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im thinking about getting a ferret.

Discussion in 'All other pets' started by indica, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. indica

    indica New Member

    Im thinking about getting a ferret. and ive looked on the internet for some information but there dosnt seem to be information specific enough for me. I really want to know what the limitations are with ferrets. for example
    do they have to be caged at all. or can you just treat them like an indoor cat.
    do they like to play outside. like go to the beach and things like that.
    do they like to swim
    do they get along with dogs
    what kind of foods cant they eat.
    will they be agressive towards other animals and other people.
    things like that.
    if anyone has any information for me about ferrets please let me know it would be greatly appreceated.
  2. nern

    nern New Member

  3. cosmicpixie

    cosmicpixie New Member

    I am proudly owned by four ferrets. Xenia, Loki, Nero, and Chloe. All your questions are good ones and I hope you've done lots and lots of research. To answer your questions as best as I can... when it comes to a cage-less environment you have to keep this in mind. Ferrets can fit into any space that is one inch big. So if they're head can fit in it thier whole body can. So this includes spaces like under your fridge, behind the stove, in the diswasher, inside recliners. I keep my ferrets in a cage. They have a six foot ferret cage with lots and lots of hammocks and sleep sacks. Mind you I have four ferrets. If you cannot completely ferret-proof your apartment or home I would not let them wander free. My four get three hours of play time everyday while I clean thier litter box and feed them.
    Yes you can take a ferret outside, but you can't just leave them out there like you would a dog or outside cat. They will wander off and it will difficult to get them back. I know too many people who have lost their ferret that way. They have wonderful little harness and leash sets that you can put on your fuzzy when you take them outside. And they dont' walk on a leash like dog... its more of you just standing in one spot while they explore then moving when they do. :p I put my little ones in a pouch and take them out when I take the dog for a walk. Also you have to consider heat anything over 80 degrees can be potentially dangerous. And always always keep them up to date on vaccines. (rabies and distemper and I give my fuzzies heartworm medication)
    My ferrets love to swim in the bathtub. My friend has three ferrets and they have a little wading pool for them. Just make sure the water isn't too cold or too hot. And that the water is still shallow enough for them to touch bottom.
    My ferrets LOVE my dog Maya and vice versa. We got Maya as a young pup and we slowly introduced them to each other. If you slowly introduce them and you watch them. Supervision is a must! They should be able to tolerate each other. We had the ferrets first and consulted our vet when we decided to get a dog for advice on what breed of dog and how to introduce them.

    And the websites that were posted are excellent. Good Luck!

    Tracie,Matt, Maya, Xenia, Loki, Nero, and Chloe

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