    kuma6 New Member

    well.... congrats on getting a puppy!however, it is sad that you are contributing to the "designer breed" fad. It is very sad that there are "breeders" who are "breeding" mixed breeds and getting PAID! when there are already so many homeless and dying in shelters! Please adopt. and DO NOT get from a pet store as all pet store puppies are from puppy mills. Sorry to be a buzz-kill, but it is the truth.... :?
    Remember to spay or neuter!
  4. lil96

    lil96 New Member

  5. rmjones777

    rmjones777 New Member

  6. rmjones777

    rmjones777 New Member

    fFirst of all I LOVE my Shi-Poo he is beautiful and even though 2 vets have already suggested I put him down. Just because of his actions towards them, I REFUSE to do that because I LOVE him SOOOO VERY MUCH! He kisses me and loves on me one minute and if I try to correct him he's biting me the next. LMAO
    To see my Shi-Poo in action, please go to you tube and type in Big Boy Jones the dog. He has acted like that since I got him at 12 weeks, although he is very sweet at home with me and his partner Lil Girl Jones and his mommie ME and loves us very much, he hates everyone else. I am trying to train him but PRAYING for the dog whisperer or someone to help me! You will get a kick of the little guy...
    I can not afford a behaviorist BAD!

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